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Pokemon Go Release Date in India: Niantic is Facing Legal Issues!

Pokemon Go Release Date India

Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality game which was created by Niantic Laps a few years back. This trending game is now available in more than 100 countries all over the world and it is making a tremendous progress in spreading worldwide. However, some countries are restricting the game since no supportive player is found due to which the demand of the game is falling down.

Pokemon Go Release Date India

Very recently in the month of September, the app was updated by 500 million people. Pokemon Go is the game which is going mainstream next after Candy Crush in 2014 and Angry Bird in 2012. However, for the fact of releasing Pokemon Go in India, there need to more supportive players.

Features of Pokémon Go Apk:

  • This game will give a life experience and you will get the feeling of reality which is an amazing experience.
  • In the game, you will be first handed a Pokémon by the professor of the gameplay.
  • The game has a total number of 151 Pokémon’s and they are original which is introduced in the beginning and later they can be evolved later with rewards.
  • You can upgrade your Pokémon’s and earn rewards by going to gyms and battling against other players.
  • The Pokémon’s which you don’t need you can give it back to the professor and earn rewards in return.

Will Pokémon Go be Officially Released in India?

The game Pokémon is not officially released in India yet because many people don’t want this game to be released such as one PIL is filed by Alay Dave and the other by Sanjay Chaudhuri. They claim that peoples are getting destruction in their works and they further says about public safety as well which means that they want the present generation to be away from such game habits.

However, the gamers also filed a petition regarding the discharge of the ban of Pokémon Go in India. It is a good to know that Nimit Shukla counsel with gamers and declare that the Pokémon Go don’t hurt any religious sentiments and every citizen has the rights to play the game.

But the fact is that before the game gets officially released in India, the places of worship should be omitted as depicted by Alay Dave. Apart from that, there is no response from any source regarding its release date so far, and it is being kept secret.


Seeking for Alternative?

Well, falling into controversy is no new thing in India. Whether the Niantic manage to launch Pokemon Go in India or not, there are alternatives available for those who are eagerly waiting for Pokemon Go. Until the official launch of Pokemon Go, you may download the Pokemon Go APK that can be downloaded from alternative sources.  If may want to check out for the Pokemon Go guidance as well.

There are several errors encountered by many players around the world while playing Pokemon Go. We have fixed the errors such as Not Loading Problem, GPS Signal Not Found, etc. Apart from the Pokemon Go APK, there are several alternative Pokemon Go like games you must try out. All of the games listed in the Pokemon Go like games are Augmented Reality based.

Lastly, there is a widely trending online multiplayer games you must get with. The Doodle Army 2 is currently on the hot spot and it’s Cheats & Codes can make you invincible against your opponent player.

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