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Fix Pokémon Go GPS Signal Not Found Error For Android in 5 Min

GPS signal not found

Hey, Buddies! Today I will share you about the latest game Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found Error for all Android phones solution, which is a storming viral game these days. The game is a newly launched game which is trending at the moment all around the world, I am sure you have heard about this game on social sites and on the internet tons of times.

You might have even heard that your friends are catching for Pokémon and all. It is a real-time adventuring game, and this game is not yet released for all countries. Pokémon Go is currently available in some selected countries. However, most game freaks downloading APK latest version of Pokémon Go to enjoy this exciting game from any region of the world.

But most of the Android users are facing problem while playing this game. It shows an error notification as GPS signal not found. Pokémon Go game entirely depends on the GPS signal and with this GPS signal not found error, this game becomes unable to play.GPS signal not found

Many of the Pokémon Go player facing this GPS error problem on their Android devices and if you are also facing the same problem then you should be reading this article. Here in this article, I will help you to solve GPS signal not found problem. So that, keep reading to resolve this issue. You will come to know why it is happening and how to resolve it step by step in below.

GPS Signal Not Found: How To Resolve On The Android Kitkat 4.4 Device?

Enjoy this real-time adventuring game and stay hunting for Pokémon. But if the GPS signal not found is interrupting your Pokémon Go experience then here is the solution for the Android KitKat users for the GPS signal not found. If your Android version is KitKat, then you should try out below process to resolve this error.

Before you do the below procedure for GPS signal not found, I would recommend you to check you GPS first. I mean check your GPS setting, if it is ON or OFF and set your GPS setting at high accuracy. Now you have to go to the developer setting of your Android then turn off mock location.GPS signal not found

If you don’t know how to enable or if your Android device’s developer mode is off then going to your phone’s build number and then click several times. You will be notified after successfully enabling the phone’s developer mode.

Now if your Pokémon Go is open then close it and restart it again if you are thinking to play this game without GPS signal not found error. So this is how you can manage to this issue for your Android KitKat device.

However, if after doing this still shows the GPS signal error, then you should play this game using Wi-Fi. Most of the time GPS doesn’t work properly with the mobile or might be for the low signal rate of your cellular service. Or else, arrange for a stable and hi-speed data connection. This may help to resolve the GPS signal not found.

GPS Signal Not Found – How to resolve on the Android Lollipop 5.0 Devices?

If your device is running on Android Lollipop version and facing the GPS signal not found problem while playing the Pokémon Go, here is the solution for you to resolve this issue. I hope, using this process you can easily distinguish this matter and will enjoy hunting Pokémon.

If your Pokémon Go is failed to detect your location and showing the GPS signal not found message then like above procedure, you should turn ON the mock location going to the settings of your phone. To do so, you need to enable the developer option first in your Android device settings. Click three, four times on phone build number and then the developer option will be activated.GPS signal not found

Note: “GPS signal not found” may be because of the low-speed data connection. It would be better to use Wi-Fi connection, as you know GPS need a high-speed connection to detect your location. And also check if your GPS is ON or not, because without GPS you can’t expect “Pokémon Go” to run. If all the suggestions don’t work resolving the GPS signal not found then you could comment me, sure I will come with another solution.

GPS Signal Not Found – How To Resolve On The Android Marshmallow 6.0 Device?

This is yet another solution to the GPS signal not found, but this is exclusive to the Android Marshmallow device users. For the same problem, you can use these helpful tips to resolve the issue and enjoy playing the Pokémon Go and be the one of Pokémon hunter.GPS signal not found

Well, for your Android Marshmallow device, you need to check if the GPS setting is ON and set up is at the High Accuracy. Unlike above procedure here you will not turn on the developer mode but will be turning off the developer mode. Now open your Google Map app and minimize it or don’t close the Google Map. And open your Pokémon Go app and now go outside hunting for the Pokémon. I hope this would help you resolving the Pokémon Go GPS signal not found problem.

You can Now Download:

Before writing this article, I have reviewed on this problem and found a real trick to fix GPS signal not found on Android Marshmallow. If the above mention procedure is not working for this problem, then you can download an app named as GPS Status & Toolbox. With this app, you can tag your location and can be solved GPS signal not found the error. This app is available in the Google Play Store market for free. But remember this trick is also for the Android marshmallow device users.

Update your Google Map to the latest version. And now open both Google Map and Pokémon Go, still you will get the same notification as GPS signal not found but this time your GPS location will be located by the GPS Status & Toolbox. After detecting your location now, you can play Pokémon Go resolving the problem.

So this how you can resolve Pokémon Go GPS signal not found error. Well, your excitement and Pokémon hunt shouldn’t be interrupt just because of the GPS problem. I have given you the solution for this and before you use this solution make sure about your android version then use the procedure accordingly.

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