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Pokémon Step By Step Guide Go For Beginner [Quick Guide]

Pokémon Go for beginner

Recently, Pokémon Go has taken the game lovers by it storm. Why not! It is a whole new concept game that all game lovers see at the moment. This game was launched on this year July 6th, and it is still a mysterious game for most. I have downloaded Pokémon Go at the very early after release. While playing Pokémon Go, I have reacted like anything with this game, but nothing was going right that time. Seriously, this game could be like the whole new chapter with no hints. Hence, I had a tough time with Pokémon Go as a beginner. So this is why I have decided to share with you Pokémon Go for beginner guide. You must read this before you dive into this insanely famous game.

Pokemon go guide

If you are new to this game and facing trouble or want to know some tips for this game, here is everything you need to know about this fantastic game. As this game a unique invention by Niantic Inc., you will feel far different to other games.

Best Pokémon Go for Beginner – All You Need to Know

For a new player, this is a game would be like an ocean, a new world to go on. Here is the Pokémon Go for a beginner guide to enjoying the most amazing smartphone game. If you were looking for the Pokémon Go Guide and wanted to have fun this game, then you should know my below-given ideas and guidance to play this game.

What is Pokémon Go?

Do you know why this game is trending? Have you ever thought what Pokémon is? Unless you have spent two decades, you might have come across Pokémon. That time it was a favorite TV show, Video game series, a trading card game, film etc. It can be weird if you don’t know Pokémon if you have come across those time.

Taking the Pokémon concept out into the Pokémon Go, Pokémon is back again. With the virtual Pokémon map, you have to move around physically. In this game, it shows a real world map with a virtual Pokémon themed map. Walking around if you find a Pokémon, you can capture it by throwing Poke Ball.

The game is available for the Android and iOS device users for free. It is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Inc.

Facing Errors in Pokemon Go Gaming? Here are what to do: Fix Pokémon Go Not Loading / GPS Signal Not Found Error

Choose Your Pokémon:

Like before, here is also you get to select a Pokémon as your starter hero from 3 available Pokémon options. Choose any one of them to initial your Pokémon Go game play. Here can’t suggest to you who would be best starter hero for you, as all of them has same potential and abilities. The difference between them is their looks. Bulbasaur basically a plant with legs; another one is Charmander, which looks a bit like a mixed of a dragon and dinosaur and the other one is Squirtle, this look like a turtle.

Playing with Pokémon Go- Power up:

Here I would remind you that you can’t just level up your Pokémon, but you can power up your Pokémon with magical things.

And these things are called as “Stardust” and “candy” you can achieve those things by capturing Pokémon and collecting Pokémon you will be awarded “Stardust” and “candy.” Also remember that you have to catch the same Pokémon to get those power ups.

Build Your Team:

Well, the key interest in playing this game is finding a new Pokémon, which is the main theme of this game. As different Pokémon has a different place and you, have to move towards the available Pokémon creatures.  If you are thinking to catch a Squirtle (a water type Pokémon), then you should be going to near oceans and rivers.


Catching the Pokémon don’t just power up only one. By powering up, all of your available Pokémon can be build a strong Pokémon team. So, target to train and power up you all Pokémon equally.

Catch Pokémon?

Like Pokémon old series game and TV shows, here you won’t be battling. But you will require finding Pokémon; you have to walk around and after finding a good Pokémon, you will throw a Poke Ball to catch. If you missed the ball, then you can throw another or more Poke Balls. But you should remember your Poke Ball is limited and depend on Pokémon you should throw the Poke Balls.

Also, note that some Pokémon are can also attack you back. To attack them tap on that Pokémon and throw a Poke Ball targeting that Pokémon. You can also throw a powerful ball holding for more seconds. And if the Pokémon hit you back you can you can avoid by sliding right and left.

Train Your Pokémon:

Training your Pokémon, or else, some other player will take your Pokémon as many players are looking for Pokémon. To defend hard, you have to train and for this, you will require Pokémon Gym, where you can train your Pokémon. You can find Pokémon Gym in real world location and can be seen in the Pokémon Go virtual map. To find a gym for your Pokémon you should be looking at your location’s landmarks and Pokémon Go interest areas.

Charge Your Cell Before You Walk Around for Pokémon Hunt:

Pokémon Go is battery hunger game, which can drain your battery faster. So before you going to hunt for Pokémon, it would be best if you charge your smartphone fully. Or else, it can be a bitter thing if you just find a good Pokémon and your battery runs out.


Beginning is always tough to understand, and gaming is not exceptional here. As this a whole new concept game you will find more trouble playing this game. Most of the Pokémon Go beginners facing trouble while playing. So this is why I have shared you Pokémon Go for beginner guide. I hope reading this you can improve your playing skills with Pokémon Go.

Alternatively, you can rely on these amazing guidance apps to mastery in the Pokemon Go.


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