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Phone Requirements for Pokemon Go – Android/iOS

phone requirements for Pokemon Go

You might have seen the rage of on-growing popularity of Pokemon Go over the entire world. You might have desired to try out the most trending mobile game of all time in your handy device. But, before you get started, can you be sure that your Smartphone has all the minimum requirements a device must have for playing Pokemon Go hasslefree? Two different answers are expected. Either you are about to give a big smile of joy, or you are about to sniffle for not meeting the desired phone requirements for Pokemon Go.

phone requirements for pokemon go

The expected condition will be taken care of lately; firstly, we got to reveal what are the minimum requirements a Smartdevice must possess to reach the Pokemon Go game compatibility. As far we are aware of, the Pokemon Go game is officially launched for Android and iOS platforms. So, there must be different type of system requirements for different OS platforms to play Pokemon Go.

I will be revealing both of the OS based Phone requirements for Pokemon Go. However, the game is not yet launched in all the nations. If your country does not include in the official launching list of Pokemon Go, you may download the APK file for it. So, you don’t have to sneak around looking for certain info no matter what kind of Smartdevice do you use.

Least Android Phone Requirements for Pokemon Go

If you own an Android phone, you will need to ensure that your device meets the following system requirements before you swipe your finger on the mobile screen to download the Pokemon Go app.

1: Phone Operating System

The trendy mobile game Pokemon Go supports on the Android devices that come with Android 4.4 or Kitkat or latest ones. Most of the current Android device comes with this minimum requirements. But, if your device is an old and low-end one, you are likely to be regrating for not able to play this game. To check your Android OS version, you can go to the phone “Settings“, and then tap on the “About Phone” option.

2: Screen Resolution 720×1280 Pixels

Another high-end feature your phone must possess to get started with the Pokemon Go game is the 720×1280 screen resolution. No in-built option will display your phone screen resolution right there. However, you can use a light weighted app called Screen Resolution & Density to get this task done. The app is available in the Google Play Store for free of cost.


3: 2 GB RAM At Least

If you fancy playing Pokemon Go on your Android Smartphone, you will get to make sure that the device has at least of 2 GB RAM as in-built. If your Phone does not meet this requirement, you are supposed to be rejected while trying to download the game from Google Play Store. Check the certain feature by navigating through the phone “Settings” and then “About phone” option.

4: High Phone Battery Backup

One of the most vital thing you must have in pursuance to play Pokemon Go is a highly backed up battery life. The game is widely infamous for draining battery life too fast. So, if your device does not meet 3000-4000 mAh battery, mind to keep a power bank with you while hunting down Pokemonsters.

power bank

5: Gyroscope Feature Required

The unique and fun factor about the Pokemon Go that led the game to the hype is the Augmented Reality (AR) feature. In order to turn on this AR mode in your Smartphone, you will need to make sure that your device has an another feature called Gyroscope. To check whether your Phone has the Gyroscope or not, you can use Sensor Kinetics app available in the Google Play Store.

6: Other Requirements

Apart from the features mentioned above, an Android device must possess GPS and Location features and a high-speed internet connection (4G, 3G, or Wi-Fi).

Please note that, if your Android device has Intel CPU, the individual game will not support the device.

Least iOS Requirements for Pokemon Go Gameplay

iDevice holders may check out the below mentioned phone requirements for Pokemon Go.

phone requirements

1: Required iOS Software

If you are holding an iDevice, you should make sure that your iDevice is running on iOS 8.0 or latest. In order to check the iOS software version of your iDevice, you may Navigate to the device “Settings” option > “General” option > And then “About” > Finally tap on “Version” option.

Unfortunately, if your iDevice’s operating system does not meet the minimum OS requirement, you may update the iOS with the latest version. Get this done by following the below instruction –

  • Using an USB cable, connect your iDevice to a PC.
  • Download and install the latest iOS version from iTunes.

2: Other iDevice Requirements for Pokemon Go

To mention of other minimum requirements of iDevices for having fun with Pokemon Go, firstly, your iPhone must be of 5 or latest model. A strong internet connection is also required. Consider Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connection for this purpose. GPS and Location feature is vital. And lastly, your iDevice can not be Jailbroken in order to support this game.

If your current device meets all the above-mentioned phone requirements for Pokemon Go, you may consider yourself lucky. One more thing to remember, Pokemon Go is an AR based real-time game and eats up a lot of data balance. As you are supposed to play the game outdoor, you won’t be staying within a particular Wi-Fi range all the time. So, a Mobile Data Plan with high amount is strongly recommended.

There is a trick to play Pokemon Go within the wall, under the roof. Try out the trick right here.

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