PaisaLive is one of the most popular PTC [ Paid To Click] company in India. Paisalive is especially common among teenagers who are looking to make some extra money via the internet. At this fast growing world, every online user looking for online work do come across this name. I am personally looking forward to this genuine review about PaisaLive, especially for all my friends. My 70%+ friends have joined PaisaLive and had given tons of time to it, about which I am going to discuss more clearly below.



PaisaLive Review: Do they Pay Or Its Scam?

It is one of the biggest questions for all the new users of PaisaLive when they find it promising and the best way to earn quick money up to Rs. 9000 per month. On the early days when I was not used to blogging, I was also a victim of Paisalive. But frankly speaking, I could hardly make up to Rs.370 in 7-10 days, which looks like a complete waste of time to me.

I left it once I came to know that I have nothing much to get from this PTC company. On the same time, few of my friends were successfully cashing out some money from Paisa live [ They are paying out the money].

What Have You to Do in PaisaLive Account?

You have complete online surveys to earn money per survey or page views or Click on ads, etc. You will receive messages in your PaisaLive Inbox which you have to complete to get paid per survey like Rs. 0.25 to max Rs.6 per survey.

They ask you to sign up on different sites that need email registration, phone calls [ Cost Per Action], they are getting paid with new user registrations. You will be getting some frustrating calls from support team on which account you signed up your email to complete the survey.

Many a times they would ask you to view the pages or click on the ads displayed.[ Depending on Advertisers Demand].

Are They Scam?

This is easy to say because PaisaLive is not 100% reliable company. On the same time when 1 of my friend was getting paid my, another two friends were not getting paid after completing the payout reach.

There is no source for you to contact them via PaisaLive Customer Care numbers. Also, there are lots of Paisalive complaints from users over web forums. Which is a very negative sign for this company, also the users are not secure.

My Friend who worked for 3-4 month to gather Approx Rs. 2000 [ Actually below Rs. 2000], is not getting his payout and many more users are also not getting any payouts. Mr. Chiranjit, My friend, also requested for two payouts that he did not get yet already more than seven months.

It looks like a PTC site that does not pay to all users but pays to some users.  [ Payment Proofs are also there for some users  whom payout is completed]

PaisaLive Review

I am looking for genuine feedback from the users so that I can help out my friend to get his money back. Also, want all the new users to understand the matter correctly before they started wasting time.

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How much can you earn from a PaisaLive account?

You can earn up to Rs.500- Rs.1500 [ Max] /month. [ Min Payout Rs 500]

When you sign up an account, you get Rs.99 on your account as a sign-up bonus.

If you are regularly completing all the surveys & work, you will be given more work, an increase in your rate of work.

When you refer your friend to your referral link, you get Rs. 10 credited to your account.  [Main reason it is spreading quickly]


You will be spending your 7-8 days time for some company who may pay you 200-400 for seven days work? Which is also not a 100% sure whether you will get a payout or not. According to me, it’s an entirely waste of time on one hand plus a risk of scamming you like they did with most of the users.

Our View: Paisalive is not a legitimate site because it doesn’t payout to all the deserving guys. Genuine site is those who genuinely keeps good relations with users and keeps all the dues clean according to what they promise.

Looking forward to feedback.