OMG! ISIS Targeting India - Check out what they have got as a new target in India
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OMG! ISIS Targeting India – Check out what they have got as a new target in India

Taj Mahal is the target of ISIS

The Taj Mahal is the new target of the terror group ISIS as per recent Graphical picture found. The report is leaked from a link threatening to the 17th-century monument. The graphical intensity of ISIS  is the Taj Mahal, which has been leaked on Intel site. The report suggests, the ISIS terror team is looking for the wing in India hunting the Taj Mahal.

They were looking for the India Muslim to recruit for their intensity. CBA said that the graphical picture was released on Telegram Messenger and there after a tight security has been patch up in this area said by  Daljeet Singh Chowdhury, Additional Director General, Law, and Order.Taj Mahal is the target of ISIS

The picture reflects the intention of ISIS, which further hints the plan of them. The picture has mentioned as “New Target,” written with Arabic script as “Agra Istishhadis,” and a guy holding a rocket propelled grenade. Generally the picture hint they have chosen Agra as a new target and destroy the historical symbol of India.

There is also a van in the picture intentionally proceeding towards to the Taj Mahal to destroy it. Maybe they are getting started to attack in India. However, regarding this graphical picture and for the internal security of the Taj Mahal, the Central Industrial Security Force and a para-military force entrusted. Also, UP police involve to protect it.

The recent Bhopal-Ujjain train blast was also investigated as ab act of IS but there was not a single evidence of it. As the security tighten up still we should pray this thing doesn’t happen to us and with any. Or it might be a fake graphical composition for violating the peace of us. Let me know what you think regarding this picture and don’t forget to share this with your friends to let them know.

News Source: Times Now

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