Olive Oil Benefits and Uses For Hair, Skin and Health Related Issues
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Olive Oil Benefits and Uses For Hair, Skin and Health Related Issues

olive oil for hair, skin and health

Are you aware what Olive Oil does for your hair, skin and other health related issues? Well, this oil does so many wonderful works to your overall maintaining your health. However, Olive oil is also best to use for cooking. There are more Olive oil benefits which I am going to share with you below. But before that let us read the history of this wonderful oil.

olive oil for hair, skin and health

Brief History Of Olive Oil:

What is Olive Oil?

This is a question which some people don’t have an answer. So in actual this oil is originated from the Mediterranean Basin and it is a fat extracted from the Olive tree.

Basically, the oil is used for cooking as well as for cosmetic purpose. Therefore, since 8th Millenium BC, Olive Oil has grown in abundance. Hence, there are six different types of Olive Oil brands which I will be discussing below.

  1. Extra Virgin Oil: The best high-quality oil is the extra virgin olive oil. They are rich in antioxidants with a green golden shine color. This is the reason it is called the Queen of Oils.
  2. Virgin: Virgi Olive Oil is less effective than Extra Virgin Oil. Firstly, the acidity level of extra virgin oil is less than 1% whereas virgin oil has 2.0% acidity level. In fact, mainly they are used for cooking and body massage.
  3. Pure: Pue Olive Oil is a mixture of extra virgin oil and refined oil. The oil is unsuitable for salad dressing but very much effective for heavy cooking.
  4. Olive-Pomace Oil: Olive Pomace oil is not much different from the Pure Olive oil as they are quite similar. They are also good for high heat cooking.
  5. Refined Oil: This is one of the cheapest oil than any other olive oil. In fact, it does not have the exact taste and aroma like the pure oil.
  6. Light Oil: In actual, light oil is a very less grade oil. They are very low in taste as well as aroma. Not good for salads but effective for high heat cooking.

So here are some of the brief history of this Liquid Gold Oil. Now let us look at what are the uses and benefits of this Jaitun ka Tel (Olive Oil).

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Olive Oil Benefits and Uses For Hair, Skin, and Health:

As you do know that Olive Oil has many benefits for your hair, skin, and health. So let us speak them in details to find out the lists of it.

Olive Oil For Hair:

You must know that it is not that easy to maintain a long and thick hair. But with Olive Oil, everything is possible and easy. Excited to know how?? Let us view then.

olive oil for hair

1) As a Pre-Shampoo Treatment:

A head massage before you take a bath is recommended. Thanks to my mom who always runs after me to give a hair massage. And now my hair have grown long and thick eventually no doubt. Now I know the importance of hair massage which acts as a pre-shampoo treatment. They are also very much effective for healing dandruff and scalp irritation.

How to Apply:

  • To apply this oil on your hair, firstly take it in a small bowl or a container and then warm it for a second.
  • Now apply it on your hair from root to tips and let it stay for 45-60 minutes.
  • Wash it with a shampoo and conditioner.

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2) Maintains your Hair Smooth and Healthy:

Olive Oil if blended with other ingredients then it does wonderful work for your hair. Ingredients like honey, egg yolk, and vitamin E does all the work to neutralise your hair. This oil helps to fight against hair loss, moisturise your rough hair and brings growth to your hair. Just like mine, your hair will also get smoother and healthier within few days.

How to Apply:

  • Take one a half cup of Olive oil and add an egg yolk, vitamin E and 2-3 tablespoons of honey.
  • Now mix the entire ingredients together until it turns out smooth.
  • Apply the mixture onto your hair from root to tip and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Finally when it is done wash it with a lukewarm water.
  • Apply a conditioner and get a smooth hair thoroughly.

As I am done with Olive Oil benefits for hair, now let us go through with wonder Oil for skin.

 For Skin:

Olive Oil for skin can do wonders even for the skin. Below I have reviewed some tips and benefits of this Beauty Oil for your Skin. Have a look on it.

1) It Protects Your Skin:

Every woman does dream for a glowing beautiful skin which olive oil can give it. It acts as healing agents for many skin problems like acne, pimples, inflammation etc. Apart of that, it also protects from the harmful disease like skin cancer.

How to Apply:

  • To get a glowing skin firstly, mix ingredients (honey, half cup of yogurt and 2-3 tablespoon olive oil) altogether.
  • Now apply the mixture onto your face and body.
  • After 30 minutes rinse it with a lukewarm water.
  • Follow this guide once or twice in a week.

2) Works as an Anti-Aging Remedies:

To speak friendly, my mom uses this beauty Oil for cooking as well as for her wrinkles. Guess what? It’s really working friends. So if your mother or any of your family member want to get relief from wrinkles and ageing then use olive oil.

anti aging

How to Use:

  • Firstly, you need to massage your face gently with few drops of oil for few minutes.
  • Now to make an exfoliant add some sea salt and massage it again.
  • To get refreshed, add few drops of lemon juice and massage it all together.
  • After you rinse it off, you will feel your wrinkles are diminishing slowly.
  • Follow at least once in a week.

3) Protects your Lips:

Do you know that Olive Oil can do magical work for your lips? Well forget all your worries and get supple and smooth lips with this lip scrub that I have guided you below.

olive oil for lips

How to Apply:

  • Ingredients required: brown sugar, olive oil and few drops of lemon
  • Now mix all the ingredients together and then scrub your entire lips before you sleep.
  • Follow it every day and get smooth pinkish lips.

4) Removes Excess Makeup:

It is necessary that you remove your makeup every day before you go to sleep. In fact, you must keep in mind to remove your excess makeup. And if you have a sensitive skin then better go for the natural remedies like Olive Oil. So follow the procedure that I have written below.

remove makeup with olive oil

How to Use:

  • To remove the makeup, take 1-2 teaspoon of the pure Oil onto a bowl.
  • Now dip a cotton ball into the olive oil and rub it in your face.
  • Easily, your makeup will be removed.

5) Effective for Cracked Heels:

olive oil prevents cracked heels

Not only for hair and other issues, olive oil does great relief for cracked heels. Gently mix the on to the lukewarm water and also add few drops of lemon. Use as an exfoliator and one more thing, it would be better if you wear socks while you sleep.

6) Acts as a Moisturiser:

olive oil moisturises skin

Throw away all the lotions that you bought from the market and use the natural olive oil ingredient. After you have done your shower apply the extra virgin olive oil to get a smooth soft skin. This oil suits for all skin types. Do apply them every day.

Read on to know more in details how olive oil helps for health related issues….

Olive Oil Health Benefits:

Olive Oil is not only good for your skin and hair but also does great for your health too. Let us check out what are the health benefits of this oil.

1) Treats Diabetes:

olive oil prevents diabetes

Millions of people are suffering from diabetes, so to lower your blood sugar level, liquid gold oil will be a perfect choice. Many studies have shown that cooking dishes with olive oil brings your sugar under control. Therefore, make sure you cook with pure oil

2) Prevention From Breast Cancer:

To prevent breast cancer, studies recommended that you must cook with olive oil. This prevents you from the harmful disease like breast cancer. It has been shown in Spain that about 62% of women are less affected with breast cancer. This is because of containing olive oil in the diet.

3) Helps to Lose Weight:

to lose weight with olive oil

I cannot even imagine that olive oil can help me to lose my weight. But now I am losing my weight because of the light oil. So if you wish to lose your weight then include pure light oil in your diet to maintain slim and fit.

4) Strengthens Bones:

olive oil strengthens bones

Calcium strengthens our bones but Calcium alone cannot maintain the strengthening of bones. This is the reason olive oil came as a substitute along with Calcium to maintain strong bones.

5) Treats Cholesterol:

Researchers have proved that Cretan, Greek and Mediterranean people do eat dietary fat compared to the people from America. But these people got lower heart diseases and this is because they included olive oil in their diet.

6) Prevention of Strokes:

stoke prevention with olive oil

Millions of the elderly people are getting sudden strokes. But people who include the olive oil in their diet got less infected with sudden strokes. This heart strokes may lead to death or fatigue. Hence include this Mediterranean oil and give a proper smooth blood flow to your brain.

So now I hope you got a proper idea what olive oil for hair, skin and other health issues can benefit you. Therefore, why don’t you use them and get a glowing beautiful hair and skin? Also, many health issues turn out to cure because of this wonder Oil.


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