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Now The Bajaj Avenger Can Be Customised Like Harley!

new Avenger 220 street

The new Bajaj 220 street looks aggressive in the city road with its original outer looks. But as soon as the new Harley Davidson Streer 750 has released in India with the new outer look and at an affordable price, the craze for the bike in Indian youth have increased. So now Bajaj company took an advantage of this event and played a new track, to increase the sale of the Avenger 220 street bike, by modifying Avenger 220 street just like the new Harley-Davidson street 750.

modifing avenger 220 street

Bajaj company has released a new offer for all the Avenger 220 street owners, and the offer is that you can modify your Avenger 220 street bike just like the Harley Davidson Street 750 from the company itself officially. You will just need to pay Rs. 15,000 to the nearest Bajaj showroom and get your Avenger 220 street the same like the Harley 750 Street.

The difference between Harley 750 street and Avenger 220 street:

Yes, Bajaj company are now modifying your Avenger 220 street and making it the replica of Harley Davidson 750 Street. But there are many parts on the bike that are not similar to the Harley Davidson 750 street which you must have a look at it. Here below I have given the difference between both the bikes in both exterior and mechanical terms.

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Exterior design different between both the bikes:

Comparing the outer looks of both the bikes there are many parts of Avenger 220 street which is similar to the  Harley 750 street.

  1. The silencer of the Avenger is shorter than the Harley 750 street and the design of the silencer looks rough than the Harley 750 street.
  2. Coming to the seats the Avenger modification is supposed to come with single well-cushioned seat whereas the Harley 750 street comes with the dual classic seat.
  3. The fuel tank of the Avenger is totally different from the Harley, as the Avenger is having a fuel gauge in the tank but the Harley is not having.
  4.  The mud guard of the Avenger 220 Street is long and is made with plastic.
  5. The Harley 750 street has disc brakes even on the rear wheel, but the Avenger 220 street doesn’t have disc brakes in the rear.

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So these are some of the parts of the modified Avenger 220 street which are not similar to the Harley Davidson 750 street. Overall the modified Avenger 220 street looks exactly the same as the new Harley Davidson 750 street. Here you have known all the exterior of the bike, so now it is time to check out the difference in the mechanical specification of both the bikes.

Have alook at the gallery

Mechanical specification of both the bikes:

The Avenger 220 street comes with new 220 CC single cylinder oil cooled DTSi engine which can produce maximum power of 19.03 PS and a peak torque of 8,400 rpm which is perfect for the Indian city road. The suspension of the bike is superb for the Indian road as the rear shock absorbers are soft. In the front of the Avenger 220 street is using the twin fork suspension which can easily absorb the jerk from the road.

Whereas the Harley Davidson 750 street comes with  749 CC V-twin cylinder liquid cooled engine which can easily give you peak torque at 3790 rpm and highest power of 57.6 bhp which is higher than the Avenger 220 street. The bike is using chain-type drive system and with high-level comfort, as the bike is using twin rear suspension and fork suspension in the front.

Overlooking all the mechanism of both the bikes, I can conclude that both the bikes are having almost the same comfort level as the suspension are the same. But comparing the power, both the bikes are having totally different power development.

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The price of Modified Avenger 220 street:

Currently, the price of the Avenger 220 street is Rs. 87,331 in the ex-showroom Delhi, but if you are purchasing the new kit of modifying your bike you will be charged Rs. 15,000 extra with the market price of the bike. I must say that the new offer of Bajaj is pretty interesting and is affordable too.

Overall saying that this offer is pretty interesting, but it is still not revealed why Bajaj is making the replica of the Harley motors. Is it because to increase the sale? stay tuned to know more news of this Bajaj new offer to turn your 220 street bike just like 750 street.


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