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Buy Legendary Nokia 3310 Release With Improved Features like 16GB Memory

nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 is a relaunch of the legendary old Nokia phones which is taking most of the people’s attention with its slick design. If you are a Legendary Nokia phone and Snake game lover, here you can have them again which will be on the market by June 2017. Many People have changed their habit of using Android phones, so now try Keypad phone again.

The new Nokia 3310 comes with awesome and improved features too that will blow your minds. Since after the Android phones become trendy and more smartphones are developed in the market, and now Nokia old phones have become out of the competition.

But with the newly improved Nokia 3310, you can now expect the classic durable body, long lasting battery life, and better designs.

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Classic Nokia Features

Nokia phones have been one of the most used since decade as they are providing the most basic need i.e Long battery life. So keeping all the needs and still keeping the classic features, Nokia 3310 is now ready for beating the market with the smartphones.

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Some of the remaining Features of Nokia are like-

  • Longer Battery standby which may be up to a month
  • you can select the four different colors
  • And finally, the most legendary classic Snake game is still available and will make your day.
  • Strong Body which is more durable compared to another android device.

nokia 3310

New Improved Features of Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 have come with the new improve design that has become very popular since it was reappeared in the Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Spain. This Nokia’s slick design have won hearts of everyone and are now ready to launch on the market at some affordable price range.

Features are like-


Its design forms an iconic round shape specialize with 2.4 inches polarized screen. And also its curvy screen window will make easier for better readability under sunlight.


You will get a crystal clear screen with a 2.40-inch screen and provided with a typical keypad to give a classic look.


Get Dual sim card slot on the new Nokia phone, which you can also browse the internet with connectivity GSM. And also transfer files like music, videos or photos wireless using Bluetooth on your phone.


There is no front camera but Rear camera having 2 MP with a high resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. So with the help of this old Nokia phone, you can also enjoy the high-quality photography with your cool

Operating System

The operating system is run with the older Nokia Series 30. This OS is quite older and will give you better and faster


The internal memory has come with great improvement giving up to 16MB that resembles those of any 4G Phones in the market. So you came store many files using the phone like- Music, song, or video and much more.

Snake Games

Refresh your mind and Play the ironic Snake Game which was the only best game we have ever played in our first phone.


It’s battery power Capacity I extended to 1200mAh and have the power that can even withstand for more than a month. It has new improved Micro-USB port which will make you charge your phone easily.

The price of Nokia 3310 in different countries

The newly launched Nokia 3310 is suspected to come in the market with the Price like 49 Pound or 3400 INR or 53 USD. The price may also vary from country to country. So you must be prepared to grab one for yourself and be the first one to use Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310 is Available at:

1 Coming Soon
2 Coming Soon
3 Coming Soon

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Released Date

Everyone is now eagerly waiting for the slick and awesome phone, and probably by May-June 2017. But you must be registered yourself for buying it. And to register, you must sign up on the official website. Or follow the steps to Sign up and register as a buyer.

Step to Sign up for Nokia 3310

  • Go to the official website or click on the button below.
  • Now Click on the sign-up button and proceed.
  • You must add your valid name and email id.
  • And a conformational Email will be sent.
  • Voila! you sign up process is done and you will get arrival email when the Nokia 3310 phone is released in the market or online shopping vendors.
  • So sign up and be the first one to grab the new Nokia 3310 phone.

nokia 3310


  • Stylish Look
  • Hard Body and Cyrstal Clear Screen.
  • Dual Sim.
  • 16 GB internal memory.
  • Long Battery life
  • Snake Game Included.


  • Not a Touch Mobile
  • Experience the slowest internet as there is No 3G / 4G network

Final Verdicts

So here are the full details for the brand new Nokia 3310. The legendary phone became popular with its first look and have now become the most awaited phone of 2017. You can buy your Nokia phone on any online shopping vendors. But before that, you should sign up with the official Nokia website that will give you quick alert on the day of released. So be the first among your group to hold the Nokia 3310 phone.

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