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How To Reach NIT Warangal, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities

NIT Warangal Academic

NIT Warangal is ranked 2nd among the NIT all over India. It is a Public Engineering and Technology University which was established on 10th October 1959 by the Late Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Before becoming a NIT, it was known as Regional Engineering College, Warangal.

NIT Warangal Academic

Till 2015 National Institute of Technology, Warangal has been ranked as the 1st among all the NIT in India. In 2002 it was converted to NIT, Warangal from Regional Engineering College, Warangal. By Outlook India it has been ranked 11th best Engineering College all around the country. This institution is said to be the first out of the 17 Regional Engineering Colleges that were established in 1959.

How to Reach NIT Warangal:

Firstly, you need to reach Hyderabad airport, which is the closest to NIT Warangal. The fastest mode of reaching the institution is by Train, it takes around 2 hours. You can also reach the institution by road, which takes around 2 ½ hours to reach through the Warangal National Highway number–202.

Facilities of College:

NIT, Warangal provides lots of facilities for its students. These facilities are probably the best kind of facilities. Check them out down below:

Placement Facilities:

NIT Warangal Placements are controlled by the placement cell, which is comprised of by the Faculties of the College. The placement section provides a great platform for the future of the students. Many big organizations and international companies visit the college on a regular basis. They tend to pick the best minds from the college offering them with outstanding packages. Over the years a good relationship has been made in between the placement cell and the companies that visit the institution on a regular basis.

NIT Warangal Top View

Seeing this, many other companies have also started conducting placements at the Institution. It was said by the institution that they don’t distinguish themselves as a College of Engineering, rather as an institution where students give their best and receive the best. The curriculum of the college is adjusted in a way to meet the needs of the company so that they don’t end up having bookish knowledge only but also to acquire the analytical concepts. Some of the companies that recruit students are:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Adobe Systems
  • McAfee
  • Intel
  • Power Grid
  • Indian Oil

Computer Facilities:

There is a total of 5 Computer laboratories, out of which 2 CAD centers, 2 Graphics Labs, and a Programming Lab. All of these laboratories together contain 287 systems. There are 9 Networking Servers and 3 Domain servers. Dr. A. Venu Gopal from the Department of Mechanical is the Head of the Computer Centre. New and improved systems are being used by this institution.

NIT Warangal Computer Center

Hostel and Mess Facilities:

Hostel in NIT, Warangal is referred to Halls. There is a total of 20 hostels, out of which 4 new hostels have been constructed recently. The names of these halls are listed below:

  • Sarojini Hall
  • Priyadarshini Hall
  • Vikram Sarabhai Hall
  • Rajendra Prasad Hall
  • Viswesvaraya Hall
  • Patel Hall
  • Tagore Hall
  • Raman Hall
NIT Warangal Raman Hostel
  • Nehru Hall
  • Gandhi Hall
  • Radhakrishnan Hall
  • Gokhale Hall
  • Bhabha Hall
  • Bose Hall
  • Ambedkar Hall
  • Azad Hall
  • Ultra Mega Hostel
  • International Students Hostel
  • New ladies Hostel
  • 1K Hall of Residence
NIT Warangal 1K Hall of Residence

Besides these basic facilities they have a number of other facilities, some of which are:

  • Hospital
  • Post Office
  • Shopping Complex
  • Central Library
  • Innovation Centre
  • NIT Canteen
  • Bank & ATM

There is a total of 5 messes in the men’s hostel and a separate mess for the ladies. Out of the 5 messes for the men, two of them provide vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, two provide non-vegetarian meals and the left one provides only vegetarian meals. The ladies mess provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. The messes are provided with good furniture and clean utensils and water. The warden and the mess representatives make sure that the messes are running smoothly and cleaned regularly.

NIT Warangal Hostel


The Overall result of the college is always good. Almost every student in the institution pass the examinations with flying colors. But some unlucky students are not able to pass out. So for them, the college has a backlog program. This program enables the students to appear for the exams again. NIT Warangal cut off marks are quite high when compared to other colleges. The results can be checked by the students at the NIT Warangal students portal.


Events take place throughout the year. There is a total of 5 Major Events. Some of these are:


It is a 3-day long Annual Cultural Festival, which generally takes place during the final week of January or in the first week of March. It is all about cultural programs, which comprises of Quiz events, Dance Events, Treasure Events and more Events which is solely organized by the students.

NIT Warangal SpringSpree


Techno means” Technology” and Zion means “Promised Lands”. It is a 3-day long annual techno festival organized by the students. There are lots of Events, Exhibition, Workshops, Initiatives, guest Lectures etc. It has become a Major Festival with a sum of about 6000 students visiting it every year after its initiation in 2006. It provides a platform for students from various fields of science and technology to share their experiences, knowledge, views and expertise.

NIT Warangal Technozion

Zero Gravity:

Zero Gravity is a fest held every year. It is only for the students of NIT, Warangal. It only consists of Interbranch Cultural Competitions. Some of these competitions are Battle of Bands, dance competition, etc.


It is organized by the Management Department of NIT, Warangal. IT is a platform to show and amplify their theoretical skills. Evaluation is done by the professors, who even guide the students.

NIT Warangal Cura

Coke Studio:

Many of us know about Coke Studios. Well, this event is organized by the college every year. Here prominent Musicians and Artist from all over the Country are invited to perform.


Everything related to sports is controlled by the Department of Physical Education. The Institution has facilities of both indoor and outdoor games and sports. Cricket, Football, Hockey, Lawn Tennis and many more outdoor games are played and games like Table Tennis, Chess, Carom and lots of other games are played. The Sports ground even has a 400m standard running track. Students from the institution participate in many inter-colleges, inter-department, inter-Nit and other tournaments all over the country.

NIT Warangal Net practice area

Additional Information:

Some of the other information are:

  • Ragging is banned and is a non-bail able offense where the culprit can be fined for Rs.10,000 and an imprisonment of 2 years.
  • The institute has its own transportation. It has a number of vehicles which are used for the needs of the college.

Without a doubt NIT Warangal is one of the best engineering colleges in India. This institution has produced and is still producing some of the best engineers. All the basic details about National Institute of Technology, Warangal. I hope that this post about how to reach NIT Wrangal, Rankings, Procedures & Facilities will help you out.

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