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How To Reach NIT Trichy, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities

NIT Trichy Gate

NIT Trichy is ranked 1st among the NIT all over India. It is a Public Engineering and Technology University which was established in the year 1964. NIT Trichy is also called National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli. Formerly it was known as “Regional Engineering College, Tiruchirappalli." Its name was changed to National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli in 2003.

NIT Trichy Gate

NIT Tiruchirapalli has also been Ranked as the 12th best Engineering Colleges out of 100 Engineering Colleges in India in 2016 by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). This College offers courses not only in Engineering and Technology but also in Science, Humanities, and Management.

How to Reach NIT Trichy:

First of all, you have to reach Trichy from Chennai by a train. The distance from Chennai to Trichy is around 320 km. From there you have to go to the Central Bus Station. Any bus from the Trichy railway platform will take you there. From the Bus Station board the route bus. It will take you to NIT, Trichy directly in about 30-40 minutes. You can also reach NIT, Trichy by Taxi.

Facilities of College:

Being the best of the NIT’s in India, it provides lots of facilities. Some of the facilities provided by NIT Trichy have been provided below.

Placement Facilities:

NIT Trichy Placements is conducted by the placement cell, which is comprised of the students of the institution. They contact the companies and facilitates Placements, Internship programs, and even Job openings. They also conduct interviews and pre-tests regarding the placements of the final year students. Other than that they conduct small events where the placed students share their experience with the juniors for their betterment.

NIT Trichy Central Library

Around 200 companies come there for conducting placement there. Lot's of renowned companies visit the campus of NIT Trichy to conduct interviews. Schlumberger, Citi Bank, ITC Limited are some of the companies that conduct interviews on the campus of NIT Trichy. Students those who gets placed receive very good packages. All most all the students studying at NIT, Trichy gets placed.

Computer Facilities:

It has 7 computer labs with 40 different high-end servers with a backbone of 10 Gbps fiber optic. This facility can accommodate around 6000 users with 1600 being LAN users and the rest being wireless users. It also has an annex building which is open from morning 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. (Midnight). It even has a high-speed A4 size printer and two A3 laser printers which print around 50 and 60 pages per minute. This whole facility contains about 400 systems which have different and high specifications.

NIT Trichy Computer Center

This center is maintained by the Computer Support Group (CSG). This facility works throughout the year; it also has an uninterrupted power supply and air conditioning. It gets its internet connections from Software Technology Park of India (STPI) and National Informatics Center (NCI). Two UTM provides its Network Security.

Hostel and Mess Facilities:

There is a total of 23 hostels, out of which 18 are for boys and 5 for girls, 2 more hostels are under construction. The hostels are quite clean, and for every student, a single room is provided by the college. You have to stay in your allotted rooms. But if you want to change your room you can write an application to the person in charge of the hostel with a valid reason. The person in charge of the hostel is the "Chief Warden." The Students Welfare of the hostel is taken care of by the Dean, and the hostel facilities are taken care of by the Deputy Registrar.

NIT Trichy Hostel

There are 10 messes in NIT, Trichy. Each mess provides varieties of different kinds of food. The plates and drinking glasses are provided by the mess. Food is served 4 times a day: Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner. If you don’t go as per the timing of the mess, you won’t be able to get any food. There are a few mess rules you need to follow. Some of them are:

  • You should stand in a queue and wait for your turn.
  • Throwing food around the mess is nit permitted.
  • The mess should be kept clean all the times.
  • You should go to the mess on time to take your food.
NIT Trichy Hostel 2

And some other rules which you will find in front of the mess. Besides these basic facilities they have a number of other facilities, some of which are:

  • Library
  • Hospital
NIT Trichy Hospital
  • Swimming pool
  • Lecture Hall Complex
  • Central Workshop
  • Shopping Center
  • Transport
  • Guest House
  • Physical Education
  • Gym


All the students come out good results in the examinations and clear them with flying colors. Some unlucky students who are not able to clear the examination can appear for retests after 1 month. Apart from that NIT Trichy is said to produce the best results out of all the NIT in the nation. NIT Trichy rankings are said to be the best rankings in the nation.


There are three events every year: Festember, NIITFEST, and Pragyan. These are the largest events of the college, and these are organized by the students every year.


It means “A Fest to Remember,” which is always held in the month of September. This fest comprises of Music, Drama, Dance competitions and much more such kind of events. Participants from all over the country visit the institution to participate in this fest. Prominent music bands like Euphoria, Indian Ocean, Pentagram and much more have performed there.

NIT Trichy Festember


Pragyan is the second largest college technical festival in South India. The first student-run organization in the world to get ISO 20121:2012 Certification for Sustainable Event Management. It also organizes online programming contest that attracts people from 60 countries all over the world. It also serves as a golden platform for the most innovative minds all over the country.

NIT Trichy pragyan

Famous people from all over the world come to visit this event.It also provides a variety of workshops related to Robotics, Rocket science and Ethical Hacking and a lot more. It also shows participants a lot of futuristic technologies. They even conduct debates on various crucial topics.


NIITFEST is a fest that is all about fine arts. Various debates, music contests and lots of other events are conducted. This fest is all about the Nittians.

Sports Fete:

Being conducted in the month of February, it is the annual inter-departmental sports event of NIT, Trichy. The result is decided by the total number of points gained in the all the events. The mechanical engineering department has won it maximum times.

NIT Trichy Sports Ground

Apart from that the students of this institution also participate in the Inter-NIT sports fest that is held every year. NIT Trichy is said to have conducted this sports fest a number of times.

Additional Information:

Some of the other information's are:

  • Ragging has been banned and is a non-bail able offense where the culprit is fined Rs.10,000 and an imprisonment of 2 years.
  • NIT, Trichy has its own Taxi Service. As it is a big campus the students can avail taxi’s inside the campus.

Apart from being the best NIT in the nation, NIT Tiruchirapalli is also one of the best engineering colleges in India. This institution has produced some of the best mind for the country. This is everything that you need to know about National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli. I hope this post about how to reach NIT Trichy, Rankings, Procedures & Facilities have been informative enough for you.

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