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How To Reach NIT Surathkal, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities

NIT Surathkal Front gate

NIT Surathkal is ranked 3rd among the NIT all over India. It is a Public Engineering and Technology University which was established on 6th August 1960 by Srinivas Mallya and V. S. Kudva. Before becoming a NIT Surathkal, it was known as Karnataka Regional Engineering College. It is also called National Institute of Technology, Karnataka.

NIT Surathkal Front gate

Through the years it has also received many awards for its achievements. In 2016, the India today Magazine ranked it as the 8th best University in India, and Outlook India ranked it as 9th best University across India. NIT Surathkal Campus is one of the best among all the other NITs.

How to Reach NIT Surathkal:

You need to reach the Mangaluru Airport first, then take a cab to reach Mangaluru Railway Junction. Avail a prepaid auto to the “State Bank Service Bus Stand” from the Railway Junction. The fastest way to reach National Institute of Technology, Karnataka is by taking the Express Busses which will drop you at your destination in about 40 minutes. But if you take the Service Bus, it’ll take you about 1 hour to reach the NIT Surathkal campus.

NIT Surathkal Campus

Facilities of College:

NIT, Karnataka provides lots of facilities to its students. Some of the facilities of the college have been listed below.

Placement Facilities:

NIT Surathkal Placements are controlled by the Faculties of the College. The placement group is said to be the most hard working department of the entire college. Only for them, it is possible to get all the students exposed to the job opportunities that are made available by the 260 companies that visit the campus every year.

NIT Surathkal Placements

It is also said that the placement provided by this Institution is the best among all the other NIT in India. Almost all the students get placed in good companies. And those who don‘t get placed, take up internship programs or get jobs outside the open campus. The students are provided with the knowledge and platform; the rest is up to you. Nearly all the Super-giants of the market visit NIT Surathkal to offer jobs:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Adobe Systems
  • McAfee
  • Intel
  • Power Grid
  • Indian Oil

Computer Facilities:

The Central Computer Centre has designed and made a wonderful infrastructure for the college. They live to provide quality IT service. The backbone of network and internet connection is maintained by them 24x7. For 8 hours on weekends & general holidays and 12 hours a week the Central Computer Center is available for curricular and co-curricular activities. The first floor and the ground floor of the building are occupied by them. It was established as a service providing facility, for the computer teaching departments in 1995.

NIT Surathkal Computer Center

Hostel and Mess Facilities:

There is a total of 11 hostels in NIT, Karnataka. Out of these 8 hostels are allotted for Boys and 3 for girls. These hostels altogether can accommodate a total of around 1910 students. Each hostel is even provided with a color TV for the entertainment of the students.

NIT Surathkal Boys Hostel

7 messes of different types are provided, with working people and equipment. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available in these messes. The messes are very clean and fitted with good furniture and utensils. The warden makes sure that all the messes are running smoothly.

NIT Surathkal Mess

Besides these basic facilities they have some other facilities too, some of which are:

  • Hospital
  • Post Office
  • Shopping Complex
  • Central Library
  • Innovation Centre
  • NIT Canteen
  • Bank & ATM
  • Multi Gym and Mini Gym


The Overall result of the college is always good. Almost all students in the institution pass the examination with good results. For the students who are not able the clear the exams, the college has a backlog program. This program enables the students to appear for the examination again after 1 month.


Events take place throughout the year in the institution. There is a total of 5 Major Events. Some of these are:


With its initiation in 1980, it has become the most famous fest of the college. It is a 5-day annual cultural festival which comprises of various events such as Fashion, Music, drama, quiz and other such events. During these five days, a pro-nite is also held where top singers and bands from all over the country perform.

NIT Surathkal Incident

From 2010, international tribute bands such as Led Zepplica, Jailbreak have also been performing in the festival. During this festival, a basketball Tournament called “Slam Dunk” is also organized which attracts a lot of teams and players from the region.


ENGI” is what this festival is referred to as by the students of the institution. They use the Penrose Triangle as the Logo of the Festival. Engineer is the annual technical festival of the college. It was started in the year 2005 after combining three small festivals.

NIT Surathkal Engineer

But the very next year i.e. 2006 it was a celebrated on a larger scale. Lots of events are organized in this festival where students are to apply engineering for the greater good of the society. Some of these events are Electronic designing , hacking contest, workshops, programming contest and robotics events. During this event in 2011, many famous people of the region were invited to talk on some relevant issues.


The Sports and Recreation Committee arranges for a lot of events such as Cricket matches and some others too. There are a lot of sports facilities at the institution, some of which are cricket ground, badminton court, tennis court, table tennis hall, basketball court, swimming pool, etc. The swimming pool of the institution is of an international standard.

NIT Surathkal Sports

Olympic type fiber is fitted. For conducting competitions, Anti-wave length marker is also fitted. Badminton court and the Table Tennis Hall have proper lights for playing at night. There are two basketball courts and one standard size hockey ground and even it is provided with Wrestling Mattress.


It is the sports event of the institution where lots of students participate. They compete against each other for different prizes, those being Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal and an Overall Shield which is given for overall performance in the Event. The students and teams of the institution also participate in the Inter-NIT sports meet.

Additional Information:

Some of the other information are:

  • Ragging is banned and is a non-bail able offense where the culprit can be fined for Rs.10,000 and an imprisonment of 2 years.
  • This institution has its Private Beach near the Arabian sea with a Light House. Students and other members of the college have a good time there.
NIT Surathkal Beach

National Institutional Ranking Framework has ranked this institution at 22nd in the country. Many Notable figures have been produced by this institution over the years. I hope this post about How To Reach NIT Surathkal, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities has been helpful to you.

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