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NIT Rourkela Review: How to Reach, Fee Structure, Pictures, Hostel & Facilities

NIT Rourkela Placements

NIT Rourkela is said to be the 14th best NIT in India. It is a Public Engineering and Technology University which was started in the year 1961.The institution has an area of about 1200 Acres. The foundation stone of the college was laid down by the late first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

NIT Rourkela Academics

And it was only under the leadership of the Founding Director Prof. Sunil Kumar Sarangi that the institution reached its current status. Then in 2002, it was named as a National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. In 2007, it was elevated to the status of “Institute of National Importance”. NIT Rourkela cut off is considered to be among the best in the country. The Institution is considered to be a "Deemed University."

How to Reach NIT Rourkela:

The fastest way to reach the NIT Rourkela is by Train. You can board a train to the Rourkela Railway Station. The Train station is 7 km away from the institution and you can avail a taxi to reach it.

NIT Rourkela Entrance

It is quite possible to reach the institution by Air too. But for that, you need to reach the Birsha Munda Airport, Ranchi which is 229.9 km. It takes around 5 hours to reach the institution from there. You can avail Bus services to reach the college from the Airport.

Facilities of College:

The college is provided with all the proper facilities that are required by the students to complete courses without and hindrance. Some of the major facilities of NIT Rourkela are:

Placement Facilities:

NIT Rourkela Placements are looked after by the Department of Training and Placement which is managed and organized by the faculties. They maintain the relationship between the institution and the companies and invite them to conduct placement and interviews on the campus. This committee even co-ordinates with the Students Placement Committee which is comprised of students from various departments of the institution.

NIT Rourkela Placements

The Placement and Training cell provides pre-placement interviews, group discussions etc. for the benefits of the students and to guarantee placements for the students. Many famous companies conduct placement interviews there. Some of these companies are Capgemini, Essar Group, ACCENTURE, etc. These companies tend to select the best students and for offer quite high packages too.

Computer Facilities:

The computer facility is said to be the backbone of the institution. This facility was established to facilitate the better usage of internet by the departments and the hostels. This computer facility makes sure that the network of all the facilities is running properly without any hindrance.

NIT Rourkela Cut off

The facility houses a lot of systems which have the latest specifications and software. Apart from these, the center also provided all sorts of computer related facilities to the students.

Hostel and Mess Facilities:

A total of 10 hostels is provided by the institution for the usage of the students. In National Institute of Technology, Rourkela the hostels are known as “Halls of Residence”. Out of these 10 halls of residence even are provided for Boys, Two for girls and one for married couples. These halls are provided with all the proper facilities like Cable TV, Water Coolers, Gym, Sports Room, Newspapers.

NIT Rourkela Hostel

All the halls of residences have their own mess. Students can join other messes also if they want to. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are available in the messes. The messes are quite clean and have been provided with clean utensils and good workers who coordinate with the hostel warden for the smooth running of the hostels.

NIT Rourkela Mess


Overall results of the students every semester is on par with the other NITs. The faculties try to give their best knowledge to the students and its remains up to the students to perform. All students graduate with good marks from the institution. Alike the other NIT's, students who don’t graduate can appear for retests after one month.


The institution has many technical and cultural clubs. These clubs hold lots of events at different festivals celebrated on the campus. Some of the major events that are celebrated in the institution are:


Confluence was the name of this festival when it was started in 2004, but later it was changed to Innovision. It is the annual cultural technical festival of the institution. Innovision is organized in the month of October or November where both undergraduate and postgraduate students participate. Many students from all over the country participate in this event. It holds many events where students compete against each other to prove their mettle. Some of the competitions that are organized in this festival are Arthayaan, Cybotron, Neo Generic Sections, Treasherlocked, etc.

NIT Rourkela Festival

Workshops are also organized in this festival where the practical aspects of technology are put to use. The workshops organized are on ethical hacking, programming, web designing, robotics android app making and some other events. Lectures by eminent figures are organized during this festival. They give lectures on different topics related to technology, politics, etc. One of the most prominent bands "Underground Authority" have also performed during this festival in 2013, they performed some of their crowd favorite numbers. This was a like a relaxation therapy for everyone attending the festival.


Vahaan is an annual technical festival of the institution where people from various fields gather to discuss a certain topic. The participants make prepare and give presentations on that very topic.


Nitrutsav is the annual cultural program of the institution which holds around 55 events over the span of three days. It holds competitions on different fields, some of which are Dance, Drama, Photography, Art, Literature and Painting. Apart from that, it also holds a National Level Gaming Competition which includes multiplayer games like DOTA, Counter-StrikeNeed for Speed and Fifa.

NIT Rourkela Nitrustsav

During this festival events like Abra ca Dabra, Rangoli, Romantics and similar events are organized. Fashion shows and other events where prominent celebrities perform are also organized. Some of these celebrities and bands are Kailash Kher, Jal, India Ocean. Various workshops are organized that includes graffiti, painting, sketching, movie making, etc. and all of these are taught at a price.


Sports is an integral part of the curriculum of the institution, as it helps to the students in developing mentally and physically. They have various sports facilities built for different sports both indoor and outdoor. They conduct various sports-related workshops and tournaments, some of these tournaments are open and some are intercollege or interNIT. These tournaments not only includes the students but also the faculty members. They organize sports lots of related events.

NIT Rourkela Sports

Sports Fiesta:

In this event students from various colleges and institutions participate. They run for different awards and prizes. Sports Fiesta is one of the biggest events organized by the institution. Besides this event, they also participate in events organized by other institutions and colleges. They also take part in the interNIT meet.

Additional Information:

Some other information’s about the institution are:

  • Ragging is banned and is a non-bail able offence where the culprit can be fined for Rs.10,000 and an imprisonment of 2 years.
  • Institute releases an official e-newsletter called “Monday Morning”.

NIT Rourkela is one of the most reputed technical institutions of the nation. Over the years it has provided the country with some of the best minds and it would do the same in the future. I hope this post about NIT Rourkela Review: How to Reach, Fee Structure, Pictures, Hostel & Facilities has been informative enough for you.

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