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How To Reach NIT Patna, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities

NIT Patna

NIT Patna also known as NITP is ranked 21st among all the other NIT in India. It used to be known as the Bihar Regional Engineering College but since January 28th, 2004 its name has been changed to National Institute of Technology, Patna. This institution was granted the status of “Institute of National Importance” in 2007.

NIT Patna

How to Reach NIT Patna:

It is possible to reach the institution both by Rail and Air. But the fastest way of reaching the institution is by rail. Firstly you have to reach the Patna Junction Railway Station. The station is about 8km away from the institution and you can avail a taxi from outside the station.

But if you are planning to reach there by Air, then you need to land at the Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport, Patna. The Airport is about 20km away from the Institution and you can avail a Taxi to reach there.

Facilities Of The College:

NIT Patna has been provided with all the facilities that are required by the students. Some of the major facilities of the Institute have been provided below.

Placement Facilities:

The Training and Placement cell is responsible for nurturing the students in such a way that they are able to get placed. NIT Patna Placement related works are taken care off by this cell. This cell is also responsible for contacting the companies and inviting them for conducting placements on the campus.

NIT Patna

This cell is been provided with the task of ensuring that all the students undergo vocational training and summer internship. Major Multinational companies visit the campus for conducting placements and offering the students with attractive packages.

Computer Facilities:

All the computer facilities of the college are controlled by the Computer Center. Since its initiation in 28th November 2011, it has been providing uninterrupted support to all the students and faculty members of the Institute. The Computer centre also has a total of 7 labs, out of which one lab is allotted for the PhD Students only and the rest are for the other students.

NIT Patna computer facilities

It also has a 100Mbps connection that provides 24x7 Internet to all the people of the institution. A virtual classroom and video conferencing facility which are used by both the students and the faculty members is also included in this centre.

Hostel and Mess Facilities:

A total of 6 hostels has been provided for the students of the institution. 3 out of these hostels are for the boys and the rest are for the girls. New hostels are under construction as only 50% of the students of the institution can only be accommodated in the hostels that are there at present.

NIT Patna building

Further, the Hostels are guarded throughout the day by private security staffs and at night they are guarded by the state security personnel. Every hostel has their own warden who looks after every aspect of the hostels and all of these wardens report to the Chief Warden. The hostels have been provided with facilities such as water coolers, Wifi, etc. Newspapers and Magazines are provided in all the hostels too.

Hostel facilities of NIT Patna

All hostels have been provided with their own messes. Both veg and non-veg meals are available in this messes. These messes have been provided with the best equipment for cooking purposes. Each mess even has their own personnel’s who are responsible for cooking purposes. They are cleaned regularly to maintain cleanliness and hygiene of the mess.


This institution has produced quite a lot of notable personnel’s in the field of Technology and Management. These personals are well known in their fields, some of them are Nitish Kumar, Ratan Kumar Sinha, etc. This shows that the overall results of the students of NITP are quite astonishing and is on par with the other NITs. NIT Patna Ranking and NIT Patna cut off are considered to be the best among all the institutions in the state.


National Institute of Technology, Patna has two main events which are viz.Corona and Melange. Other than these, the institute also hosts a sports event called Parakram.


Corona is an annual technical festival of the institute. It is also one of the biggest technical festivals of the region and also of the country. Thousands of students from all over the country visit this festival organised by the institution. The festival includes events like software designing, circuit designing, ethical hacking, programming, robotics, presentations, etc.

NIT Patna Corona

Various lectures and workshops are also organised during this festival where many eminent personalities in the field of technology address the students. The main motive of this festival is to increase the technical awareness among the youths of the country. Popular bands from around the country have also visited and performed on the stage of this institution during this festival.


This festival is considered to be one of the biggest youth festivals of the region. Melange is the annual cultural festival of the institution. One of the biggest attractions of this festival is that it lets the students interact with celebrities and other well-known personalities.

NIT Patna Cultural festival

These, in turn, helps the students in enhancing their skills and gain various experiences. Just like any other cultural festival this festival also hosts various events related to Music, Drama, Arts, Debates, etc. Competitions related to these are also organised and attracting prizes are given way to the victors of these tournaments.


The Institute has provided all sorts of sports facilities for the students of the Institution. They also host sports events like Parakram where students participate and compete against each other. The events contain many tournaments related to various Indoor and Outdoor sports.

NIT Patna Sports

Some of those are Cricket, Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess, etc. The sports fest of the NIT Patna is managed by the students. The students of this Institute also participate various sports fests all over the country including the Inter-NIT Sports Meet.

Additional Information:

Some other information about the college are:

  • Ragging is banned and is a non-bail able offence where the culprit can be fined for Rs.10,000 and an imprisonment of 2 years.
  • The Institute has different societies like Cultural Society, Common Room Society, etc.
  • Squash courts, Medical centres, and a 4 star rated guest house is also present inside the campus of the institution.

National Institute of Technology, Patna is the 3rd oldest engineering college in the country. This institution functions directly under the Ministry of Human Resource and Development. Apart from being the oldest college, it is also one of the best in the nation which has provided a lot of bright minds for the betterment of the country. I hope this post about How To Reach NIT Patna, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities has been of help to you.

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