How to Reach NIT Meghalaya, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities
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NIT Meghalaya: Real Images, To Reach, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities

NIT Meghalaya entrance

NIT Meghalaya has been ranked as the 15th best NIT among the NITs in India. This Institute was started in 2010 at SVNIT Surat, later it was moved to its current location. Its foundation stones were laid by the Union Minister of IT and Human Resources Development Kapil Sibal in 2014.

NIT Meghalaya entrance

The Institute is located in the city of Shillong, Meghalaya, India. This institution has been set up by the Government of India under the NIT act that was initiated in 2010. NIT Meghalaya Campus is quite big too.

How to Reach NIT Meghalaya:

For reaching NIT Meghalaya, you need reach Guwahati first. You can easily avail a taxi from the Guwahati Railway Station. The Institute is located about 104 km way from the Guwahati Railway Station and it takes around 3 and half hours to reach there. The Taxi fare is quite under the budget for every person. You can also avail a bus from the Guwahati Railway Station to reach the institute.

NIT Meghalaya building

Facilities of College:

National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya is provided with all the latest and best facilities. Check out some of the minor details about the major facilities of the institution.

Placement Facilities:

NIT Meghalaya Placements are taken care off by the Training and Placement Cell. This cell makes sure that the students are groomed properly and that they get placed in a company. They also look after the internship of the students and also conduct several grooming sessions from industry experts.

NIT Meghalaya Convocation

Final placements of the students are also looked after by this Training and Placement Cell. The institute has developed a lot over the years and adapted to the requirements of the companies. Although the institute is new but still it has put up an infrastructure necessary to provide proper Training and Placements for its students.

Central Library:

Central Library of the institution provides access to all sorts of books to the students. The Library has over 10,000 textbooks and reference books that help the students in acquiring the knowledge they require. It houses a lot of digital books that can be accessed through electronic resources. This Library also provides access to the online library of ACml, IEEE, and ASME.

NIT Meghalaya Academics

The Central Library of the Institution contains books related to Engineering, Technology, Sciences, Management etc. and lots of books on different topics. It also has an online database that contains about 1400+ journals. All of these journals need to be accessed by the students from the library itself.

Hostel and Mess Facilities:

The institute has 7 hostels in total and out of these 5 hostels are allotted for boys and 2 for the girls. The total capacity of these hostels is 464 and 140 respectively. The hostels have been provided with WiFi, Geysers, Water Purifiers, Newspapers, Indoor Games and Gym. They are also provided with sports equipment.

NIT Meghalaya hostel

All the hostels are provided with their own messes and they are controlled by the authorities of the institution. A small group of students along with some faculty members decide the menu of the messes. The messes are fitted with the best and latest equipment’s that are necessary for cooking. They are cleaned every day by the personals responsible of cooking and cleaning purposes.

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NIT Meghalaya started giving courses from the year 2010 and up till now, only 3 batches have Graduated from the institution. The overall results of these three batches were quite good as nearly all of the students have cleared the examinations.

NIT Meghalaya administrative block

Those students who are unable to pass out for are allowed to appear for re-examination after 1 month. So it is safe to that this institution has a 100% pass rate.


As the institute is quite new it doesn’t have many events or festivals. But still, the institute has two main festivals: Sishir and Congnitia.


It is the Annual Cultural festival of the institution. It is a 2-day festival that is held on 5th and 6th of January. During this festival, the institution hosts many events that are generally related to Music, Drama, Fashion, Art etc. They also host many competitions where lots of amazing prizes are given away to the winners.

NIT Festival

The competitions generally consist of band wars, dance competitions, drama competitions etc. Thousands of students from around the country participate in the events of this institution. Many eminent personalities and bands who were invited have performed on the stage of National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya during this festival.


Another big festival of the institution. This is a 2-day festival and it is considered as the Annual Technical Festival of the institution. This festival is mainly focused on increasing the technical awareness among the students. Lots of events such as Software Designing, Programming, Robotics etc. are organised during this festival.

NIT megahlaya Festival

The institution also arranges for competitions that are related to technology and the winners are given lots of exciting prizes. Workshops and Guest Lectures are also organises during this festival. Many technical personalities have provided lectures here in this institution.


National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya is quite active in sports too. All sports related events and activities are taken care off by the Student council which is mainly comprised of the students. The Institute even hosts Cricket and Football Tournaments in which students from all over the state take part.

NIT Meghalaya Sports

They even host Inter-college and Inter-department tournaments in which all the students of the institution take part. The students of this institution also take part in the Inter-NIT sports meet that is conducted every year.

Additional Information:

Some other information about the institution are:

  • Ragging is banned and is a non-bail able offense where the culprit can be fined for Rs.10,000 and an imprisonment of 2 years.
  • The Institute also has Google Students Club, Drama Club, Photography Club etc.
  • Other than Cricket and Football the institute also has a Basketball club, badminton Club, Table Tennis Club and other such types of clubs.
  • This is the third NIT in Northeastern India after NIT Agartala and NIT Silchar.

Meghalaya is said to be one of the best places in India and without a doubt NIT Meghalaya will be none the less. Though the institute may be new but it has produced some good engineers since its initiation. I hope this post about How to Reach NIT Meghalaya, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities has been helpful to you.

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