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How To Reach NIT Kurukshetra, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities

NIT Kurukshetra Campus

NIT Kurukshetra has been ranked 9th best NIT in the country. It is a Public Engineering and Technology University which was started in the year 1963. Before becoming a NIT it was known as Regional College of Technology. National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra started out by providing undergraduate courses in civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineering.

NIT Kurukshetra academic

In 2002, its name was changed from Regional Engineering College to National Institute of Technology and got the status of “Deemed university.” On 28th December 2008, it was accredited with as an “Institute of National Importance”.

How to Reach NIT Kurukshetra:

The best way to reach the institution is by Train. It is located about 168 km away from New Delhi, on the Pehowa road. The nearest Railway Junction is the Kurukshetra Railway Junction which is just 5 Km away from the institution. It takes around a quarter-hour to reach the institution from the Railway Junction.

NIT gateway

Facilities of College:

NIT Kurukshetra provides lots of facilities for its students. Some of the major facilities of the institution are.

Placement Facilities:

NIT Kurukshetra Placements is overseen by the Department of Placement and Training which is under the control of the Students. Placement is facilitated by some selective student; they contact the companies and invite them to conduct placement and interviews on the campus. They even manage everything regarding the placement like the lodging and boarding of the company personnel, greeting the companies on the campus and some other works related to the placements.

NIT Kurukshetra placement

Nearly 80% students get placed on the campus and the rest of the gets placed off campus. Students are to follow some strict rules during the placement procedures, if not followed a severe disciplinary action is taken. They are to check with Training and Placement board or on Google groups for updates about the placements. Some of the major job offering companies that have visited the campus are Indian Navy, India Army, Bajaj Auto, Sony, TATA Motors, Amazon, etc.

Computer Facilities:

The Central Computer Centre was established in the year 1997. It was established for the purpose of connecting the building, departments and hostel areas through LAN network. The facility maintains a campus-wide network of 4000 nodes. It also maintains the mail server and hosts institutes servers of the college.

NIT Kurukshetra placement

The network has two leased lines of 1Gbps speed and a 155 Mbps speed which fuels the need for 84 Wi-Fi access points which has around 2500 concurrent users. The facility houses around a total of 159 systems, 16 servers, 3 laser printers, a colour laser printer, 3 photocopiers and an LCD projector. An Internet connection is provided by this facility around the clock to the whole institution.

Hostel and Mess Facilities:

The total number hostels in NIT Kurukshetra is 12. Out of which 9 are allotted for boys and 3 are for girls. Different hostels are been provided for the 1st year students. Three hostels are equipped with triple beds and the rest are single bedded. Postgraduate are also equipped with single beds. The hostels have different facilities like Cable TV, Daily Newspaper, Indoor games facility, WiFi and LAN.

NIT Kurukshetra Hostel

Each hostel is provided with its own mess. All the workers in the mess coordinate with the warden for the smooth running of the mess. Some of the students are also given roles for the same purpose. Both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food is available in these messes. These messes are very clean and fitted with clean utensils for the students. Besides these basic facilities they have a number of other facilities, some of which are:

  • Hospital.
  • Post Office.
  • Shopping Complex.
  • Innovation Centre.
  • Canteen.


The students of NIT Kurukshetra has produced and are still producing some amazing results. Students who are not able to clear the examination can sit for re-examination after a month. Apart from that, the NIT Kurukshetra cut off and ranking is quite good too.


The Institution organises lots of events throughout the year. Some of the major events of the institution are.


Techspardha means Technical Competition; it is the annual technical festival of the college. This cultural festival is attended by lots of students from all over the country. The Fest includes Robowars, quiz events, paper presentation and Fun events.

NIT Kurukshetra techspardha

Students from all over the country visit the institution for participating in this event. Lots of attractive are also given away. Many prominent personalities are invited to this event. This event encourages students to come out of their textbooks and apply their knowledge in real life.


One of the most anticipated and famous annual cultural event of the institution and North India. It is a 3-day event visited by many colleges and students from across the country, who participate in various events that take place in the festival.

NIT Kurukshetra confluence

It has been visited by many famous personalities and TV persons. This festival organises events like Dance competitions, Rock shows, ramp walks and more such interesting events are organised. Lots of attractive awards are given to the winners too.


All the sports and games are directed by a sports committee comprising of students, faculty members and sports personals. This committee is responsible for deciding the sports activities throughout the year. A best “Sportsmen Of The Year” is given away to the student with the best performance, the prize contains some cash and a trophy.

NITK Sports

Fields and courts are laid out for different kinds of sports like cricket, football, hockey, badminton, tennis, basketball, volleyball etc. the students are helped by the coaches of different sports to get better at them. The institution also has a gymnasium which is fitted with the latest equipment for different kinds of sports. Various events are organised by this committee throughout the year.

Additional Information:

Some of the other information’s are:

  • Ragging is banned and is a non-bail able offence where the culprit can be fined for Rs.10,000 and an imprisonment of 2 years.
  • The institute also provides Post-Graduate and PhD Courses too.

Over the years National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra has produced some notable figures. Shailesh Rao, the Vice President International Operation of Twitter was a student of this institution. Apart from that, this institution has also been ranked 48 by the NIRF Indian Engineering University in 2016.

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