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How to Reach NIT Jalandhar, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities

NIT Jalandhar Entrance

NIT Jalandhar is also known as NITJ. This Institute was known as originally known as Punjab Regional Engineering College, Jalandhar and was established in 1987. This institution was founded as a joint venture between the State Government of Punjab and The Indian Government.

NIT Jalandhar Entrance

Its name was changed to National Institute of Technology on 17 October 2002 and on the same day, it was upgraded to Deemed University. In 2007 it was elevated to the status of “Institute of National Importance”.

How to Reach NIT Jalandhar:

To reach NIT Jalandhar first of all, you need to reach Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport, Amritsar. The institution is located 85 km away from the Airport. It takes around two and half hours to reach the institution by Taxi. Taxi’s for hire are available at the Airport or you can also avail public busses that will take you there.

NIT Jalandhar Campus

Facilities of College:

National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar has been provided with the best facilities that are necessary for the students. Some of these facilities are.

Placement Facilities:

NIT Jalandhar Placements are controlled by the faculties. All students need to go through the industrial practical training after their 6th semester of B.Tech program. The placement cell prepares the students for interviews. Students are informed by the Placement Cell about when the interviews are to be conducted and the students act accordingly.

NIT Jalandhar Academics

Many Indian and foreign multinational companies come to this institution for conducting interviews. The companies offer attractive packages to the students. It has been seen that the companies have invited some students to their corporate offices for conducting interviews.

Computer Facilities:

Computer facilities are provided by the computer centre. This centre provides, manages and ensures that the computer and software facilities for the students and departments are running smoothly. Computer Center is said to be the backbone of the whole institution. The centre also provides a network to the remote locations which are referred to be the Boys and Girls Hostels.

NIT Jalandhar Academic Building

These Hotels are provided with Wifi facilities that are maintained by the centre. Two 300 Mbps lines cater for the need of the institution. Both of these lines are leased from BSNL and Connect. This Center also manages the centralised biometric attendance system and CCTV surveillance.

Hostel and Mess Facilities:

There are 10 hostels in the institution and out of this 7 hostels are for Boys which also includes a mega Boys Hostel. Three hostels are provided for the girls and that includes a Mega Hostel for Girls too. A new mega hostel for Boys is under construction and it is said to have a capacity of housing a total of 1600 students.

NIT hostel

The hostels are provided with many facilities like the common room, indoor games. geysers, water purifiers, gym etc. There are badminton courts and a special reading room which provide a good environment in the hostels.

NIT Jalandhar Mess

Each Hostel has been provided with their own messes and students are allowed to eat in any of these messes. Both Veg and Non-Veg foods are available in these messes. The messes are fitted with the best cooking equipment’s and they are cleaned on a regular basis.


The results of this institution are quite on par with the results of the other colleges/Universities. Nearly all the students graduate from this institution and secure good jobs.

Some of the students who are not placed during the placement interviews secure jobs out of the campus. The institute also has a backlog for the students of the institute. They can appear for re-examination after a month. Cut off for NIT Jalandhar are high too.


Though there are several events but this institution is mainly known for only two events. TechNITi and Utkansh. Check out some details about these festivals.


It is the annual technical management fest of the institution. It is generally conducted during the odd semesters in the middle of September. TechNITi is a 3-day fest that involves events from different departments. The festival mainly comprises of events such as Robotics, Workshops and Guest Lectures from different personalities.

NIT festival

Competitions such as Robo Wars, Programming, Software Designing, Ethical hacking and many such similar events take place in this festival. Students from all over the country participate in these competitions as the winners are awarded exciting prizes.


Utkansh is the Cultural festival of the institution. This is a 4-day fest that is conducted during the end of March. It is mainly aimed at drawing out the creative sides of the techies on the campus. Each day of this fest is based on different themes. Various competitions also take during this fest such as Band Wars, Dance competitions etc. winners are awarded many exciting prizes.

NIT Jalandhar Festival

Apart from the competitions Rock Shows, Dance shows, Drama, Fashion Shows take place in this festival. Thousands of students visit this festival for attending these shows and competitions. Many prominent bands such as Demonic Resurrection have been invited to this college for performing during this fest.


The students of this institution have been provided with a sports centre that has been providing with all the sports facilities that may be required by the students. The Sports centre of the institution is controlled by the students.

NIT Sports

They arrange for different sports events such as Cricket tournaments, Football tournaments Badminton Cups and competition related to Table Tennis. The students of this institution also participate in the Inter-NIT meet which is held every year.

Additional Information:

Some other information about the institution are:

  • Ragging is banned and is a non-bail able offence where the culprit can be fined for Rs.10,000 and an imprisonment of 2 years.
  • The college consists of Bus transport, Guest House, Post Office, Gymnasium hall, Banks, Hotels, etc. and such kind of different facilities.
  • This Institution has many Students Organisations like Photography society, Fine Arts Society, Movie Club etc.

After NIT Delhi, This institution is considered to be the best in North India. Apart from that, NIT Jalandhar has also been ranked at number 42 by Edu-rand Rankings in best engineering colleges ranking 2015. I hope this post about How to Reach NIT Jalandhar, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities has been informative enough for you.

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