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How to Reach NIT Durgapur, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities

Durgapur Entrance

NIT Durgapur has been ranked as the 13th best NIT all over India. It is also known as NITD. It is a public engineering college that was established in the year 1960 by the then Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. Formerly it was known as Regional Engineering College, Durgapur. It was among the first 8 engineering colleges that were established in India.

Durgapur Entrance

In July 2003 this institution was granted the status of Deemed Unversity and was renamed to National Institute of Technology. On 15th August 2007, National Institute of Technology, Durgapur became an "Institute of National Importance."

How to Reach NIT Durgapur:

First of all, you need to reach Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata. "Birati Railway Station" is the closest station to the Airport. Avail a train from there to reach "Durgapur Railway Junction." National Institute of Technology, Durgapur is about 30 minutes away from the Durgapur Railway Junction. You can just avail a bus or you could even hire a Taxi to take you there.

Facilities of College:

The college has all the facilities that are required for Technical Education. Some of the major facilities of the institution are provided below.

Placement Facilities:

NIT Durgapur placement facilities are quite famous. This institution provides one of the best placements that are required any Technical Student. The training and placement department of the institute arranges for companies to conduct on-campus interviews.

NIT Durgapur Academic

Many top companies visit the campus of NIT Durgapur for conducting placements and offer the students good jobs. Since 2012 foreigners are not allowed to sit for any placement related activity in this institution.

Computer Facilities:

The Computer Centre of this institute is said to be its core and it provides ample support to the students. This facility has all the necessary infrastructure that is needed by the students. These infrastructures include Computer Hardware, Software, Air conditioned labs and may more such types of facilities.

NIT Building

The department has numerous PCs and Workstations running for specialised engineering and scientific packages. All of these infrastructures are maintained by Trained Technical Team personals.

Hostel and Mess Facilities:

The hostels in NIT Durgapur the hostels are known as Halls of Residence and there is a total of 11 halls of residences. These are divided among the students evenly. The Halls of Residences are provided with fast internet facilities, water purifier and water cooler. Besides that, there are many other facilities provided by this institution which is required by the students like newspapers, Gym, Common Rooms etc.

Durgapur Hostel

The Mess facilities of this institution are quite good too. All the Halls of Residences are provided with mess facilities, which are fitted with very clean utensils and proper equipment. The messes are quite clean and are controlled by the warden in charge of the hostel.


National Institute of Technology, Durgapur produces some of the best results in the country. Apart from that, NIT Durgapur Ranking is one of the best in the country. The backlog students can appear for re-examination after a month.

NIT Durgapur Placements


The Institute has two major events namely Recstacy and Aarohan. Check out some of the details about these events below.


This festival is the annual and social event of the institution and is also known as RECS. It is a 3-day running fest of the college that takes place at the end of February. This festival has many events where many students from across the country come and visit.

NUT Recstacy

It has been estimated that around 8000 students from all over the country visit this festival. One of the best things about this festival is that there are many events where the students can participate and show their skills. Events such as fashion shows, music events have made this into one of the best festivals across the country.


It is the Annual Technical festival of the institution. This is a national level festival that is organised during the even semester. It is a 3-day event which solely focuses on the technical welfare of the students.

NIT Festival

Events like Robotics, Software Designing and Ethical Hacking take place during these three days. Lectures, Seminars, Workshops and competitions related to relevant topics are conducted during this festival.

Besides these festivals, there are other fests such as Verve, Motor Zundung, Ank, Mukti, Virasat and the Quizzitch Cup.


National Institute of Technology, Durgapur is quite famous for its sports activities. The major sports events of this institution are The Inter NIT Sports Tournament and Intra Hall Tournament.

Inter NIT Sports Tournament:

This institution is quite famous for hosting Inter NIT competitions. These competitions get students from all the NITs in the country and it consists of many sports events. Some of the sports events of this Tournament are Relay Race, Cricket Tournaments, Football Tournaments, etc. This fest also organises many indoor game events.

Intra Hall Tournaments:

This event is aimed at the intense rivalry between the various halls of residences. The main prize of this tournament is the Crown of the Champions and all the students fight over this prize. Events related to Cricket, Football, Table Tennis and Badminton are organised. Nearly all students of this institution participate in this event.

NIT Sports

Additional Information:

Some other information's about the institution are:

  • Ragging is banned and is a non-bail able offence where the culprit can be fined for Rs.10,000 and an imprisonment of 2 years.
  • The Central Library of the Institution has several thousand E-books.

National Institute of Technology, Durgapur has been ranked at number 30 in the 2016 engineering university rankings by NIRF. Apart from that, the institution has received lots of recognition from the Government of India. This is one of the best colleges to study in and to graduate from. I hope this post about How to Reach NIT Durgapur, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities have been helpful to you.

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