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How To Reach NIT Allahabad, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities

NIT Allahabad Entrance

NIT Allahabad is also known as Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology. It was named after the father of our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. NIT Allahabad has been ranked 4th among the NIT all over India. It is a Public Engineering and Technology University which was started in the year 1961. Before becoming a NIT, it was known as Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College.

NIT Allahabad Entrance

On 15th August 2007, it was given the status of “Institute of National Importance.” It has been recognized by AICTE as a “Center of Quality Improvement Program.” Presently P. Chakrabarti is the director of this College.

How to Reach NIT Allahabad:

You need to reach the airport at Allahabad, known as Bamrauli Airport. From there you can avail Taxi service to the institution directly. You can also reach Hanuman Mandir by taking a bus from outside of the Airport. From there you can avail a sharing Auto Rickshaw, or you can just reserve the whole Auto.

Facilities of NIT Allahabad:

MNNIT provides lots of Facilities for its students. Some of these facilities have been mentioned below.

Placement Facilities:

MNNIT Allahabad Placements is controlled by the Training and Placement Cell. This cell is managed by the students; they conduct all the interactions on behalf of the college with the visiting companies. They work around the clock to make sure that the students get the top notch opportunities. Almost 80% of the students gets placed and the others get ample internship opportunities.

NIT Allahabad Academic

The alumni of the institution are very helpful; they help the students in many different ways. This institution has a long, proud history of churning out renowned engineers, scientists, professors, and entrepreneurs. They receive a huge number of companies during the placement sessions. Nearly all the big industrial giants visit this campus.

Computer Facilities:

The Central Computer Centre has designed and made a wonderful infrastructure for the college. They live to provide quality IT service. The backbone of network and internet connection is maintained by them 24x7.

NIT Allahabad Computer Center

For 8 hours on weekends and general holidays and 12 hours a week the Central Computer Center is available for curricular and co-curricular activities. The first floor and the ground floor of the building are occupied by them. It was established as a service providing facility for the computer teaching department in 1995.

Hostel and Mess Facilities:

There is a total of 10 hostel complexes, out of which 7 Boys hostel and 2 Girls hostels and one new hostel to accommodate extra students are present in the institute. The capacity of Boys Hostel is 1800, and that of girls is 145. Rooms allotted to the students are in a way in which they can know other students from different parts of the country. The new students are kept in a separate hostel away from the seniors to avoid ragging. There is a Warden for each Hostel, who ensures that everything is running smoothly. Lots of new facilities are being provided for both Boys and Girl.

NIT Allahabad hostel

Messes are run by selective students under the supervision of the wardens. Both Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available in the mess. The messes are very clean with clean utensils. The mess workers are controlled by the students. An international mess is available for the foreign students.

NIT Allahabad Hostel 2

The peon and hostel attendants take care of the problems that may arise and cause difficulties for the students. Sweepers clean the hostels every day. Every day from 10 am to 6 pm Electricians, and Carpenters are available. Besides these basic facilities they have some other facilities too, some of which are:

  • Hospital
  • Post Office
  • Shopping Complex
  • Central Library
  • Innovation Centre
  • NIT Canteen
  • Bank & ATM
  • Multi Gym and Mini Gym
NIT Allahabad Central Library


The Overall result of the college is always good, this is due to the MNNIT academics. Almost all students in the institution clear the examinations with good results. But some unlucky students are not able to pass out. However for these students, the college has a backlog program. This program enables the students to appear for the exams again after one month.


Events take place throughout the year. Some of the events of MNNIT Allahabad are.


It is the annual technical festival of NIT Allahabad. Here students from all branches come to participate and show their technical skills and intellect. Various events like Software designing, online programming, robotics, paper presentation are conducted, where various participants show off their skills.

NIT Allahabad Avishkar

Many renowned companies like L&T, TCS, DELL sponsor this event to show their support. Consequently, it also gets a lot of witnesses from various colleges from all over the country.


The annual cultural festival of the NIT Allahabad. Well like other cultural fests this also includes dramas, Music shows, Dance competitions and much more such events. Many prominent musicians and celebrities are invited to perform in this festival.

NIT Allahabad Culrav

Popular bands and dance groups also perform in this festival. Furthermore, this festival is a getaway place for the students of the institution from the rut of their daily life.


This is a National level Quiz festival organised by the college. Participants from all over the country come to this festival to win attractive prizes, certificates, and medals.


Renaissance is an entrepreneurship summit that is organized by the institution for the rising entrepreneurs of the country. Many renowned people attend this festival.

NIT Allahabad renaissance


Swagat means "Welcome". This is an event for the newcomers of the institution. In this, the seniors welcome the newcomer students. Here the students participate in different events.


Well like other colleges they too have sports grounds and different sports activities. The college organizes an Annual inter college sports event called “Josh and Dr. J. Lal Memorial Tournament."

NIT Allahabad Sports

Many colleges from all over the country visit the institution for participating in this event. An Athletics meet is also organized by the institution. Students from this college also participate in events like Inter NIT sports meet.

Additional Information:

Some of the other information's are:

  • Ragging is banned and is a non-bail able offense where the culprit can be fined for Rs.10,000 and an imprisonment of 2 years.

​According to survey made by the Edu-Rand, MNNIT has been ranked 3rd best among all the engineering colleges in the country. This institution is none of the few institutions that houses a two supercomputers. I hope this post about How To Reach NIT Allahabad, Rankings, Procedure & Facilities has been informative for you.

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