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New Nissan X-Trail Specification, Price and Release Date in India

Exterior of Nissan X-Trail

Here is another big car from Nissan that is soon going to be launched in Indian by the beginning of April 2017. The first Nissan X-Trail could not make much in the Indian automobile market, as the car is not having any extra features to attract the audience. But now the company has developed the new Nissan X-Trail in such a way that you will be a fan of this new X-trail car.

Nissan X-Trail

The company has said that this car is going to be the best Hybrid SUV car ever in India with lots of exciting features and specification in it. The car is also showcased in the Auto Show recently, and we have found out that many people have already liked it. So this car is going to give all the cover up that the old X-Trail could not give to the company.

So let’s check out the specification, features, release date and expected price of the new Nissan X-Trail the fully Hybrid SUV car in India.

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All About The Nissan X-Trail:

So here below I have given everything that you need to know about the best Hybrid SUV car to be released in India.

Interior of the Nissan X-Trail:

Talking about the interior of the new Nissan X-Trail, entering the car you will be introduced with the new technology dash which looks less techy but has all those features that a premium car should have. The car has got new infotainment system, and the most exciting feature is the bird view camera which means, in the monitor now you can see all around your SUV which makes parking easier in a busy place.

Now coming to the steering/control of the car, the car steering is having tilt and telescopic features so that you can adjust the steering according to your height. Also, you are getting all the music control on the steering itself. Not only the steering wheel the car has got a new driver assist display which will show you all details of the car and your trip. So now the things are getting simple as you know everything about your vehicle, so no more checking manually.

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As this is going to the best Hybrid SUV car in India till date, so can hope for the best comfort level. According to the company, the seats of the car can be heated or cooled according to the temperature and is very well cushioned. The AC vents are even available for the back seat passenger in the middle. So the car is having all the high-class comfort level.

Exterior Specification:

The New Nissan X-Traildaytimelooks awesome from the exterior as it has got a new design bumper with new fog light with Nissan Batch in the grill. The car is expected to have LED headlamp and daytime running light, and the side mirror with signal LED lights is expected to have automatic close on locking the car.

In the door, you will see Chrome lining which gives a perfect finish point to the new X-Trail, it has also got Chrome handle bar with finger sensors. Moving to the tail of the car, it has got LED tail lights and emergency stop light in the spoiler of the car. Yes, you are also getting the rear mirror wipers at the high variant of the car.

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The Nissan X-Trail is having a new front and rear bumper panel with a new design made with new technology, not only the bumper but it has also got a new cool looking side skirt. So this is all about the exterior specification of the new Nissan X-Trail, now let’s check out the mechanical specification of the car.

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Mechanical Specification of Nissan X-Trail:

Coming to the mechanical part of the Nissan X-Trail, this car is expected to come with 2 liters 4 cylinder petrol engine which can produce a maximum power of 147 Ps and maximum torque of 207 Nm. The car is expected to come with front wheel drive and dual clutch mechanism for better control in the acceleration in heavy traffic.

The car uses double hydraulic suspension in the front wheel, and on the rear wheel, you are likely to get both leaf spring and hydraulic shock absorber for better comfort. Talking about the fuel efficient this car is likely to give you 20 km/ltr. so this is not only a high power car but it is also a fuel efficiency car.

Mechanism of X-Trail

Coming to the gear system, the car is supposed to have both 6-speed automatic gear system and 6-speed manual gear system. The length, width, and height of the car are supposed to be 4640mm, 1820mm and 1715mm, if you are searching for the top speed of the car, then I must tell you that the top speed of the car is not yet tested or revealed by the company. But till then with all these awesome specifications this Nissan X-Trail is going to be the best Hybrid SUV car in India.

Now, this was all about the internal specification of the car, so let’s check out the new and exciting features of this car.

Features of the Nissan X-Trail:

X-Trail features

  1.  The New Nissan X-Trail will be having Smart keyless entry features including with the engine start/stop button.
  2. The rear boot has an auto open features which mean you can easily open the rear boot without using your effort just by waving your hand in the sensors. This features sounds smart and actually looks cool.
  3.  The car is also having all types of safety features like ABS, EBD, airbags for better safety.
  4. New Nissan X-Trail is supposed to have some other extra features like the Active engine braking, ride control, brake limited slip, Hill start assist, Trace control, dynamic control and much more.
  5. The vehicle is also having a new technology which helps in creating silent atmosphere behind the wheel. I am very much sure that you will be getting the best silent experience behind the wheel.

So this is all the features for which Nissan X-trail is going to be one of the best Hybrid SUV cars running in Indian road. I have given you all the expected details of the new Hybrid X-Trail car, now let’s check out the price and expected a release date of the new Nissan car.

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Expected Price and Release date in India:

The Nissan X-trail Hybrid is expected to get launched for the Indian road by the beginning of April 2017 with all these expected exciting features hopefully. This new 3rd generation Nissan X-Trail car is supposed to come in India with the market price starting from 25 Lakh to 30 Lakh. The car is on the budget because if you are planning a good hybrid SUV car, you will need to pay atleast 45 Lakh for it. But you are getting Nissan X-Trail with only 35 Lakh at maximum, so it is affordable enough 😀

So guys, only few weeks more the new generation Nissan X-Trail is soon going to launch in India for the Indian road with all the exciting features that I have discussed above. Anyway, this is going to be one of the best Hybrid SUV car in India, so what are you waiting for grab the new gen car and book the car. Subscribe for more information about the vehicles 🙂

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