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New Blogs Make Money with MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

MyThemeShop affiliate program is the best solution for all the new blogs which are failing to make affiliate sales. This is because joining affiliates on different product and displaying ads most of the times give no profit. Before promoting any product on the market you should check few important things.

Mythemeshop has become one of the main earning source for many bloggers. Even I had been making good no. of sales every week because the conversion rate is very high with their high quality theme.



MyThemeShop WordPress theme is used by more than 1 lakh users. After using MyThemeShop affiliate program I did not make much use of it. But when I decided to promote it started promoting it, results were good enough. To promote it in simple way without much afford I gave 50% off discount coupon code from mythemeshop affiliate account. This single post helped me to get some sales with 20% commission as I gave 50% Discount.

MyThemesHop Affiliate Programs commissions:

MyThemeShop Affiliate program offers 70% commission per sale. If you offer any discount coupon to your readers or users, your commission would be deducted accordingly. If you offer 30% Discount coupon out of your 70% commission you will get 40% per sale. If you don’t give any discount for your users, you get flat 70% commission per sale.

I recommend my users to join MyThemeShop affiliate because you can convert affiliate sales. You would convert some sales only if you choose the right product to get more sales. I not only made sales from my affiliates but I found even other sites making easy sales with MyThemeShop.

Finally, I decided to have a deep look at this by experimenting. I referred one of my users to use affiliate program and promote it, finally within a week 1 sale was completed. After this experiment I truly believe any site can make sale with mythemeshop affiliate program if promoted properly.

How to sign up & Promote affiliate  to make sale?

Sign up here Providing your proper address, details and payment information.

Now, you can get affiliate banners and place it in your blog, however I believe links converts better than banners. You can promote your link via review or providing coupon code for your users. This looks more targeted and helps in converting clicks into sales.

You must add few positive points about your affiliate product giving your users positive reasons to use it. To let your customer purchase the theme you must let them feel that the products deserves that buck of $$. More you can satisfy your customer with positive points, more chances to convert sales.

To make affiliate sales we also need good relation with users. Having a good number of loyal users helps to increase conversion rate.


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