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Neville quitting WWE?


Since the last episode of  RAW, a lot of talks has been going on regarding the 205 segment, now if you think it’s about Kalisto winning the Cruiserweight championship then you are wrong.

Although, a lot of people believe that making Kalisto the winner of the match was a last minute call, on the other hand. there are others who believe that this win was planned long before as WWE wanted to pay tribute to the late superstar Eddie Guerrero.

The rumor that has been going on is regarding the future of Neville. It was reported that multiple superstars working on both the brands aren’t happy with their ongoing roles.

Even Triple H has raised concerns regarding the bookings of superstars like Finn Balor, The Hardyz, etc., sadly, there hasn’t been much work done.

WWE may be on the verge of suffering another big blow as it been reported that Neville may be walking out of WWE. Rumours also suggest that he was not happy with his current role, Neville not only didn’t showed up for this week’s RAW but also missed the live events.

Another rumor suggests that he walked out when he was told he was going to lose an upcoming match. This lead to the last minute changes in the 205’s segment main event.

Neville himself in the past has confessed that he looking forward to going to the independent circuit to rebuild his career.

According to sources, Neville hasn’t really quit WWE, it just that he is really upset and the WWE management team is trying to come to an agreement with him.

This isn’t the first time such kind of incidents has happened in WWE. If you remember, WWE released Austin Aries just after Wrestlemania 33, it was reported that Austin Aries was quite unhappy with the fact that their match wasn’t removed from the pre-show segment.


Moving on, if WWE fails to bring back Neville then this will be a disaster for the 205 Live, as the 1-hour segment don’t have a star-studded roaster which could draw a good audience, with that being the live audience and the viewership of the show is expected to fall.

Not only Neville was the biggest heel of the show but he is also one of the best high flying superstars and with him being gone,  this would be a major blow to the show.

Neville isn’t the first guy who has walked of WWE and then joined the independent circuit, in the past, superstars like Cody Rhodes, Drew Mcintyre, etc. have left the company and joined the independent circuit to rejuvenate their career.


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