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15 Lovely Nail Art Images And Its Step By Step Tutorials

nail art images

Lovely nails with beautiful designs are every girl’s fashion statement. In fact, the nail art images that you are dreaming for are here itself. Previously, I have written about Wedding hairstyles for long hair, Wedding hairstyles for short hair and much more.

nail art images

Now…. it’s the time to decorate your nails both short and long. Furthermore, why just your fingernails? Don’t you like to decorate your toenails with beautiful easy nail art designs? Well, I’ve got lists of 15 nail art images gallery for finger nails and toe nails that will bring magical designs to life art.

Hence, before I speak about all the nail art images in details, first, let us go through the lists.

  1. Light Pink Mixed and Matched.
  2. Flower Nail Art.
  3. Simple Beach Design.
  4. Golden and White Polka Dot With Stripes.
  5. Polka Dot for Summer.
  6. Glittery Valentine’s Day Nail Art.
  7. Natural Green With Leaves and Flowers.
  8. Beauty and the Beast Theme.
  9. Flowery in Sky Color.
  10. Purple and Pink.
  11. Sparkling Dazzle.
  12. Flowery Red for Valentine’s Day.
  13. Peach and Gold.
  14. Stars and Stripes.
  15. Turquoise with Sliver Sparkle.

Nail Art Images Gallery:

This nail art design gallery will help you to update beautiful nails and improve your skills & performance for creating pretty designs. Also, along with your nails check some Wedding hairstyles for long hair and Wedding hairstyles for short hair. 

Therefore, before you start creating the nail designs that you always wanted, you need to do few things like:

  • Firstly, remove the old nail polish with a good-quality remover and a cotton ball.
  • Secondly, clean your cuticles with manicure kit.
  • Thirdly, trim and shape your nails with a  nail buffer, cutter, nail file, cuticle pusher etc.
  • Finally, manicure it with good quality manicure set like hand soak, hand scrub, and hand massage cream.

This will bring the glow to your nails as well as hands. Once everything is done let’s go to the next list of simple and easy nail art designs. Before that have a quick look at some other different nail designs in a slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let’s start with the short and long nail designs followed by toenail designs.

1. Light Pink Mixed and Matched:

Starting with this pretty different short nail designs of light pink, it just looks attractive for summer. In fact, it’s the summer season now, so always go for a light shade. And mixing different shades of light pink makes your nails look glamorous. Wear an outfit of something white in color to match with this pretty simple but beautiful nail art.

nail art images

As a matter of fact, to follow up with this designs you will require two different shades of pink nail paints and two different shades of glittery nail paint. Just like the image that I have attached, apply same two same nail paints to four fingers. Accordingly, apply double shades of pinkish glittery nail polish in one middle finger. And the other silver nail paint above the light pink nail paint.

2. Flower Nail Art:

This nail art design is very simple and easy. In fact, I have tried this nail art images once and my friends’ circle were giving a positive compliment. They were asking me how did I create the style. Well, I felt very proud of myself that I could do such pretty design on my short nails.

easy nail art designs

Firstly, I have done the manicure stuff and then applied the white base coat twice. When it got dried, I took out red nail polish and a nail dotting tool set from my wardrobe. Yes, nail dotting tool kit is my life saver, this is one of the secrets for my beautiful nails. I have created a beautiful heart design with a red nail paint. you can create more extra touch to your nails with the dotting kit. Hence, they are lovely!!!

3. Simple Beach Design:

Do you love to be near the beach during your holidays? Well, this designs will suit you if you paint it when you go for a holiday near the beach especially in the afternoon. Even so, you wear whatever outfit, this nail art images still going to go awesome. And yes, this will also require a dotting tool.

nail art images

Create a beautiful seashell mixed with starfish designs. I have never tried them but when I go for holidays outing I will definitely try the nail art. Presumably, if you don’t find this design suitable you can go for the next one.

4. Golden and White Polka Dot With Stripes:

This nail art images that I have included with golden and white is also not bad. They look quite good, in fact, it does match with any dress you wear. The are a mixture of white polka dots with a zig zag stripes. In some of your fingers apply the golden paint and some white paint as a base.

nail art simple designs

Now in the golden nails, do some polka dot tricks with white nail polish. Therefore to proceed further, you will require a tape, cut it in a zig zag manner and place it on your nails. Simultaneously, apply the golden or the white paints. Now you are ready to go.

5. Polka Dot for Summer:

Summer season is always hot and warm and during that time if you wear dark color then you will feel the heat in your body. Even your nail paints must be a little light in color just like the nail art images colorful polka dots. However, take five different shades of light color nail paint. If you don’t have then buy it from the nearby departmental store.
nail art images step by step

Start apply the different nail paints in five different nails. Make sure you do apply a double coat and when it gets totally dry start polka dotting with any sharp thing. To last the nail art design, do apply a clear top coat. And suppose if you are feeling too hot then why don’t you drink a Refreshing Coconut Drink For Summer.

Now let’s take a look on the Nail Art Images for Long Nails:

6. Glittery Valentine’s Day Nail Art:

Red is always the favorite of all the girls especially if you have long nails. and on the Valentine’s Day, red will just suit you. Even going for winter parties or occasions red is famous amongst women. Therefore, apply a red nail polish and stripe it with some silver nail paint. This will make your nails look slightly different and stylish. Even for the toenail, you can try this color. Oh yes!! Below I have included a red color toe nail design that would match with this nail art. Have a look.
nail art designs 2017

7. Natural Green With Leaves and Flowers:

When you apply something green in color on your nails, it seems like you wanted to be close to Nature. Henceforth, to proceed further you will require a dotting toolkit. Easily you could make a flowery design if you have one and also some leaves art. It is the time to show the world that your long nails also can look much prettier.

simple nail art imges

8. Beauty and the Beast Theme:

I love the movie the Beauty and the Beast. the Beauty and love for the Beast could change everything. Even this nail art design just look lovely. Decorating with a red rose and tea cups looks simply cute. Adding some glittering gold and blue brings out the real beauty.

long nail designs

9. Flowery in Sky Color:

The sky looks very clear, so why don’t you try this pretty sky color mixed with flower art. In fact, even an unprofessional stylist could try this art. Just a sky color base coat and some extra work with a dotting pen will do awesome. You can also use the toothpick to create this look.

nail art images for long nails

10. Purple and Pink:

The Purple and pink combination nail art images are just cool. In fact, this matte pink color looks just the way I like. Don’t you think this nail art image looks smart and stylish? They are fit to decorate for a formal look. Finally, with the help of a toothpick, you can achieve your goal.

pink and purple long nail designs

Finally, now let’s come to the Elegant Toe Nail Designs

11. Sparkling Dazzle:

I could only say wow!!!

Is there anyone of you who does not like this design? As a matter of fact, they are little difficult to create but never impossible.The only thing you need is a Nail Art Set, without that, it’s not possible to get this colorful pretty nail designs. You know, I just can’t blink my eyes from this toenails. In fact, I have no words to describe how beautiful this toenail looks.

toenail designs

12. Flowery Red for Valentine’s Day:

On the above, I was speaking about this red color toenail art. Definitely, you can match it with the long nail art design mentioned above in point no. 6. See, they are lovely right? They are a piece of art with a white flower.

red flowery toenail designs

13. Peach and Gold:

This design is one of the simplest and easiest as because even my 8 years niece could try it. But they are such a lovely design. Peach and gold just go perfectly with the combination. A little gold and a slight peachy makes toenails makes the toenails lovely.

v shaped nail art images

14. Stars and Stripes:

As the people from the United States of America always likes to show off their flags, ultimately, this design of nail paint would look beautiful. The stars with some beautiful stripes look pretty cute. They look good, especially on your toenails. However, you can also try on your finger nails.

usa flag nail art designs

15. Turquoise with Sliver Sparkle:

This turquoise color nail art image is also loved by many women with a light silver texture. Just look at how gracefully the nail paint goes on your toenails. Grow your nails little long and get this pretty shiny design. Even if I don’t give you a step by step guide, one can eventually follow the picture and just go with the style.

pretty sky and silver nail designs

There you go, I hope the nail art images & the tutorials with beautiful designs had given you some idea how to decorate your nails. With just a few clicks you can get the nail art designs on your nails. If you love the designs just try once and you will love it. Also, eat some Protein Rich Food to look after your entire health along with manicuring.

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