Roadies X5 Episode 20 17th June: "Neha Can't Communicate with Prince Anymore"
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Roadies X5 Episode 20 17th June: “Neha Can’t Communicate with Prince Anymore”

Roadies X5 Episode 20 17th June

Watch MTV Roadies X5 Episode 20 17th June, the new episode is coming with the more intense situation and drama. Prince has again created arguments which all the gang leaders were involved. There is a task for all the warriors to wear huge balloons over their body to fight. Warriors have to step in the ring and battle each other. The one who survived and stand still until all other falls will be the winner.

While, let us also have a glance on the last episode, where Chiranjiv was eliminated. Rakhi at first was the one who was suspected to be eliminated, but with Baseer’s vote, she was saved. Again from the Nikhil’s Gang- Chiranjiv was eliminated whom Nikhil claimed he was the most hard working and sweet person on his gang.

Roadies X5 Episode 20 17th June: Watch Big Balloons game

At first, the game was too funny and all the warriors are enjoying. The main task for them was to push the other to throw out of the ring without any physical contact. But as the game go on, the Warriors start getting violent. With lots of crash and bangs, Aggy from the Ranvijay’s gang is badly hurt.

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Aggy, then taken to the medical escort for treating him before getting even worse. While Ranvijay in the other hand have observed that Prince was being aggressive to the warriors, in the same manner, they too have performed with violence. Ranvijay explained Prince for keeping the rules in mind and telling him not to order something that would turn into a very ugly game. But, Prince Narula claimed that he and his team acted watching the rule undertaken while doing the task. Claiming there was no such rule that a warrior could not use his or her legs during physical contact besides, the main focus of the task was to push the other warrior out of the ring. Ranvijay yelled at Prince, and what happened next, you must watch MTV Roadies X5 Episode 20 17th June evening at 7 PM.

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In the same game, there was a clash between Neha and Nikhil’s warriors. In the clash, the Neha’s warriors were seen to win the battle. And Neha mocking at Nikhil saying, last time Nikhil was playing his own politics in the game so does Neha this time.

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Roadies X5 Episode 20 17th June: Neha Can’t Communicate with Prince Anymore

Well, now comes the Vote out moments. As usual, the Vote out moment is always dramatic. The Host, Gaelyn said to the gang leaders as well as warriors that today the vote out is not applicable for the ruling gangs. So, neither the Warriors are allowed to vote any of the warriors from Prince Narula Gangs.

And the most chaotic moments comes in the situation when Gaelyn asked the warriors that have any of the ruling gang warriors is seen with the change in attitude and proud. Well, Shiv in the moment has told that ruling Warriors do show some attitude for being superiority. He also claimed that Baseer has been over showy for their wins. And he was saying even Samyuktha was claiming Baseer showing attitude but Samyuktha claimed that she did not mention something like that. Shiv forcefully trying to make her convince that she have said it, then Samyuktha in anger yelled why is he bringing other personal matters. Much more drama awaits.

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Finally, between Neha and Prince; all the words spoken was going against Prince gangs so he said that losing have made the other gang leaders very frustrated. Neha said to Prince, that was not the situation and also said that she cannot communicate with Prince Narula for being too aggressive and negative attitude. Well, for knowing who is eliminated watch MTV Roadies X5 Episode 20 17th June 2017.

Watch Full episode on Voot.

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