MTV Roadies Rising: Lists of Selected Contestants on Roadies X5!!
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MTV Roadies Rising X5: List of Selected Contestants Name & Photos.

MTV Roadies Rising is one of the most popular Reality shows in India, which is followed by millions of Indian youths. MTV Roadies Rising X5 is the 15th Season of the Roadies journey, witnessing lots of inspiring stories and success stories coming out from the show.

The Roadies is also considered as one of the best Reality show to gain enough fame, which is extremely helpful if someone wants to make his or her career in TV or Bollywood industry. I have a list of Selected contestants for the Roadies Rising X5, who will be seen on the reality show this year competing each other.

MTV Roadies Rising

MTV Roadies Rising: Inside Roadies

MTV Roadies are one of the most popular Youth-based Reality Show on MTV India. It first started in the year 2003. The show is all about, a group of contestants where they all travel to different places and involve in various tasks; which challenges all their physical and mental state.

In this show, you will find lots of dramas like vote outs, eliminations and lots of twists in the games. The contestant who manages to survive all the vote outs and succeeded in the final task declared as the winner of the Show.

In this show, you will find lots of dramas like vote outs, eliminations and lots of twists in the games. The contestant who manages to survive all the vote outs and succeeded in the final task declared as the winner of the Show.

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MTV Roadies Rising: Gang Leaders!!

mtv roadies rising

The judges which include Rannvijay Singh, who is the winner of Roadies first season.Neha Dhupia, who is a famous Bollywood actress and Super Model; who took the place of Esha Deol on MTV Roadies X2.

Karan Kundra, famous television actor and the winner of Roadies X4 is one of the judges on Roadies X5 and replaced by Nikhil Chinapa, famous VJ and former judge on MTV Roadies.

Prince Narula winner of Roadies X2, SplitsVilla 8, Big Boss 9 and a television actor, who took the place of Sushil Kumar on MTV Roadies X4 and now is also one of the judges on Roadies X5.

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Harbhajan Singh is the unexpected surprise package in the roadies, the Indian cricketer who newly joined Roadies X5 as the Gang Leader. So, he is the fifth judge on Roadies X5. And Probably you maybe get to see his new avatar in the show of Roadies X5.

Let us check out the lists of Selected Contestants on Roadies X5.

MTV Roadies Rising: Lists of Selected Contestants on Roadies X5!!

MTV Roadies Rising has already started with the auditions and selected many contestants from all over India.

As per the reports says, in the previous Season there are 20 participants among them there were 11 Boys and 9 Girls. Probably, in this season there will be 30 players and two wild card entry on MTV Roadies Rising.

I can say, that this season will be exciting as all the Gang leaders have selected some interesting Contestants in their team.So, let us check out the lists of the selected participants and their group leaders. Everyone wants to know about the candidates who got selected on MTV Roadies Rising Aka Roadies X5.

The contestants who got selected on MTV Roadies Rising are Mandeep Singh, Samar, Samyukta, Ankita, Aggy, Shiv, Meenal, and Chiranjeevi.

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MTV Roadies Rising: Complete List of selected Contestants[Warriors]

Rannvijay Singha's Gang And His Warriors Name

1. Samar Sarkar

mtv roadies rising

Samar Sarkar from Guwahati, who is a body fitness coach is the second contestant from Roadies X5. He proved himself in front of all the judges by performing one task. Rannvijay chooses him in his team, and he became a part of his team.

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2. Samyuktha Hegde

mtv roadies rising

Samyukta who is an actress and dancer as well. Rannvijay took her in his team.

3. Aggy Carvalho

mtv roadies rising

Aggy is a stammerer who is his weakness. Harbhajan Singh says that he have the capability to perform any task. In the end, Rannvijay chooses him in his team.

4. Shiv 

mtv roadies rising

Shiv is the sweetest person that they have ever come across. He became the part of Rannvijay's team on Roadies X5.

5. Shubham Sharma

mtv roadies rising

Subham is a very athletic person whom is like by all the gang leaders. His active nature have brought very impressive attitude and are selected as the warrior of team Ranvijay Gang. 

Neha Dhupia's Gang And Her Warriors 

1. Mandeep Singh

mtv roadies rising

Mandeep Singh was asked to perform one task. In the end, he proved himself in front of the judges and became the part of Neha Dhupia's team.

2. Shane

mtv roadies rising

A Delhi boy have made the audition full action that is now selected as the warrior of Neha's Gang.

3. Gurpreet

mtv roadies rising

Gurpreet is a Doctor by profession but her strong determination for being Roadie is too high and are like mostly by Neha Who is finally selected in Neha's Gang to compete in the upcoming battles.  

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4. Raakhi

mtv roadies rising

Rakhi is a very Delhi girl who have a sad story behind her past while her string attitude is appreciated by all the Gang Leaders and are selected as a warrior of Neha's Gang. 

5. Vaishali

mtv roadies rising

Vaishali is a cool person and are seen to be taking challenges in the audition and also perform it well giving her 100%, so she is selected in Neha Gang. 

6. Shweta

mtv roadies rising

Sweta is a strong woman who have also come in last Roadies audition few years back when Raghu was the gang leader. And she got rejected but now she comes with a bang and even have lifted Harbhajan Singh on her shoulder. 

Prince Narula's Gang And His Warriors

1. Meenal
mtv roadies rising

Meenal is a dance trainer, where she proved herself in front of all the judges by dancing with Karan Kundra. She chose to be in Prince's team.

2. Baseer

mtv roadies rising

Baseer, one who have a great potential to become a Roadie while he is good dancer as well as having  physical strength. He also have a sad side, as he was left by his father at young age, and raise by a single mother, Baseer has become a great roadie competitor. 

3. Rachita

mtv roadies rising

Rachita is a very strong girl who gives her best shot in the audition and impressed all the gang leader with her positive behaviour. And Rachita chose to be with Prince as her gang leader. 

4. Varun

mtv roadies rising

Varun from Delhi has become a popular guy and Neha blush when he enters the room, while Neha asked for taking off her shirt and show some physic to the gang leaders. And thus without any much issues,he is selected under prince's gang. 

5. Divya

mtv roadies rising

is a very good dancer and was seen to give a hot dance along with Prince and also with Neha. Her weak point was Chili, but Harbhajan have brought a test to withstand her fear and made her take a bit of Red Chili. Soon Neha have hit the buzzer and she enter to Neha Gang. 

6. Milan

mtv roadies rising

Milan have come in the Ahmedabad audition who have perform well in his martial activity but got rejected for his lesser intellectual quality. But again he comes in the Chandigarh Audition and finally get a chance to stay along with Prince team.

Karan Kundra's Gang And His Warriors 

1. Chiranjeevi
mtv roadies rising

Chiranjeevi who is a priest from Andhra Pradesh loves dancing. He proved himself in front of all the judges. First of all, none of the judges choose him. Karan Kundra selected him in his team.

2. Ankita

mtv roadies rising

Ankita's story is very heart touching. She is a Lesbian by confronting it to her parents for the first time in front of National TV. After hearing her Story, all the judges went out of control and stated that her uncle is a criminal and Karan Kundra selected her in his team.

3. Khushnuma

mtv roadies rising

Khushnuma have such quality along with being funny and making gang leaders giggle. So due to her good quality, Karan have taken in to his team. 

4. Rahul Gautam

mtv roadies rising

Rahul is a Bus Conductor by profession and he comes in the Roadies To give a message that no job is minor or major, and due to his positive attitude be become the top contestant. While in the moment he also faced an aggression of Karan Kundra who have taken the argument to a big issue. But yet again, with a twist, Karan have accepted him as his team member. 

5. Priyank 

Mtv roadies rising

Priyank, as he enter inside the audition house, all the gang leader was expecting to be a girl contestant but the name Priyank confuses and there was a funny moment is the house. He is a very good dancer, and Prince asked him for lifting a person who weight about 120 Kg, in the first attempt he missed but the second attempt he made it. 

6. Prabjot

mtv roadies rising

Prabjot from chandigarh is a very aggressive yet very strong woman who enters into the audition with unique quality which all the Gang Leader is impressed. She was one of the choice between two contestant and she is selected for having the positive attitude. 

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