Sweta Misbehaved: Watch MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode 18 3rd June
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Sweta Misbehaved: Watch MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode 18 3rd June 2017

MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode 18

Watch MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode 18 3rd June 2017: The “Double Vote Out Day”. For the new week, another full on action Roadies Rising have come up with the interesting game and strength shows. All the gangs did their best but some of Neha’s gang warrior seems to be eliminated every week. But with lots of effort, the gang Neha is all set to win the battle in today’s episode.

And most expectedly, you will also see the most difficult task for the warrior but their strong determination is appreciable. In the meantime, during the elimination, a warrior have misbehaved with Sweta that becomes a huge turnover in the show. Finally, all the gang leaders have done something which has never happened in the history of Roadies show.

Battles and “Double Vote Out Day”- Watch MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode 18 3rd June 2017

In this episode, after a great win on the last episode Gang Prince and Gang Ranvijay is off the game. Whereas the gang between Neha and Nikhil will compete for each other to get into the safety zone from the elimination. All the gang member and Warriors of both the team will take part in the game.

As it was a double vote out for all the warriors, Gang leaders and warriors work hard to win their battle. And the task for today’s game is, all the warrior have to do the water task. Here, they have to pull the tube with the ropes floating over the water path and the highest number of tube collected signifies the winner. When it is for the strength, no doubt from Neha’s gang Sweta will deliver her best. While, on the other hand, Nikhil is disappointed and ask Sweta to mind only her own business when she interferes in their game. And the winner of the task seems to be mysterious, as both the team were equally strong.

By the end of the day, there is more mind blowing moments in the Elimination round. A warrior misbehaves Sweta and other girl warriors that lead him out of the show.

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Who Misbehave with Sweta and was kick out of the show before the elimination

After the battle is ended, now comes the elimination round. While today is the “Double Vote Out Day” it is confirmed two warriors will be out of the show. But the worse thing happened again in the elimination moment. As Sweta Reveals a Misbehavior of a mysterious person who did something wrong with Sweta when she was alone in her room.

The whole people at present was in shocked, then Ranvijay speaks to behave when it is over women and also Neha and Nikhil. And when Khusnuma also reveals what He did in the past between the show, Prince could not tolerate his anger. Prince dashes towards the person to hit the man, while Nikhil and Ranvijay stopped him.

The host of MTV Roadies Rising, Gaelyn Mendonca also claimed that this was the first ever nuisance act delivered by some warrior in the show. So in order to punish, he will be instantly terminated from the show and ordered to walk away from the show.

While the culprit warrior didn’t want to leave which was later few bouncer were called to take the person out of the show. This was a really bad moment for all the gang leaders as well as warriors. This man disgust in the Indian national television and also Roadies as being the top reality show in India, the person worth to kick out of the show. Unfortunately, it was a very bad day for Sweta, but all the gang leaders and other warriors did the right thing and settle things with Justice.

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There are more actions waiting on today’s MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode 18 3rd June 2017. And see who were the two warriors eliminated in the Double Vote Out Day.

Watch Full Episode of MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode 18 3rd June 2017 on Voot.

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