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MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode 17 27th May 2017

MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode 17

MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode-17 27th May 2017, with the whole loads of task, blood and sweats were shed in the battleground. The gang leaders- Ranvijay, Nikhil, Neha and Prince along with their warriors is now all set for another day with a new task.

The ruling gang was still the Ranjivay’s whom today, the other warriors will give their best to redeem their victory. The Task will be held on the open sight outdoor with the new exciting game. And the task will be participated by all the warriors.

Well, let us now have a look at the exciting game and task of the MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode-17 27th May 2017. And many great games has been observed and much great taking performance has also been seen.

MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode-17 27th May 2017: The Task of “Jamal Gote Laddu”

In the first task, all the boy and girls are involved and there is has been a quiz for the girls against the boys. All the gang members i.e. Boys and Girls has to participate, where the boys sit on the Toilets as they are being asked the question whereas the girls separately on the other side.

The Girls will be questioned and the answer will be based on the majority fo the answers. Well, the most guessed name of the boy will be the winner whereas the less majority one will be the loser. And the punishment for the loser will have to eat the “Laddu”(Sweets) which was mixed with the “Jamal Gota” (Croton Tiglium). Now all boys who lose have to face the consequences of eating the Croton mixed-Laddu.

Now for all the boys, it was the task to tolerate the foul taste of Jamal Gota. And those who fail to endure and if either they puke in the show will be immediately eliminated from the game. The game went well at first, but as they proceed, the warriors also held their guts down. Question after questions, the task have become more and more difficult and finally, to bring more difficulties in the task, hot milk were introduced. And many boys leave the stage due to nausea and intolerance. while there was Team Nikhil’s- who have endured for the longer time and win the battle for the day.

Do you Know

The Next Battle: MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode-17

In the next day, an ex-warrior Jagriti Jha is seen who has come to motivate the present warriors. And with the new task, in the second day, the battle is between Team Prince and Team Nikhil. And the task is- as the member has to climb the tower and bungee jump to the ground and unhook himself and ride with the Renault Duster, who will be driven by their gang leader.

Both the gang leader have to race to reach the destination or end-line which was on fire.  Finally, both the warrior & gang leader have to hold a sword and the task ends. Those warriors who have complete the task as earlier as possible will be the winner.

And finally, Prince’s and his warrior Varun won the battle being the fastest competing Nikhil’s gang whereas the gang Nikhil was just close to the winning for few second.

Nikhil was disappointed at the moment and speaks to his warriors to build for the next battle with much better performance.

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Final Verdict

Eliminations: MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode-17 which will be all based on the previous battle. All the warriors are intense and the situation took worse when a warrior misbehave with the Sweta of Neha’s Gang. Gang leaders fierce in anger and Prince even approach toward the guy to teach some manly lesson. While, as such behavior was not expected and are also intolerance, the warrior is sent out of the show. The culprit is still mysterious and this will be revealed in the next episode- MTV Roadies Rising X5 Episode-18, 3rd May 2017.

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