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MTV Roadies Rising X5 Audition 25th March 2017 Episode 7

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Watch MTV Roadies Rising X5 Audition 25th March 2017 episode 7, is the next audition which brings us to Chandigarh. New actions are expected from all the gang leaders like- Ranvijay, Neha, Karan, Prince and Harbhajan Singh is present in the moment. And in Chandigarh audition, Harbhajan Singh has surprise task for the contestant which is bringing lots of funny action. Here in this article, let us discuss more the funny scene happened in Chandigarh audition MTV Roadies Rising.

mtv roadies rising x5 25th march 2017 episode 5


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Check out the MTV Roadies Rising Auditions Chandigarh

After a lot of violence in Delhi Auditions, now Roadies Rising is moving forward to the next Auditon in Chandigarh. In the last MTV Roadies Rising X5 Audition episode 5, Delhi, where the starting was with a huge crowd messing around the house, gate followed by huge violent activities.

Soon, after the contestant were personally interviewed inside the house, all the judge were seen to be more abusive than the previous episode 4. Karan Kundra even after slapping a contestant (in Ahmedabad audition); he didn’t stop there. In Delhi Audition (Episode 5) a contestant was asked to perform a task; which was again related to the Sister issue, Karan raged in fury towards him.

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Karan stands in anger and set into his aggressive mode, assaulted the contestant and send him out of the house. Prince (Judge) was also present at the moment and can be seen grabbing & assaulting the contestant. Besides all the abuse, the gang leaders were also using abusive words with the women contestant; giving task which is physically difficult. Tasks include squats along with tires and other props in the audition rooms.

Well, Prince is also seen to be very aggressive in the last episode picking up a fight with the contestant and all the activities are seen in the Delhi auditions. Prince can also be seen picking the contestant up and dropping them on the floor saying more abusive words and hurting people around.

MTV Roadies Rising X5 Audition 25th March 2017 Episode 6

All the contestant knows, Roadies is the show for strong body and mind so they will do any harsh task to prove themselves and it again ended up with something ugly. These were not challenged for the physical strength but they are including abusive words & bullyings.

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Watch MTV Roadies Rising Episode 6, Chandigarh audition

Now looking forward to the next Audition in Chandigarh, you will see Karan Kundra for the last time on the audition episode. And then the teams those who were selected from the audition will now be teaming along with the gang leaders. The roadies will be distributed to each gang leaders as team Ranvijay, Team Prince, Team Harbhajan, Team Neha, and Team Karan (Karan will be replaced by Nikhil).

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So keep watching MTV Roadies Rising in your Voot app, and never miss the awesome action of Roadies.

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MTV Roadies Rising X5 Audition 25th March 2017 Episode 6

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