MTV Roadies Rising Aka Roadies X5: Why Neha Dhupia Raised Body Image Issues on TV!
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MTV Roadies Rising Aka Roadies X5: Check out What Neha Dhupia Brings out the Topic on National Television!!

MTV Roadies Rising aka roadies x5

MTV Roadies Rising Aka Roadies X5 auditions have already started with a bang, all the judges have been to each city and selected the best warrior in their teams.

MTV Roadies Rising aka roadies x5

However, during Delhi audition, Neha Dhupia raised the topic on Body image issues on National Television, where every Indian girl face in their daily life. So, let us check out why did Neha Dhupia has raised this body image issue on the National Television.

MTV Roadies Rising Aka Roadies X5: Check out Why Neha Dhupia has Raised Body Image Issue!!

Neha Dhupia who is known for her boldness and beauty in the film Industry. She is one of the few actors who believes in putting her opinion on every sensitive topic. In the MTV Roadies Rising  Aka Roadies X5 Delhi audition, Neha brings out the topic on Body Image issue where every girl in India faces it in their daily life.

Meanwhile, during the personal interview, A 21-Year-old girl, Jagruti enters for the audition on MTV Roadies Rising. Jagruti is a law student, who is doing her internship in the Supreme Court. During the interview, Jagruti claims Infront of the gang leaders that she had lost 25 kgs within 7 months. Yes, in 7 months quite surprisingly right? This seems to be a shocking news, it is impossible to lose 25 kgs in 7 months. Keep reading there is more.

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MTV Roadies Rising Aka Roadies X5: All the Judges Caught Jagruti’s Lie!!

Furthermore, after listening to what Jagruti claimed all the judges were surprised. So, Neha Dhupia asked her to do burpees but she failed to do it. Now, all the gang leader asked her, to tell the truth.

MTV Roadies Rising audition

Rannvijay asked for her Instagram account where he found out that, Jagruti started to lose weight since 2015 and not in 7 months. In fact, Rannvijay said that she is a law student at least stop blowing the reputation of the lawyers.

Finally, Jagruti agreed that she lied to them because she wanted to look impressive in front of all the judges. But unfortunately, she didn’t get through in the audition round.

Now, Neha Dhupia brings out the topic of body image on the National television. Neha said, ” If a person claims that she has lost 25 kgs in 7 months, it is almost as good as losing a human being out of your body. It is very sad. In this country, a lot of girls suffer from body image issues”.

While Neha talking to the contestants, Neha Said,” Not only have you lied to us, you have insulted an entire set of women who are going through complexes. You have not stood for what’s right”.

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