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MTV Roadies Rising: Gurmeet Rehal Becomes The New Gang Leader!

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MTV Roadies Rising has been going pretty interesting up till now. While you have seen up till now, there has been several tasks and googly’s by Harbhajan Singh as well. Apart from that, the most interesting news which might shock you all; Gurmeet Rehal replaces Nikhil Chinapa on the MTV Roadies Rising show. Shocking right? Gurmeet Rehal, the finalists of MTV Roadies X2 and winner of MTV Splitsvilla becomes the new Gang Leader on MTV Roadies Rising.Rodies episode


Meanwhile, this news must be shocking for every viewer right. But before we go more into details about the new Gang Leader of MTV Roadies Rising, let me rewind your mind what else has happened on this Roadies Rising Show. Keep reading it.

MTV Roadies Rising: Gurmeet Rehal Becomes The New Gang Leader- Shocking News!!

Well, guys, earlier you might have seen the first Gang Leader was Karan Kundra who was replaced by Nikhil Chinapa, the former judge of MTV Roadies. However, according to the report, Karan Kundra left Roadies Rising due to some personal reason. In fact, there was a rumor that Karan Kundra had slapped one of the contestants during the audition. But as per the report, Karan Kundra left because of his upcoming movies. As a result, Nikhil Chinapa replaced Karan Kundra as a Gang Leader of MTV Roadies Rising.Grumeet rehal rodies last episode


Meanwhile, MTV Roadies Rising show was going on pretty well along with the four Gang Leader. However, as Nikhil Chinapa has to leave the show which is a very sad news. In addition to that, Gurmeet Singh Rehal replaces Nikhil Chinapa as a Gang Leader of the Show. Well, there is no such report about why Nikhil Chinapa has to leave the show in the middle?

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MTV Roadies Rising: Gurmeet Singh Rehal returns to Roadies Rising as a Gang Leader!!

Well, now you have already know that Nikhil Chinapa being replaced by Gurmeet Singh Rehal on the show. Meanwhile, after the entry of Gurmeet Rehal on the show, there was a task between Prince’s gang, Neha’s Gang and Nikhil’s gang; which was seen in the last episode. While Prince’s gang and Nikhil’s gang defeated Neha’s gang; now the most interesting part is that what will happen next? Guess you must be excited to know how will Gurmeet Singh Rehal plays as a Gang Leader on the show and how far he will take his team on this show.

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So, for this, you need to keep watching MTV Roadies Rising the latest episode 16 tonight at 7 PM only on MTV. We will keep you updated about the show stay tuned for more information about the show. However, before that what do you think about Gurmeet Singh Rehal as the new Gang Leader on the Show.

Share your opinion what do you think of this replacement what can be the reason behind that replacement in the comment box.



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