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Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold $35 Million

Hi guys, Today you all know very well that selling out old domains and blog is normal thing. Flipping of Domains and blog is highly practiced for short term earning. Today we are going to discuss about the most expensive Domain names ever sold.  I was extremely surprised to see this extremely high commissions just for domain.


I mean anyone can buy a domain with less than 20$ and selling it for $35 million, is it possible for all time. It is very important know which kind of domains are costly and useful. There might be some reasons behind this most expensive domain names, sold out at high price. You can sell out your website & domains in a site like for example.

Which kind of domain names are costly?

Basically if we think for a moment domain names can actually boost any site traffic easily. Not only that, few domain names are very good for selling products. This useful domains which can be useful in future as well as profitable they buy it. This guys after buying this domains they just maintain the blog. They not only earn from this blog, but wait for the golden opportunity to grab it.

I also started doing keyword research and buying high searched keyword domainsmost expensive domain names.If I honestly find domains which is going to live long as well as profitable. I just buy that domain and keep it safe, this is one of the easiest way to make money online.

In-case if I fail to sale this domain I have no regret because I am sure that this names are going to pay me very high even if I use for myself. So you have to make sure that you choose such kind of domain which can give you lots of profits. I am happy to say that I am sure about the new domains which I am purchasing will work fine.

How to choose Expensive domains?

Well it is not written anything like this is expensive and this is cheap etc. But the main thing is that any name which can be useful and profitable are most expensive domain names.

To find out this expensive domain names you just have to do little keyword research, any domain name with high cpc keyword, high search volume & representing some unique thing. This would be marked as most expensive domain names, which will profit you by any means.

However, when you sell out domain names it completely depend upon the bidding, if customers have high bidding for your domains. Note one important thing when you buy domain that you should not have any loss from your side, even if other refuse to buy you must get high profit out of it.

Top 10 most expensive domain names:

Lets find out the most expensive domain names ever sold in planet.


1. This is most expensive domain as per my record, transaction of $35 millions is done for this domain. Brian Sharples is the new owner of this domain, he did not want his competitors to get this domain due to which he purchased this domain. This deal is confirmed on 2007.

2. This is 2nd highest pain domain name in the planet, transaction of $ 30.8 million is done.  This deal is confirmed few years back on 2012.

3.  This was one of the 2nd highest deal for domain name till 2012, after that last deal this is now ranked on 3rd highest deal ever made. Transaction of $ 16 million is done successfully confirmed on 2009.

4. You believe or not this is having a very high demand, and this was the first deal for porn industry. Transaction of $ 14 million was done successfully on 2010.  The domain name here is keyword which is used highly in search engines.

5. This deal is old of the oldest deal done on way back 2001. This deal was confirmed and transaction was successfully done of $ 11 million.

6. This deal was confirmed at $ 9.9 million on the year 2008.

7. This is one of the very high searched keyword, Facebook purchased this domain name for $ 8.5 million. This deal was confirmed and transaction was successfully done on 2010. This domain is redirected to

8. This deal was confirmed on 2006 at a price of $ 7.5 million. This site is now used for online shopping of diamond so I must say well done.

9. This deal was confirmed on 2004 and successfully done at the price of  $7 million.

10. This deal was confirmed on 2008, transaction of $ 5.88 million was successfully made.

This are few awesome names which actually turn out to be million $ worth it name.

This is how you also can make some good money out of it, if not millions but you can make something good out of it. All you need to do is just do some keyword research and pick up the best one.

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