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Moringa Seeds | Its Incredible Health Benefits And Tips

benefits of moringa seeds

Seeing the outlook of Moringa Seeds, one might not realize how important is this drumstick seeds. Meanwhile, we do eat them but doesn’t know the benefits of this seeds. Furthermore, moringa seeds from the Moringa Plant are quite beneficial. Do you eat moringa when it was small and tender? It’s very tasty… isn’t. When the seed was small and tender it looks green in color and as soon as the seeds get its maturity it becomes hard and brown.

moringa seeds health benefits

Still, the benefits of moringa seeds are same. Moringas are the nutritional plant mostly available in the native parts of Asia and Africa. Therefore just like the moringa plant, its seeds are rich in minerals as well as vitamins and niacin for us. Hence, before we speak about the detailed benefits of moringa seeds, the question arises….

What are the nutritional facts of Drumstick?

Well among so many nutritional plants it’s one of the most wanted plants that has a high amount of vitamins. Especially, moringa seed has more Vitamin C than an equal to 1 orange. Furthermore, it has calcium more in number than 1 glass of milk. Potassium is more than a coconut and a banana, protein more than a bowl of yogurt and more Vitamin 4 than any carrots.


benefits of moringa seeds

Going through the nutritional facts of moringa we have come to understand that this seeds with its plant have done a marvelous job.

To know more in details get going with some Moringa Seeds Benefits.

1. Moringa Seeds for Cancer:

Moringa seeds contain anti-carcinogen agents that help to fight against cancer. Furthermore, many types of research have shown that consuming moringa seed every day lowers the growth of cancer cells. Also, Scientist has also shown some research where regular intake of moringa seed powder lowers colon cancer.

2. For Skin:

Everyone wishes to have a beautiful smooth skin and this drumstick seed can do wonders for your skin tone. For different beauty products, the oil is extracted from the moringa seeds. Furthermore, they contain over 30 antioxidants that are helpful as a moisturizer or as an anti-septic cream. Along with eating moringa, get some natural tips to get a glowing skin. 

3. Controls Blood Pressure Level:

The increase in blood pressure may lead to high risk for heart attacks, stroke etc.  However, proper medications will be needing every day to follow a healthy lifestyle. Do some yoga asanas and eat a good diet to get rid of high-blood pressure. Therefore, you must consult your doctor before consuming anything.

4. Sugar Level:

Taking moringa seed regularly can also lower blood sugar level as well as prevent you from diabetes. However, researches are done on rats which control blood sugar level. This is all because of its zinc present in the seeds. So, if you are a diabetic person then do consume moringa. you can either eat the seeds or the leaves both does the same work.

5. Good for Eyes:

Moringa contains Vitamin A which regulate and strengthen your immune system. Therefore, it gives you a clear eye vision and also takes care of your overall development. So if you are having a trouble with your eyes or if you are always working in front of a computer and laptop then moringa will be the best choice.

6. Moringa Seeds for Weight Loss:

Moringa contains lots of rich protein which enables you to burn fats. Ultimately, you get a slimmer looking body. The leaves are also edible, just boil tender leaves and seeds together. When it turns soft enjoy the super nutritious seeds.

Also, read some Side Effects of Green Tea while you lose your weight.

7. Joint Pain:

People who are suffering from arthritis and joint pains, moringa is the helper. It ultimately decreases the soreness and pain in your joints. This is the health benefits of moringa seeds. Thus, the proteins and amino acids found in moringa help oneself to strengthen the joints.

8. Boost Immune System:

The vitamins and nutrients present in moringa fight against many infectious diseases. Not only that, it also helps to relief from mild cuts, burns, and bruises. Even the plant and leaves of moringa boost your immune system. Moreover, it boosts up your energy level. This is because it contains more amount of iron than a spinach. If you are vegetarian then this will help you a lot.

9. For Hair Growth:

It is true that the seeds of moringa do help you to get healthier and beautiful volumise hair. The seeds contain Vitamin C that helps to improve scalp infections. As a result, slowly your hair fall will also get decreased. You can either consume the dried seed or make a powder and apply it to your hair. If you want to try some more alternatives for hair growth then try natural remedies for hair growth.

10. Lowers Cholesterol:

Moringa seeds do not contain any cholesterol. This means that if you have a high cholesterol level then even that can be reduced with this drumstick seed. Traditionally and even now moringa plant is found to lower cholesterol level. However, researchers are still in process.

11. Good for Sleep:

In this centuries we become so busy with our daily task and office work that we hardly get a sound sleep. if you are facing the same problem then consume moringa leaves’ water, kept in a hot water for 10-15 minutes. Drink the water every night before sleeping and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Note – Moringa Seeds Side Effects: Do remember that all the things in this world also has some side effects. Even moringa also has some mild side effects but that is not much an issue. Eat in a limit, avoid if you are allergic to it. Apologies, one more thing I didn’t mention, do not eat the roots of moringa tree.

As you can see in the above-mentioned list there are different ways moringa seeds helps for our health development. For a great effect, you can try all the benefits and also go for further research about moringa.

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