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Download Mobogenie App {Apk}: Backup Files Upto 18 GB Safe


If you are here for a Mobogenie App Review, then you definitely came to right place. As you may know that unlike an iOS device, android doesn’t need an app or data manager like iTunes to help you with keeping your apps or games updated. And I am sure that you have never used an android management system like Mobogenie app. So if you haven’t used Mobogenie before, let me explain why you should opt for using it.

To start off as the first step, you download the Mobogenie apk file and also install the Mobogenie app on your laptop/PC where you want to connect. And the next step is to connect your device using USB through enabling USB debugging mode on your Smartphone.mobogenie apk

And this is where both the Mobogenie app and the Mobogenie apk turn on the magic. Your smartphone will not just charge while you are connected with Mobogenie but it will be supercharged. Mobogenie developer claims that connecting with Mobogenie, charges your smartphone at a faster rate

What Else Does Mobogenie App Offer

  • Daily Updates:

With Mobogenie, you can stay updated with all the latest apps and games that come out daily simply by using Mobogenie app.

  • Management All Your Files With Mobogenie app:

With Mobogenie App, you will be able to manage all your files, photos, contacts, videos and even all your favorite music with Mobogenie app. This makes it really handy to deal with the extra space that you need to free your device from when you are travelling or when you need to reset your Smartphone with Mobogenie apk.

  • Application Download & Management:

Unlike all other PC managers, Mobogenie app allows you not only to download and save the apk files right on your PC but also allows you to update your apps right from your PC. This can be really handy when you need to update an app and your PC is connected to a fast Broadband connection but your Smartphone is connected to a 2G network.

  • Manage Your Ringtone With Ease:

Now you would think Hmmmmm managing ringtone with Mobogenie app? Why would I need that? Well, it’s simple…Cuz it’s fun. You go over Mobogenie app and search from Millions of tunes that you could use as your Ringtone or your alarm tone or even you notification tone as simple set it. Now let it be the epic Starwars Track or a Track from Minions “Bananaaaaaaaaaa” just with a few click.

  • Download YouTube With Mobogenie:

Downloading your favorite Youtube videos has never been easier. With Mobogenie in your hand, you will be able to download YouTube videos without ease. All you have to do is launch the YouTube tab from Mobogenie and search for what you want when you get what you want you can click on the download option of the video and select the format you want to download it in and that’s it.

  • Mobogenie Backup & Restore:

Though it is a necessary requirement for any PC management system for android, with Mobogenie apk you will be able to choose from a variety of saving options that even includes all your setting from your phone to your apps. Think about it this way, the next time you reset your phone, you will be able to backup all your Whatsapp settings and even all the messaging history with the help of Mobogenie app.Mobogenie

And with few of the latest release, you will be able to enjoy a few features that include Symbian Contact management, Importing Outlook Contact, and a file manager to manage it all.

And now that we have looked into the few of best features that would be offered to you using the Mobogenie app you would also have to face a few drawbacks that it comes with.

Few Mobogenie DrawBacks:

  • While managing your Contacts, SMS, Music and all other files that can be managed with Mobogenie, it seems to crash down when you try to transfer over 5,000 images.
  • If you are backing up files of over 18GB with Mobogenie Backup/Restore system then you can be sure that your Transfer may fail or it may take up to 2hrs at least.
  • Though you will be able to update your apps and games through Mobogenie but you won’t be able to update your OS firmware.
  • If you opt for downloading a heavy game or app using Mobogenie it may reduce your effort only by 20-30%. This, at last, makes it less convenient than simply using a 3G or 4G network.

So now talking about time, as it is the most important commodity for anyone nowadays it would be great if you have a lot of time in your hand while using this app. If you don’t have that much of a time, I would recommend you to stay away from Mobogenie as you android managing app.

But if you have a lot of time to spare here is the download link to the app ENJOY. Download Mobogenie apk & app for Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8 & also for Android: Click Here to Download Mobogenie .

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