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Mobile Privacy Data Report: Secure Your Data [Infographics]

Mobile privacy report

Android is one of the most popular OS, which is loved by millions of smartphone users. Android is so advanced that it can be used  for multi-tasking much work. Today Privacy of the smartphone has become so important that it needs much more privacy, as due to advanced technology smartphones are more than just a phone. It carry a bunch of important data, which may include private stuff hence it requires more attention towards it security.

Mobile privacy report

We also discussed the LEO Privacy app created by LEOMASTER, which can be a good option for smartphone users. Using this privacy system, one can perform the one click scan and keep a check on the privacy status of the mobile in real time basis. At any point in time, if you are concerned about te device theft, then LEOMASTER’s LEO Privacy app will come to your rescue. The anti-theft technology of the application helps you locate the device and lock all the apps. In the case of any private data leakage, an alarm will be heard that will alert the user of the theft.

How can Leomaster help you?

LEOMASTER has formulated the mobile data privacy report after collecting valuable data from worldwide users. All of us access the internet using the Wi-Fi technology and if at all, you are using a public Wi-Fi network then the multimode compound algorithm of LEOMASTER will analyze the security of your Wi-Fi. Its application will also protect your network security at all times by keeping a check on your Wi-Fi in the backstage.

Applocker System:

If you share your mobile phone with others, the app lock will keep it safe. Besides this, LEOMASTER has added several other modes to its app that ensure absolute mobile privacy. The app cover feature of the application helps the user trick the snoopers in their foul play. It is as safe as keeping your data and documents in a locker with double layered protection.

The safe box feature allows the user to keep the photos and videos hidden in a personal vault. You can also hide other things like SMS, call logs and your other relevant data to ensure 100% mobile security.

Another incredible feature is the Break-in alert. It will take the snapshot intruder selfies to capture all trespassers. The photos of the intruders will appear on the timeline and enable the users to locate snoopers easily.

So, is your mobile privacy assured with the LEOMASTER? Yes, absolutely! Here we present to your valuable insights of what our readers say about the app.

Check Infographics: Mobile Privacy Data Report


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