Your Mobile Phone Is Dirtier Than You Think, Read The Shocking Report Here!
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Your Mobile Phone Is Dirtier Than You Think, Read The Shocking Report Here!

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Mobile or Smartphone is now part and parcel of the human life. This discovery really changed the scenario of our life. On the screen of Smartphone, the whole world is packed in. We like to spend most of our times with our Smartphone only.

But wait! You will be shocked to know that your Smartphone screen has 20 times more germs than a toilet seat.

Yes, you are reading it right; a news claim that your mobile can be worse than your toilet seat. Your mobile screen could load 80% bacteria load, which could harm you proportionally. Whereas, we all feel worried to press flush button. As we at least know toilet seat and toilet flush could contain germs and bacteria.

mobile phones contains germs and bacteria

We already know the magic of mobile phones, and somewhat we know it is dirty. But that harmful face is something dirtier than you think. Making it filthiest thing that you get it touch on a daily basis, another report says that your cell phone’s screen per square inch contains roughly 25,000 germs.

mobile germs

Now, this is really shocking to know that toilet objects are cleaner than your smartphone’s screen. Dr.Charles Gerba, Professor of Microbiology at the University of Arizona claims in his interview with Menshealth,

Nobody ever cleans or disinfects their phone, so the germs and bacteria just keep building up. With the advent of touch-screen phones, the same part of the phone you touch with your fingertips is pressed right up against your face and mouth, upping your chance of infection” As the cell-phone frequently remains warm makes it ideal for a breeding surface for bacteria.

E. Coli, influenza and MRSA that causes skin rashes and skin infection, Dr. Gerba added. We all care about the digital virus and a lot of antiviruses to protect your device. We are totally clueless on this shocking news.

Doctor recommends that to clean cell phone at least 2 or 3 times weekly. However, after visiting a hospital and other non-hygienic places it is recommended to clean the device as soon as possible. Though most of the bacteria are harmless but disgusting. And some of them carry harmful diseases too.

So, do you know this fact before that or do you clean your device frequently? Well, after knowing that you will definitely be going to clean your device we know. Let me know what do you think about this fact and comment below

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