Maruti Suzuki Ciaz: Now Officially Sold With Nexa From 1st April 2017
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Maruti Suzuki Ciaz: Now Officially Sold With Nexa From 1st April 2017

Nexa Ciaz

Nexa is another branch of Maruti Suzuki cars and is popular for the Baleno, S-Cross and the new IGnis. But now finally Nexa is going to get a new sedan car in their showroom and that is the new Ciaz with a new experience. This will be the best experience that Ciaz will get.

Today I am going to tell you about which is the car that Nexa dealership is going to receive today. You have been knowing this sedan car, as it is very much popular in the Indian automobile market as the best medium size sedan car.

Nexa receiving a new Sedan car from Maruti Suzuki dealership:

When the Suzuki Ciaz was first released in the Indian market, the Nexa dealership was busy in Baleno and S-cross. So the Ciaz was handed over to the Maruti Suzuki dealership in India, but now finally you will be able to buy Ciaz in the Nexa showroom. You will be going to get a new Ciaz in the market through the Nexa dealership, I am sure you are going to like the new Nexa Ciaz.

ciaz at nexa

Let me tell you if there is any changes in the mechanism, price and in the exterior cosmetics. As the company have said that they are going to give a new touch to the CIaz making it better to compete with its rivals.

Mechanism of the new Ciaz:

According to the company, the Ciaz that you will get in the Nea showroom will not much differ in the mechanism to the older one. But let me describe you the mechanism of the new Ciaz.

The new Ciaz will be available in the Nexa in two variants i.e the 1.3L Diesel engine and 1.4L petrol engine which is powerful enough to give you power upto 91 Bhp and a peak torque of 200 Nm. With this Torque, you can easily pick upto 150 km/hr at high speed.

The gear system of the CIaz will remain the same that is 5-speed manual gearbox and 4-speed automatic transmission. There is nothing much changes in the mechanism of the new Ciaz with the older one, according to the company. But we can hope that the company will change the gear system most probably to 6-speed gear system.

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Cosmetic Change in the New Nexa Ciaz:

If you compare the old Suzuki Ciaz with the new Nexa Ciaz, there are many changes that will hit your eye. Now let me tell you the cosmetic change in the Nexa Ciaz both internal and external.

In the exterior, the car is made more aerodynamic making the ground clearance slightly lower than the older Ciaz. Also in the front, you will see that the chrome grill has been made more elegant and now looks more classy, and the new Ciaz has also got a new bumper with a fantastic design.

Coming to the interior, they haven’t changed much, but it is yet expected that the Nexa can change the quality of the seats to leather other than using the synthetic version.

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There is nothing much change in the new Nexa CIaz, but you will be getting the Nexa Ciaz in extra colours like Blue, Glistening Grey and metallic silky silver.

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The price of the new Nexa Ciaz & Variants:

The price of the new Nexa Ciaz, it will cost the same like the older Suzuki ciaz. The expected price of the new Nexa Ciaz will be from 7.75 lakh for a base model upto 9.50 lakh for the higher end model.

But the name of the variants will be changed. As in the Suzuki showroom, the Ciaz was available in LDi, VDi, ZXi & Zxi+ but now as the Ciaz has moved to Nexa, it will be available in the new variant name i.e. Sigma, Delta, Zeta & Alpha. The Nexa Ciaz will not come in the RS version, instead, you will be seeing the S version which will be the replacement of the old Ciaz RS model.

So these are all the changes that you are going to see in the new Nexa Ciaz. So today the Nexa have successfully moved to Nexa, now Ciaz will be available in the Nexa showroom soon with many new modifications. Check out the new Nexa Ciaz in the nearest Nexa Showroom.

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