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2017 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift | Specification, Features and Expected Price

Suzuki ciaz facelift 2017

The first sedan car of Maruti Suzuki i.e. SX4, it was not that successful in the Indian automobile market. So then Suzuki launched Ciaz in the Indian Market which has rocked the Indian auto market, the Suzuki Ciaz has given head to head competition with all the car in its segment like the Honda City, Hyundai Verna etc. But now Suzuki is going to launch a new version of Ciaz again and hit the automobile market. The 2017 Suzuki Ciaz is soon going to be launched in India with lot more exciting features.

Ciaz Faelift

Today in this content I will tell you about all the extra features and specification of the new Suzuki Ciaz Facelift that was not there in the old Suzuki Ciaz. But note that this is still the expected features of the car as nothing is revealed by the company, but you can hope the best features in this car as Suzuki never attach any bad features in their car.

Let’s not get more confused here and see what the most expected features, specification, price and release date of the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift 2017 are.

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Everything about the New 2017 Ciaz Facelift:

Here below I have given you everything about the new Ciaz Facelift 2017 which is going to be launched soon in the market.

Interior of the new Ciaz Facelift:

The new Ciaz is expected to come with premium quality plastic in the dashboard for a premium look and also the chrome divider between the hard plastic and soft plastic really looks awesome. Like in the older model in the New Ciaz too, the front AC vents will be getting beautiful chrome finish.

The interior will also get a new infotainment system with better touchscreen system with Apple Play features and a better navigation system than in the older version. Yes, you are also getting an automatic temperature sensor AC which will sense the cabin temperature and will automatically set the temperature.

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Talking about the comfort of the car, the new Ciaz is supposed a to come with a leather seat in the high-end variant. New Ciaz will also come with handrest in the middle so that you ca comfortably relax, your hand while driving. The most important and the new specs of the New Ciaz Facelift is the new Sunroof which is expected to come in the high-end variant. So this is all about the interior specification of the new Ciaz Facelift 2017, now let’s check out the new Ciaz exterior.

Exterior Specification:

The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift is not supposed to get too much of cosmetic changes in the exterior of the car. The new Ciaz is expected to have some more chrome finish in the front grill with the beautiful Maruti Suzuki logo, and the new chrome grill will make the Ciaz look more impressive.  Coming to the lights of the car, the new Ciaz is going to have new fog light with LED headlamp.

Talking about the looking glass of the car, it is supposed to have LED indicator in it, and it also has auto close and open features. Coming to the rear bumper, the car is expected to remove the chrome belt which was there in the old Ciaz and yes the tail light is supposed to be LED.

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The wheel of the car will be similar to the old Ciaz that is 16.5 alloy wheel; I must say the new look of Ciaz is really dashing just like in the pictures given above. Let’s now talk about the engineering part of the New Ciaz Facelift.

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Mechanism of the Ciaz Facelift:

Here is the main part of the new CIaz Facelift 2017, because it is expected that Maruti Suzuki will change some of the major parts in the mechanical part. First, talking about the engine of the new Ciaz facelift, it is supposed to have 1.4-liter petrol engine and 1.3-liter diesel engine which will be able to produce maximum power of 91 BHP and a maximum torque of 200 Nm which is more faster than the older Ciaz engine.

new Ciaz engine

Coming to the transmission, the car is expected to come with 5-speed manual gearbox or 4-speed automatic gearbox. The new Ciaz Facelift is expected to come with disc brakes in both front and rear wheels for making the breaking more better than the older CIaz.

So this is all about the engine and breaks of the car, but I shall also tell you that this is also going to be the best fuel efficient car. In a 1.4-liter petrol engine, you are supposed to get a mileage of 21km/ltr. and in the 1.3-liter diesel engine, you can easily expect to get 29 km/ltr. which is really awesome.

Features of the Ciaz Facelift 2017:

Check out the premium features of the new Ciaz Facelift that are not present in the old Ciaz model.

  1. You will get Push Start/Stop button in all the variant.
  2. The Infotainment system of the new Ciaz is very new with new features like Apple Play etc.
  3. Now you are also getting a reverse camera with parking sensors which will help you park your car even in a small place.
  4. You are getting slightly bigger boot space, and that is 510 liter.
  5. New foldable side mirror with indicator LED lights.
  6. Yes, the front windshield is made with new technology which will keep away the heat from entering the cabin of the car.

So this is all the exciting features that you are getting in the new Ciaz Facelift 2017, now let’s check out the release date and expected the price of the car.

Expected price and release date of Suzuki Ciaz facelift:

The car is likely to be successfully launched in the Indian automobile market by the mid of April 2017, and I am sure all the sedan car lovers will run behind this new Ciaz facelift. The price of the new Ciaz will not get any much changes, according to the company the new Ciaz Facelift price will begin from 7.50 lakh and the high variant will end up in 11.50 lakh. So the price starts of the new Ciaz facelift remains the same like the old Ciaz, with this mid-range price this car is going to rock the Indian road very proudly.

The New Ciaz Facelift 2017 is going to make the same success as the old Ciaz have made in the Indian market. All the cars in its segment are going to face some hard competition in the coming days, with all this premium features the Ciaz Facelift is ready to get launched in Indian in some few weeks. To Check out some more interesting features about other vehicles, you can hit the Subscribe button 😀

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