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How To Manage Blogging Time While Having Other Work?

Time Management

One individual who knows very well how to manage time can achieve high success in anything they do. It requires lots of dedication and lots of sacrifices to always keep updating things on time regularly. If it is about maintaining blogs for a day or week that is okay but what if you have to keep doing it for 6 month with same excitement, will it be possible?

If you are passionate about your dreams and goal setting it will be very easy to work on it and make it happen. But for some of the bloggers who have busy schedule in daily life, its very tough to maintain the frequency of the blog post, social activity or moderation of the blog regularly. Here in this post I am going to share you some easy ways to manage the time for quick and easy management of blogs.

Time Management


Tips to manage your blogging time:

I am going to share you some easy and simple points which may reduce your stress of managing multiple works at same time.

  1. Maintaining Time: It is very tough to maintain fixed time for managing your work especially when you are working on your own blog, which gives you full freedom to anything you want at any time. This is the reason for most of the bloggers to choose blogging as part time or full time job. It has certainly encouraged lots of newbies to join blogging who are student or doing some job to take blogging as an part time job.
    Now, If you think wisely the maximum bloggers to fail in blogging are those who are taking it as part time, and most of them understand very well that they could do better. I would suggest instead of taking it as an part time you make it a part of your regular work & invest your free times for it completely. If you find difficult to manage everything yourself its wisest thing to hire some good writers and manage the work easily.
  2. Priority: Until you give priority to your work, you can’t finish the work on time. Do you know why there are many bloggers who spend lots of sleepless nights?? It is not because they are asked to do it or force to do it. But it is because they give high priority to their work, sometimes its impossible to sleep with half work done. If you also give priority to your work you can definitely find out few hours for devoting your time on your blog.
    Priority to work comes when you have responsibility, when you have some valid reason to do it. Like for example: You started education blog–  Now you have two choice one:
    a). To cover every details in the blog which may benefit your users, now if you want to give best content you will always try to provide right elements, study material on time, including results, exam pattern, admit card and every single details that one may require.
    b). One more option that you can write whenever you want to without trying to understand the requirement of one user.
  3. Understanding your boundaries: If you are not understanding how much effort you can put from your end, its hard to measure the height of success for your future. Same had happened with me, there are lots of options and best opportunities which we find in internet marketing, but it doesn’t mean that you can do everything.
    If you have only few hours every day, its not easy to handle too many categories on one blog, but its wiser to work on micro niche blogs if you have less time. It is because you have to make sure that whatever time you give on your blog is sufficient enough.
    I personally faced problem of focusing on too many blogs by having less time, which leads to unbalance and failure.
  4. Analyzing: Are you one of those who waste time checking alexa, backlinks, traffic, adsense account etc?? Its right time to stop doing that again and again every hour, checking it once or twice is enough for one webmaster.

5. Over excitement: It is very common problem among the bloggers, due to which many blogger waste both time and money. I personally had faced this issue, I purchased many domains and many hosting, which I could never used but wasted time and money there. Not only that but there are tons of time wasted writing contents, creating pages on those takes lots of time, which could be used for better results at your earlier projects & plans.


These are some of the easy solution to manage your time very wisely and give 100% time wise on your work. If you have any better ideas that you use to save your time share with us via comments.

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Apart from blogging I love visiting new places, listening musics, reading motivational books and talking to those peoples who wants to do something big in their life.


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