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How to Make New Year’s Resolution List a Pretty PDF Using Soda PDF?

It is already the time of the year when we are feeling sorry for not meeting the New Year resolutions we were supposed to. It is already the time of the year when we are ready with new set of New Year resolutions and quite determined to keep up with them at any cost. Are you sure you will be able to accomplish your New Year resolutions 2015 and do not miss them as you did last year?

Let me tell you that it is always better to have anything written and visible throughout the year if you really want to keep up to it. The same goes for the resolutions as well. So, it is important for you to write down your New Year Resolution and have 4 printouts of the same. Now you will wonder, why do you need 4 printouts for the same thing? Well, stick each of these printouts on different places which you most frequently see in your daily routine. It may be the opposite wall of your bed, washroom, your dressing, and your workstation/study table. Repeatedly looking at it will surely make your realize that you must keep them up during your daily routine.

Jotting the list of New Year Resolutions and Sharing to Keep Up To it

We normally jot down our New Year resolutions on Word doc and love to share it with our friends or close ones who may be have resolved for the same goals in next year. Many of you may simple decide for the New Year resolutions together with your close ones as you may believe that this is an easier way to keep up to it.

This is where the need of sharing the jotted list in the Microsoft Word format arises. However, the problem arises when we plan and send our New Year resolutions file from one system to another with the hope that the printout will be the same every time.

Much to our disappointment, the file that reaches the other end is not in the desired format and our New Year resolutions printout gets delayed. Delay in timely printouts simply means the retardation of acting upon them.

How to Save the Ill-formatted Word Documents Containing New Year Resolutions

Now, what do we need to do if you want to save our files from getting wrongly formatted or corrupted due to the varied version of operating systems?

The simply answer is: Covert your New Year resolutions into PDF files and enjoy the best of printouts.

Printouts in PDF format look prettier and clean when displayed. You can have beautiful headers and footers on the same with some nice slogans and determination quotes.

How to make your New Year’s resolution list a pretty PDF using Soda PDF?

Soda PDF 7

Soda PDF converted now lets you convert your word documents into ideal PDF files without any hassle. This is one such tool that will help you convert your New Years resolution list into a pretty PDF while ensuring that the styling is maintained. It uses its virtual printer.

How to activate SodaPDF 7 from the trial version live demo on YouTube


  • You simply need to go to this website on your browser say Google Chrome. Sign up on the site. Login with your generated username and password.
  • Click on ‘CREATE/CONVERT’
  • You will get options ranging from different Microsoft file formats. Select ‘Word to PDF’
  • And here it goes. You can download the converted format on your desktop and use it the way you desire.

Why did I recommend Soda PDF to Make Your New Year’s Resolution List ?

Soda PDF has awesome features and it comes with affordable package. Using Soda PDF’s awesome feature, you can make a wonderful New Year Resolution PDF.

Soda PDF Feature

  • Openany PDF file, including comic books, with our free built-in PDF reader.
  • CreatePDF from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image and 300+ file formats.
  • Convertyour PDF files to Word, Excel, HTML, .txt and images.
  • Edit, cut, copy and add text in your PDF documents.
  • Insertimages, links, headers and footers to your PDF documents.
  • Review, compare and annotate your documents with sticky notes, stamps, shapes and pencil tools.
  • Secureyour PDF documents with passwords, permission levels and digital signatures.
  • Create Formsfrom scratch or save, edit and fill pre designed ones.
  • Turn any PDF and text locked into its images into a fully editable document with our Optical Character Recognition OCR


Soda PDF Packages:


Standard packages



Professional package



 PRO +  OCR Package

Download Trial Version for seven days

So, it is beautifully easy to convert your new year’s resolutions list with soda PDF, Take a beautiful printout of the same and stick it on prominent places to keep up to it. Like Soda PDF at Facebook to get latest Soda PDF update and share it with friends and relatives as well. So that everybody get benefit to create beautiful PDF.

Happy New Year!!!

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