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How to Make Chrome Warn You Before Closing Tabs?

how to make Chrome warn you before closing tabs

Do you know how to make Chrome make you warn before close tabs? If haven’t turned on this Chrome feature or don’t know how to make it done then you might lose important data because of accidental clicks. Google Chrome does everything but it won’t warn you before closing all tabs, which also could trigger without your intention. As the matter fact, Google Chrome allows to Make Chrome Warn You Before Closing. For that, you should know how to make Chrome make you warn before closing all tabs.

how to make Chrome warn you before closing tabs? simple steps to enable

Closing all the tabs by mistake or accidently is a very common issue which we always face. When we are looking for our exam’s result, applying for online forms and also bank transaction or transfer. All this important task we do it using our Google Chrome. And when we accidentally close all the tabs, it is very annoying and creates interruption in our works.

But none of us have ever tried to prevent this, as we don’t notice it often. Though there were lots of extensions but unfortunately all of them don’t even function properly. Only a few are functional and we are going to reveal the one and only great extension which will permanently avoid from closing all tabs.

How to Make Chrome Warn You Before Closing Tabs?

It is very clearly known by all Google Chrome browser user that there are certain extensions for making our browsing better. And I have personally tried all the possible extension on my chrome browser to block sudden close tabs but they were useless. And I hope you will be equally annoyed if you search extension one by one on your browser but turns out to be useless again.

Well, after lots of searching for the solution we have finally encountered the useful and effective ways to prevent chrome closing tab. This will warn you before you closed any current tabs. And the name of the extension is Chrome Close Lock.

make Chrome warn you before closing tabs

Steps on “How to Make Chrome Warn You Before Closing Tabs?”

  • To install the Chrome Close Lock extension.
  • Now you will be redirected to the official chrome extension Webstore.
  • Select the Chrome Close Lock and click on the “Add To Chrome button
  • This will automatically add the extension on your Chrome and thus will have a good lock on your every tab. Thus preventing them to accidentally close.
  • Finally, now browse and work in your important website without any worries.

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#Other Alternative Options to make Chrome warn you before closing tabs

1.. Using Continue Where You Left 

If you are still looking for other option, then Chrome can also be manipulated in their settings. Here below we will discuss how to make the changes in the setting to reopen your currently closed pages.

make Chrome warn you before closing tabs

Steps to be followed:-

  • Go to the Setting in your Chrome browser, located top right corner.
  • Now after you have click on the setting, you will enter into the list of options.
  • Just check upon On Start Up and click on the Continue where you left.
  • This will enable the chrome browser to continue with the recent page that you just closed.
  • Hope this step will also help you reopen the recently closed page.

2.. Using

This is an official website created to prevent close tabs. This site is also well known for blocking or giving warning on every moment you click all close tabs in your Chrome browser.

This site is free to use and let us also discuss the procedure to use this Close locking site for chrome.

make Chrome warn you before closing tabs

Steps are-

  • To use
  • Now this will automatically enable the chrome to warn you before closing the tabs.
  • Just leave website open on your browser and it won’t be closed automatically

Note: this website does not work if the tab is closed. So keep opening until you closed your whole chrome browser.

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Keys to avoid pressing to prevent Close Tabs

Well, the main attraction of the Google Chrome is having the shortcut keys with which the valid combos will function to perform some task. And especially the following keys that we are discussing below will help you prevent closing tabs.

The Keys to avoids are-

  • “Alt + F4” – this will completely close all the tabs in your current chrome browser.
  • “Ctrl + W”- this key will automatically close your current tab which you are working. So avoid this keys too.
  • Do not double click on the Chrome browser web page, as they will minimize your screen and interrupt your work.
  • Do not recklessly swing your mouse to the right top corner, as they might cause you close the recent button.

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Get back your Accidentally closed tab

Now if you have again accidentally closed the Tab even after you use the above tricks, then there is no need to worry. Here we will also reveal some tricks which will help you get back all the tabs that you have accidentally closed.

While this issue is often occurring and also lost all the important site which you are currently working. But with the help of this simple tricks, you can get back your closed tab.

Tricks to Get back your accidentally closed Tab

  • Once you have closed all tabs, now reopen the chrome browser.
  • After you open the browser, now simply hit Ctrl+Shift+T button together.
  • Next, all the recently used tabs and website will now automatically reopen in your browser.
  • And finally, open & enjoy your work with your Current websites.

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So these are some of the basic and important Chrome tricks which will help you Making Chrome Warn You Before Closing. And when you are doing something very important work using your chrome browser like online form fill-up or bank transaction; accidental closing of all tabs will cost you huge loss. But only relying on this few tools and you are working recklessly will also bring trouble for you. Thus stay always alerted and also keep these tricks enabled on your Chrome browser to make keep preventing from  Make Closing tabs on your Browser.

Hope you have found “How to make Chrome warn you before closing tabs?” useful, for more interesting facts and tricks keep visiting our site. And also leave your feedbacks to let us know your point of views.

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