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Leo Privacy Review: Best Applock for Android

LEO Privacy

In Today’s world, all are as worried about their privacy content in their phone as all are so curious nowadays in others life. People are so interested to know what others phone may have so they peek, snatch and try to expose their private SMS, photos and videos. Call logs and contacts.

LEO Privacy

There are also many sites and app that try to collect your private information. So, LEO PRIVACY– unveils amazing new features for all your issues like App Lock to Lock up Apps, Privacy Scan to Locate Loophole, Wi-Fi Security to Protect Network Safety, Safe Box to Hiding Private Photos & Videos, etc. LEO Privacy is one of the most popular and best Apps that you are looking for, and millions of users are satisfied with this app.

Features of Leo Privacy:


This app lock option can lock your entire app using a pin code or pattern lock with various lock themes.  You can hand-pick each app that you feel need privacy and is to be secured. Apps like secured passwords storage, social networking apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger and other important apps which may leak your privacy and galleries where you store your photos. It can easily be locked by customizing and decorating app lock screen with desired themes and lock mode. This feature makes you feel comfortable when others ask your phone or if someone snatches your phone. You can feel safe as long as you have the Leo Privacy app that locks all your privacy stuff that you do not want others to see. This feature is simple and excellent.

applock2. APP COVER

App protection includes features like Beauty cover, Error, Fingerprint and Unknown caller.  With these f App covers, you can use any of the features where you can unlock the app you desired to lock. In beauty cover, you have a feature called zip which enables t to see a beauty lady, opening the zip opens the app. In error function, it gives the same error pop-up, which allows you to swipe the pop up to open the app. The best feature of the app cover that everyone wants is the unknown caller. It is the best disguise, by which it appearances like a strange caller is calling you when you or someone opens the app. The last one is a fingerprint scanner. In this, you must tap your finger three times to unlock the app. These features are the best features which help your phone apps, data and photos to be secured.

Data Usage

The Leo Privacy app allows you to create a pattern lock that itself asks to open the app.


Few apps slowdowns your device by consuming more battery power and junk, this feature Speed up your Phone by clearing all the app junk and cache. This notifies the user whenever the phone needs a boost up. You can always make an increase your phone by the boost icon .clicking the boost icon; a rocket comes up with some clouds that move towards upward direction displaying a pop up with the amount of RAM or memory that is cleaned. It’s an easy way to clean up the phone and boost in a sec.

battery usage


It includes two modes.

  • Guest mode
  • Home mode.

When you are at home, you can use Home mode to lock the apps that you think that your family members shouldn’t see. Similarly, you can create your modes. You can also have the time mode, which allows you to preset the time at which the desired mode like Home mode should get activated. It also includes Position lock, which helps you to connect to the Wi-Fi based on the mode you select.


We often forget to lock our phone in a hurry in that in such cases unwanted people try to access it. So, all need an app that can work on its own to keep your device secure in such situations. The monitor privacy feature allows the app to monitor the status of the phone continuously. In additionally helps the user by notifying any privacy that must be integrated from time to time.

privacy status


This feature helps to scan the Wi-Fi network connection to detect all the threats found in the network which helps you by warning against malicious hotspot, mainly with those free available Wi-Fi found nearby. Wi-Fi Security protects your phone privacy and property safely.


You don’t need to get panic when you lost your phone, or you don’t need to special login website to help you out. This feature At all locks up all your apps with its advanced app lock utility to guard your privacy. It also locates your device on the map; give an alarm that helps you to find it.

Anti theft


We often get irritated and frustrated by getting anonymous calls again and again. This feature allows you to add those numbers to the blacklist and restrict it by calling again and again. This feature is also capable of noticing seizure from unknown numbers. These figures are added to the blacklist for avoiding strange calls.

Harass Inter


Some people always try to use others phone in their absence to see all private stuff. But, with the Leo Privacy app, you don’t need to worry about it. Every time anyone tries to open your phone and enter a wrong password in that try, the break in alert feature becomes serviceable and spontaneously captures the image of the person. Therefore, it helps to identify the culprit who tried to unlock your device in your absence and hence keeps your phone secure

 Break in Alert

LEO PRIVACY APP includes all the above features, which comes all in and safest app which attracts many users to download. Therefore, you can download the latest version of LEO PRIVACY APP, which is available in Google play store. You can download this app for free of cost.

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It’s all about Leo Privacy App if you have any more queries; Please do ask in the comment section. We highly recommend all our users to make use of this awesome application for safe, yet Leo Privacy app is the best system to lock your mobile phone and remain your information safe.

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