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Legal Risks of Torrenting | How to Avoid Them

Peer-to-Peer file sharing is fun and yet, it’s no illegal thing to do. Torrenting also is no different from P2P and is much familiar to most of us. The cost free availability and limitless accessibility are two major factors for Torrent’s popularity. However, these Torrent features sometimes violate copyright terms and torrenting has brought a high risk of legal issues.

Torrent users are aware that the facility is been banned in many countries. There are more than on reasons behind Torrenting is illegal to do so.

Regardless of some serious risks of Torrenting, many of us still rely on Potential Torrenting sites for our gain.


Torrenting Risk Factors

While downloading free contents from Torrent sites are tempting to us, the unexpected consequences can be painful.

Copyright Issues:

I did have mentioned earlier, P2P file sharing is not illegal. But, you never know when you are violating the copyright law. Many contents are shared and downloaded via uTorrent which is responsible for violating copyright holder’s right.

Unintentionally, you might be contributing to this illegal task and there are ways the Copyright Troll can trace your IP address. They can reach you through your ISP and make you give a penalty more than you can ever expect.

Bandwidth Throttling:

This one doesn’t sound as scary as the earlier one but may give any user a deep headache for an impressive period. If you are not using a VPN, or not torrenting via a proxy server, your online activities in terms of browsing sites can be monitored by your ISP.

In such case, if your Internet Service Provider finds out you torrenting, they are likely to be throttling bandwidth speed besides sending you nasty notifications.


This is very common among the regular internet users. When your device is connected to World Wide Web, it becomes more vulnerable to get infected by computer viruses.

Torrent is one of the most common places where such malware gets contacted to millions of devices. Especially, for games and software that are to be executed on your computer.

There are user comments you may rely on before downloading a file from torrent. Although you cannot fully trust on all the comments made for a certain torrent. End the, you will end up “Entering at your own risk.”

Privacy And Security:

There are infected files in Torrent that are liable for breaching your system security. Your private data can be stolen without you even realize. Torrent users are more vulnerable to be hacked compared with other internet users.

Things One Should Do To Avoid Torrent Risks 

Things can get real nasty if you are not careful enough and the bad time is around. As the prevention is always better than cure, you should take some steps as regular routine while using Torrent.

1: Pick Torrent download only from trusted uploaders. Bad and good uploaders can be identified or distinguished in various ways. While a colored skull is used by The Pirates Bay, Kickass indicates that by a crown.

2: Read most of the user comments before clicking the download button. This will provide the least idea about a torrent file quality, malware contents, etc.

3: Torrent files with compressed file .rar extension cannot be trusted.

4: Piracy software like keygens and crack files are more likely to be containing spyware and viruses.

5: Use proxy servers or VPNs to bypass the blockage or stay encrypted while using a torrent.

6: Use Torrent website like The Pirates Bay that provides proxy sites.


Above are some of the vital steps a torrent user must follow while torrenting. These steps will keep a user safe from torrent risks as well as ensures obtaining a better quality torrent.

Downloading from Torrents saves a lot of money. There are various types of file available in the torrent server. Movies, Software, Games, Music, Videos, and more. All these files which are supposed cost you a handsome money in exchange, are available for free of cost on Torrent. And that’s the reason most of us rely on torrent. While downloading free contents from torrent, we must make sure that no legal problems are coming on the way.


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