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Killer trick to find .Edu & .Gov Backlinks Free Hot List

How to Find .Edu & .Gov Auto approve backlinks which is most trusted backlinks. It is very tough to find high quality auto approve backlinks for free, .Edu & .Gov in Internet. After researching on this topic for 3 month I came up with some positive results, but I must say it is not easy at all to find it.

Interesting fact is many of my blogger friends are searching backlinks all the time, but they are getting penalized shortly because of building backlinks without knowing the link building strategy. Building backlink is very healthy if you know the perfect way to maintain the ratio.



It don’t matter whether the links you created is High PR or no PR, it will play negative role.  Not only that, due to strict Google spam control they penalize spammy and low quality content or blog.

How to find easy Free .Gov & .Edu backlinks?

It is easy to get backlinks from .EDU and .GOV by commenting on high PR sites. But as far my knowledge this backlinks from comments are not so useful for long term blogs. Instead it is risky, which may lead to site manual penalty if you don’t maintain a good ratio while building links.

1. Backlinks from Comment:

To Get Backlinks from Comment you can apply very easy tricks.

Go to Google Search Engine and Search for blogging inurl:blog “post a comment” -”you must be logged in”.

You will get a list of .Edu sites which are related to blogging niche, if you are focusing on some other niche, replace the word blogging with your topic/niche.

To get related topic backlinks from .Gov auto approve comments, Go to Google Search engine and enter blogging site:.Gov inurl:blog “post a comment” -”you must be logged in”. 

This will help you to build high quality backlinks.

You just need to login and leave related valuable comment.

Important Notes:

To avoid Penalization I would highly suggest to create backlinks from guest post & forums along with comments. Another important thing you should take care is your anchor text, build links on different anchor text instead of few.

Learn: Perfect Link building strategy for long term blog.

2.  Build Quality .Edu or .Gov Backlinks:

This is not an easy task but it works like a charm most of the time. If you success in getting backlinks from main content from .Edu & .Gov it will be beneficial for your site. It helps a lot in improving DA, PA and your search engine rankings.

To get genuine backlinks you have to find for the authors by typing site: .edu blogging +inurl: resources

Go to any of the search results and try for getting the contact us option via emails etc.

After you find that request him to give you backlink from .edu or .gov sites he/she writes or own. Now mail them convincing them that you have very related site which is providing very helpful and useful stuff etc. After you do it perfectly well mannered shoot them a mail.

In most of the case you would succeed doing it.

3. High PR Auto Approve List:

After you follow above steps and successfully build links for your site, you can check out the host auto Approve list. Please make sure you don’t over spam your blog links.

Any body running event niche blog  can go for it.


This are few more useful ways to get healthy backlinks. If you have any kind of doubts regarding this article please ask me via comment.

Also Try High PR free Dofollow backlinks for long term blog.

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