18 Years Old Girl Commented,"All men are dogs!!" On National Television | Why?
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18 Years Old Girl Commented,”All men are dogs!!” On National Television | Why?

All men are dogs rodies

For the ruthless battle of season 15 audition is going on for upcoming Roadies X5. And in that audition, the expecting contestant has made a rash statement as “all men are dogs,” which has surprised the judges. The reason behind this rough talk is quite strong, though.

In the recent audition, name Khusnuma said this in her audition in front of judges but later she explained the reason. She said,”Ladke log ladkiyon underestimate karte hai woh mujhe bardaast nahi hota hai.” All that mean is she hate those who underestimate the girls.

This is because she was passionate about coming or participating in the Roadies platform. And when coming to the audition, his boys friend said,”rehne de, pehle dekh tu kya hai!! tu nahi hoga usme” which means a girl is nothing in this platform. And that makes her angry and made this harsh statement to them.

Further, she said,” toh woh main chellenge ki tarah liya aur aaj main yahan hoon, aur woh log wahan bethe hain.” Adding like this, she has taken this as a challenge and I’m here now and they are there.

Hence, the judges are almost fine with that statement and see what happened after that


What do you say regarding this statement of Khusnuma? Add your statement here and share your opinion in this views.

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