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Sunil Grover Quits Kapil Sharma’s Show: KRK Gets Involved

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It seems Kamaal Rashid Khan (AKA KRK) nothing to do with his business, as a comedian he is much known for its controversies. He doesn’t mind to show his finger with his KRKlogy, and this is why many people dislike him for his controversial talks. It just hours before that he made another comment to Sunil Grover after Sunil made a reply for Kapil Sharma. Seeing the comment of KRK in between Kapil and Sunil, you will be more angry at KRK.

In the recent morning on Monday, relating the confession on their recent clash between Sunil Grover tweeted on his Twitter account. In his disheartening reply to Kapil Sharma, it is like he is done with The Kapil Sharma Show or this relation will not retain as before.The Kapil Sharma Show is in danger

He said that he is completely upset for Kapil behaviour that happened on Saturday while returning from Australia on a flight. Kapil Sharma insulted him on air with some foul language, assaulted him in front of everyone in the flight.

It’s like he is leaving The Sharma Show according to his recent tweet regarding Kapil Sharma.

Though, an immediate reply from Kapil Sharma in this post we have seen. In his back to back two comments, he is adding that Sunil won heart with his tweet and now he loves more him than before. And also Kapil is going to Sunil Grover home at this evening to get back their relationship.

But while reading all others comments, KRK was also there with his harsh comment. This comment is against Sunil Grover and to defame him. Well, this is how he is known for. But being on his Twitter account, it seems him at the side of Kapil Sharma. Let’s have a look at some tweets made by him.

Kamaal Rashid Khan recently tweeted in his account that Sunil is trying to draw the publicity. Or else he could have confessed on this issue sitting together with Kapil Sharma, but all the thing they are (Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover) is doing for publicity on Twitter.

In his several tweets he was on the side of Kapil Sharma, but defaming others co-partners of The Kapil Sharma show. He also mentions about Asgar as nothing going to happen to Kapil Sharma if Sunil and Asgar leave Kapil Sharma show. Kapil Sharma is like this only, if anyone is not okay with it then they shouldn’t work with him, he added.

In the recent tweet of Sunil Grover to Kapil Sharma, he interfered as well. Calling Sunil Grover as “poor guy, God helps such people.” This harsh comment is disrespectful and will surely make angry Sunil fans, as he also has a wide fan following for his comedy and hard word in The Kapil Sharma Show.

See KRK’s dishonest reply to Sunil Grover:

So, what all these things are the public stunt for their show or do you agree with his tweets? Let me know your views on this point in the comment box and follow us for more about Kapil vs. Sunil clash.

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