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Journey From A Blog To Blogging Company

ChromeTechny Office

Hi, Friends, It’s interesting and amazing sharing you about our journey, which had completely changed my life. Today if I look three years back from here [7th June 2013], from where I started blogging and it all started from here. I am going to share some part of my life, which has changed my career and the way of looking forward towards future entirely.

Today ChromeTechny is not just a blog anymore; it’s a Pvt. Ltd. Company with 35+ Offline Team members and overall 50+ member working hard to help the company grow in every possible way. The Journey of ChromeTechny started back on 7th April 2014 as a personal blog.

ChromeTechny Office

How ChromeTechny Started as a Blog?

My journey started since 2013 [College days], when I began blogging for some money to support myself financially for we had a financial problem in our family. I got started into from an MLM company which did not help me much, but it helped me letting know about the profession Blogging.

Making money out of a site is not a joke, therefore being a newbie, having no guide during my initial days I struggled for 11 Months making nothing out of it. It was tough to keep blogging for such a long period without any output, but I used to wake up every single day hoping I will do something or learn something today. I was expecting it to help me in making some money out of my first blog and kept trying for Google Adsense account approval every week, and Got rejected for at least 30-40 times.

On 2014 March I got my First Adsense Approval, the first success of my blogging life I would say as I would running behind Adsense from 2013 June like a mad. However, Adsense approval didn’t help me earn anything initially, but still it gave me the boost and also assisted in making real money later.

It was the time I realized and understood many things about what I was doing. Therefore I planned for a new blog that’s ChromeTechny. I registered and started blogging freshly as my old blog had too many errors to correct which was time-consuming at one end.

I used to share blog post related to SEO, Blogging, WordPress, based on my bad experience. My motive was quite clear for the blog ChromeTechny, sharing my bad experiences and solutions of various problems on regularly.

ChromeTechny blog started very well and performed excellently, and it started making money for me, which kept increasing every month.

Once I found my blog started performing well, I began meeting with various groups of peoples in my local place to create a team.

First Step towards startup:

Sept 2014: We came up with a group of 4 people including myself as a team and started working with some ideas of expanding the number of blogs and kept my blog aside which was already doing good.

First Office:

Later we had 1 more new member and we became 5 members could not last long as all the team member were college students. It could last only till Dec 2014 and we had to leave the rent office. Later on one of my team member Khakchangri and me kept the work going from home and we kept moving waiting for the right time, also other two member Samuel & Mukta kept helping hands on many times.

We kept the work going from the home, trying to recover the loss we had as we failed in our first attempt and kept moving forward with better plans.

Golden Rule 1: We should have worked on the main site as a team and made it bigger, which we didn’t do instead we were coming up with new sites.

If you are taking a startup trying to expand, you should start with one and make it big with the help of your team. New things are important for sure, but before that, you must know what you have and how can you add more values to it.

Golden Rule 2: We didn’t have a proper strategy, we kept changing policies every week which was just harming our valuable time.

Most of the startup’s today doesn’t have good plans if you start with one plan another problem pop’s up and just the plans gets changed. Ultimately it leads to a big damage of time, investments and affords you give in your work.

Adding little modification to your existing plan and moving on is fine, but completely bringing new changes can be harmful.

Golden Rule 3: Be clear about your capacity, goals, fund and what you can do at this moment.

It takes the time to understand such things during a fresh start as we have high energies and high excitements. We made bigger targets than what we are capable of? How much funding do we have? What is our work capacity? And our skills with high points?.

We can plan our strategies and work targets according to the points mentioned above. There is a great chance of getting a better input of work and outputs.

2nd Step towards Startup:

April 2015: We [all the four team member] came back as a team and again we started doing well, we have begun serving some clients as well as we created only one single site.

On the one hand we needed a bigger team to handle the clients as well as our sites. Therefore, increased our team with few newbies and we became eight members. It was the vacation time, and all the members were doing work with us as a part-time. After the vacation was over, everyone left for their classes were started again.

The clients we were serving at that point of time, we had to stop. The one site we were running as a team was doing excellent at that point of time as it was already under 50k in Alexa ranking & it hit approx 20k views/day. But as the team member left us, we had to sell out the site with no option in hand.

Again, in the whole office once again only me and khakchangri were left, it was quite odd feeling to go in the office. But we took a mutual decision that we will work from home by keeping the office locked for few weeks till we come up with some better plans.

We were little frustrated at that point because we had lost another good flow of work and the money during the short period of time.

Golden Rule 1: If you are a startup you need experienced Teammates who can assist you well in work.

If you recruit newbies, they should be very reliable and should have a positive attitude toward learning more about the work.

It takes 2-3 month for a newbie to adjust and understand things. Therefore you should have enough fund for salary until they learn the work correctly without looking towards any profit.

Golden Rule 2: You should never leave everything upon your teammates. Instead you should strictly check the work by appreciating a good job and correcting the mistakes.

[If you cannot do by yourself, get someone to take the responsibility of strictly checking the work and keep proper records.]

Golden Rule 3: If you want to grow your business you have to find Team mates who will stand by you and will fight for you.

Not everyone intends to work for startups, but there will be very few people who will want to give 100% and take up your startup to next level.

The working atmosphere will be filled up with positive energy, and you will get good results. But it is very important to give values to their work, appreciate them and treat them well.

Golden Rule 4: If you succeed doing something never quit it.

If you are providing some services successfully, never quit it. You can either teach someone to get the job done and continue the services.

It will be extremely helpful in expanding your business and reputation of your company.

3rd Step towards re-building the dreams:

Now, Firstly we decided to go with Pvt. Ltd. Company registration having own shares of the company according to the mutual understanding.

2nd Office Photo: [ No proper photos with us sorry for that]

Sept 2015: We met our 3rd partner Chiranjit Das who just completed his B.Tech from NIT, Agartala. He was my classmate, and he wanted to join us and was ready to give his full time to work. So we as a team took a mutual decision to add him as our 3rd and final partner for the company.


Paul Billygraham Reang
Paul Billygraham Reang
Khakchangri debbarma
Khakchangri Debbarma
Chiranjit Das
Chiranjit Das

Here, having all the bad experience of past failures I took a decision that we will go only with those people who are willing to work as a full time. It was very tough to find such teammates at such time with no infrastructure and no trust factor.

After, the hunt we found some 7-8 members who were ready to work with us. We started off again as a team and kept working hard and kept the hunt on. The team started growing, energy in the team was always high, we kept our main base work active and additionally kept trying new stuff every week.

It helped us in keeping the team active, which kept the atmosphere active.

We started working hard as a team, and all the team members were very supportive, who dedicated their full time. We began expanding our team, and it started growing slowly as we kept moving forwards.

Current office:

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Building the business:

We have begun providing various services related to blogging such as web development, Content Writing, and link building services, etc.

The service went well with most of our clients and started adding more team members.

On another hand, we started expanding our blogs by increasing the number of blogs.

We are still looking forward to achieving many things from here as a team.

We are currently providing content writing services successfully, expanding our team slowly to provide better services in future. We started providing dedicated writers to our clients who turned out to be a great one for us, as they can get articles fast and according to their needs anytime.

We also separated multiple departments in our office for maintaining different work such as SEO team, a Separate team for article writing service team, Our blogs management team and others, etc. It has helped us a lot in arranging the team and work smoothly.

There are many bad times we had to face during the journey, but we try to sort it out positively as a team.

Golden Tips 1: If any of your services works, expand it and try to provide better services on the same.

We try many things at a time of work, but not everything works. Expanding the service which works well with you, it can lead your company to a better position.

Golden Tips 2: Pick the right leaders.

Picking up the wrong person for the work can lead to some severe damage to work.

It is very exciting to work with the team with full of positive energy.

These are some of the points which we found useful and necessary to understand and bring changes in the startup journey.

Taking some serious note on these important points I mentioned above can be helpful in producing quick and good results in your work.

I would like to know your point of view about the article, if you have anything to correct me or add anything from your end, please share your views in comment section.

Best regards.

About the author

Paul billygraham Reang

Hello Friends, I am Paul billygraham Reang CEO and Founder of ChromeTechny Networks Pvt. Ltd. company. I started blogging since 7th June, 2013 and took blogging as my full time career.
Apart from blogging I love visiting new places, listening musics, reading motivational books and talking to those peoples who wants to do something big in their life.


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    • Hi Sunirmal,
      Thanks for your points, I am glad and excited that it could help in inspiring you.Its my pleasure to share the journey with you all.
      Best Regards

  • I got this post from Facebook, I am a very enthusiastic person to know about the people who start their journey from zero, I really inspired by, getting success after failures made us strong, I believe in that.

    • Hi Sai,
      Thanks for adding your points with us,its great to know about your personality and yes, its very exciting journey. I agree with you” our failures makes us stronger and help us in understanding thing in a better way.
      Best Regards Paul

    • Hi Vet Soft Solution,
      thanks for adding your views, I am glad that you liked our article. We added few points in the article so that everyone facing the same issue can fix it.
      Best Regards

    • Hi Subhankar,
      I am will very happy to know, if this story could help you or not in your path.
      Thanks for your feedback.
      Best Regards

    • Hy Neeraj,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts I am glad to see you here and thanks for all your good wishes.
      Best Regards

  • Hey Paul,

    I’ve known you (via fb) from almost 2 years and followed your posts. It feels great to know the story behind your success and failure. Keep going bro. All the best for your upcoming ventures.

    Mohammed Farman

    • Hi Farman,
      thanks for adding your feedback I am glad we are friends at Facebook from long back.. Thanks for all your wishes..
      Best regards

  • Hi Paul billygraham Reang,
    This is an inspirational journey.
    THis is my first visit on your blog and the content here is so gooe/
    Thanks for sharing

  • It was a very inspirational journey!! you really inspired me and also to other people who are being scared of making their journey in their life.

  • A true inspirational and a motivational story i have gone through above where i can smell the fragrance of Hard-Work, Team Work, Sacrifice, dedication and the proper vision of your Aim. In each and every aspect you have kept your vision very clear which and it is the way for your success hope it gets more & more renowned in the coming days. Simultaneously the love for your work and the previous condition as you have mentioned earlier was not financially good enough which had put the hungriness in your stomach that you have to achieve something at any cost. To be very frank i would like to add one thing that when any of the person will have Stomach Hungriness success will follow me wholeheartedly at any means. So, brother you are a man with good inspired and innovative ideas and your proper nourishing has made #CHROMETECHNY a success.
    Congrats Brother days are not too far when #CHROMETECHNY will be one of the first ever and leading company in Tripura.

  • A great source of inspiration for all the newbies trying to fit into the bigger picture. Congratulations to you for making it this far. Good wishes for the road that lies ahead. Kudos!

  • I amazed by your success and hard work. what should i do to start a blog. it would be very helpful to me if you give me some tips about bloging for a beginner like me.

  • Hello Paul,
    I amazed by your success and hard work. what should i do to start a blog. it would be very helpful to me if you give me some tips about bloging for a beginner like me.

  • Hi Paul. Inspiring story, and I’m really impressed by your fast growth. Hope more entrepreneurs and startups in India are able to grow like you and become a success.

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