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John Cena taking taking a break from WWE after No Mercy PPV?


WWE isn’t having a good time, the company has been going through some tough time and the company is trying hard to bring the stability in order to boost up their shows dropping ratings.

This has also resulted for the company to keep on bringing back part times every now and then now whether it be Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, or John Cena.

Although, Cena does show up on live events on regular basis, however, as of now, the 16 time World Champion has kind of become a part timer who doesn’t wrestle throughout the year.

The recent example being that Cena returned to SmackDown on 4th of July after Wrestlemania as a free agent.

After SummerSlam, Cena went to RAW  and is now working as a RAW superstar, now that’s because John Cena is now promoted as a free agent.

As you know, WWE has put Cena vs Reigns match at No Mercy. What’s interesting is that the creative is planning to make this match as the main event.


Now even though the match may be the main event of No Mercy PPV, but the fallout isn’t going to make much sense if Cena comes out as the winner, because after No Mercy, John Cena is going to begin working on his upcoming Transformer based movie  Bumblebee.

And according to sources, John Cena may not also be able to show up during the next coming PPV Survivor Series because of he will be busy with the shooting of the movie.

But when he will return, Cena will not be showing up on RAW instead he will be coming back to SmackDown and will be the one who defeats Jinder Mahal to become the 17th time world champion.

The feud between Cena and Jinder Mahal will get started before Royal Rumble PPV. Although the original plan was set for Summerslam for some reason, WWE changed it and is now will take place next year.

But there are also rumors that Cena may come back to RAW and so that the Undertaker could challenge him for a match which will take place at Wrestlemania but for now, nothing looks to be sure.

Cena is definitely is going to take some time off from WWE, but when he will return he will either continuing his feud with Roman Reigns or start one with Jinder Mahal or the Deadman only time will tell.

However, only time will tell what WWE will do with Cena when he comes back after shooting his new movie Bumblebee


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