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Is the Cruiserweight division cursed?

Is the Cruiserweight division cursed

It was back in 2016 when WWE brought back the prestigious cruiserweight title. Along with the title, WWE also introduced a new segment dedicated to the Cruiserweight division the 205 Live.

However, when it comes to rating and viewership, 205 Live hasn’t gotten a good viewership or audience. The show airs immediately following Tuesday night SmackDown Live, which also hasn’t been doing too good.

Overall, 2017 hasn’t been a good year for WWE. When it comes to the 205 Live segment, WWE has lost multiple great superstars this past year.

First, it was Austin Aries who left the company following Wrestlemania 34. Austin Aries was very unhappy when he got to know that his match which took place in the Wrestlemania 34pre-show wasn’t aired. This lead to some backstage heat which resulted in him exiting the company.

Is the Cruiserweight division cursed

And soon after Austin Aries, WWE also lost one of their best high-flying athlete Neville. This was a shocker, unlike Aries, Neville walked out of WWE during a show, and never came back. This sudden walk out of Neville from WWE also lead to the last minute changes to the main event match in which Kalisto won his first ever Cruiserweight championship.

Even after all this drama and controversies, the authority hasn’t been able to catch their breath.

Is the Cruiserweight division cursed

The current champion Enzo Amore has been released by WWE after police booked Enzo Amore aka Eric Armdt in a case of Sexual Assault.

After the news spread, WWE soon came out with a statement following which Enzo Amore was released from the company.

The sad part is that the investigation is still going and the allegation made by the woman is yet to be proved but the man has lost his job. Many fans weren’t happy with his decision, some even complained that instead of firing him, WWE could have suspended him for the period.

The funny thing is whoever has held the Cruiserweight championship belt has been facing such kind of troubles. So, you may call it coincidence or superstitious but something is wrong.


Other than Neville, Enzo, here are some of the superstars who have won the belt but couldn’t hold it for a long period of time.

Is the Cruiserweight division cursed

# TJ Perkins: For those who didn’t watch 205 Live episodes from the beginning then let me inform you, you guys missed some of best performers of the roster, and one of them is TJ Perkins.

In fact, TJ Perkins was the first wrestler to win the cruiserweight championship.

Last year in August, Perkins suffered a possible knee injury as a result, he has been out of actions ever since.

Is the Cruiserweight division cursed

# Brian Kendrick:

When the 205 Live premiered, the then champion TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick were having a feud.

Fast forward, Brian Kendrick defeated TJ Perkin to win the Cruiserweight championship belt. But he too suffered the same faith.

Last month, Brian Kendrick broke his nose and orbital bone during his match against Hideo Itami.

Is the Cruiserweight division cursed

# Rich Swann:

If you are not seeing Rich Swann on RAW and on 205 Live, it is because, like Enzo Amore, Rich Swann was also booked for sexual assault.

Rich Swann was later released from custody but that didn’t help him. WWE suspended him soon after news of Swann being arrested broke out. Rich Swann was also a former Cruiserweight  Champion.

# Akira Towaza:

Akira Towaza is a former Cruiser Weight championship. Before becoming the champion, Akira Towaza was put alongside in the Titus Worldwide group.

However, Towaza didn’t hold the title for a long period. Anyways, last year, he too suffered an injury during the 205 segment.

So whether you agree or not, there is definitely something wrong with the Cruiserweight division. This all can’t be a coincidence.





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