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Is it good to have a static page website for getting higher rankings in search results?? Or it is good to keep writing articles on various keywords and rank them one by one. Both works good but when it comes to ranking better in search engine I will say static page is much better.

I had personally tried this and I found it really amazing, it was lot more easier to rank a website with static page if compared against dynamic websites. If I am suppose to rank 100’s of keywords and build up long term website I will go with blogs which will keep rotating my homepage with latest articles regularly. But what will I do if I find one highly beneficial & competitive keywords?? I simply created a static page website and rank my website on desired keyword.



SEO Guides for Ranking Static Pages high in Search Results:

SEO has changed a lot in last few years, competition had become higher and higher with more division in traffic among various blogs. But with more huge numbers of growth in internet users & subscribers the internet marketing is still one of the best place to set up your business. But along with internet subscribers webmasters are also increasing very rapidly due to which there are maximum chances of getting replaced by other competitors.

Static page strategy is nothing new, but it is just another better way to rank out a keyword. I was not sure about how it exactly works before I tried it practically.

While going through the serious of experiment I found out some cool keywords, which were having low competition and high potential. I simply thought that it would be foolishness adding those keywords to my main website because that would just increase the numbers of competition, which I don’t want it to happen.

What I did next?

I created a new website started focusing on all the keywords that were used for searching in Google on that topic. I choose related domain rather than exact match domain because I was aware that exact match domains are sometime affected badly in Google penalty so I decided to play safe.

I completed the website installation and started working on the website, but I was very confused on what to do next because I can’t just write up an article and put it in the homepage for the sake of ranking. Instead homepage should be describing more about the website, services or other important stuffs.

First Try: I simply wrote some articles based on those topics and published it as an page, later I made it static in the homepage.

Results:It worked and ranked 1 keyword out of atlas 15 keywords that were related to same topic, which was not giving much benefits to me.

I decided to bring more changes to the website.

Second try: I made a complete website like official website by make few categories and post [2 post].

Result: My rankings improved but was not unto the mark.

Third try: My homepage was named “Home”, which I replaced with tag line having keywords added in the tagline. I added few small topics covering most of my keywords in different sets of group placed at the homepage. I also linked to other categories, post, and other pages by giving the exact keyword in the anchor text from where I linked to related pages, or post & few keywords which were not having any related keywords I simply linked to the homepage just for experiment purpose.

Results: Traffic was multiplied with 5X within 10 days and 90% of the keywords were ranked at the first page of the Google. Along with the above mentioned tactics I also used 2 micro sites which were linking directly to the website on the money keyword.

Note: Topic I focused required very less details so it was easy for me to end it up with very less post but if you are targeting on some niches which has lots of informations, kindly try your best to provide user friendly and complete details about the topic otherwise things may not go good in long term.

Quick Suggestion:

Static websites are easier to rank if compared, I guess the static pages are sometimes trusted more when it comes to ranking in Google if perfectly optimized. It is because static page websites are basically niche websites who provide services or other details. It was a part of my small experience, where few points came into play:

  1. On-Site optimization– I took care of every single things while setting up my blog, I did not leave anything behind SEO point of view. I took good server from Digital ocean [Digital Ocean review based upon my last one year experience], Fast loading theme from mythemeshop, Configured my website settings, added essential WordPress Plugins & gave a perfect start.
  2. Silo structure: It plays very important role in boosting up your website, it was very easy for me to set it up as it was having very few elements.
  3. Link building: I didn’t do any kind of hard link building, I just created micro sites which were clean and good enough to give me desired rankings. I pushed links to my micro sites instead of my money site, which helped me a lot. I use SEMrush as my main SEO tool, you can also save money  by Using Semrush Black Friday deal for buying semrush premium subscription account.
  4. Social media presence: I kept it out of social media, social media helps a lot in improving website ranking but just to get rid of new competitors I kept it aside.
Try other articles: 

Thanks for reading down all way, I had shared all my personal experience regarding ranking a website on static pages, I found it much easier rather than post because I could easily rank 90% of my money keywords which was not possible via single post that fast.

If you have any suggestions or experiences to share kindly share with us via comment because that will be a great contribution.

If I could help you via my tutorial guides please let me know via comment, I am waiting for your response..

Thank you

Best Regards.

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