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iPhone 8 Features, Specifications, Expected Price, Release date!

iphone 8 features and release date

The word iPhone does not need any kind of special introduction. We all are well aware of this magnificent brand and about its products. There are many people across the globe who are using Apple products, either their phones, tablets or laptops. After their last release which was iPhone 7 the brand got a huge positive response from the people. The magnificent design, the high in build quality with lots of high-end features makes this phone one of the top rated phones in the market. The most attractive part about iPhone 7 and 7 plus is its camera.

iphone 8 release date

Now many have been asking what’s next? Well, let me inform you that Apple is going to launch another new product which is the iPhone 8. This phone will be loaded with all kinds of features and would also have some never before seen features. This content will focus on iPhone 8 Features, Specifications, Expected price, Release date. Check the details about this smartphone down below.

Expected iPhone 8 Features:

Though there haven’t been any official announcement from Apple authorities, some rumors are going around about the features of iPhone 8. Some of Let’s have a peek at those.


The screen of the phone is supposed to be around 5.5 inch long with an edge to edge screen which won’t have any bezels. The touch screen of the phone will be an integrated touch display with a touch ID sensor. The phone will come with an OLED screen which will be used from the brand Samsung. It will also feature the unbreakable gorilla glass.

iPhone 8 price in india


The iPhone 8 camera would be quite unique. It would have all the camera features of iPhone 8 but the rear camera will be upgraded to 14 MP. The same thing applies for the front camera too and it would be upgraded to 4 MP. It is expected that the picture quality of the camera might even be higher than that of iPhone 7. This might prove to one of the best iPhone 8 features.

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This would probably be one of the best features the phone as mostly all versions of iPhone has featured not so much of a powerful battery. The rumors about a powerful iPhone 8 battery might be true. Well, if this happens to be true then this would probably be the best smartphones ever created.


iPhone 8 will be coming in two variants, the first variant will have a 64 GB memory. The other will be featuring a 256 GB memory and there are chances that it might even have an external memory slot. The added 3 GB RAM will make it, even more, better than its predecessors.

iphone 8 display


It is said that the all new iPhone 8 will come loaded with an IOS 11 software which is said to be quite smooth. An A11 chipset that is regarded as the fastest among its kind is said to be provided here. It is rumored that the phone will get wireless charging, which will be the first to introduce in any Apple device.

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Other Features:

The introduction of the all new Intel LTE modem just boosts up the phone. It is also said that the body will be full glass made. It is also said that the new iPhone’s sim card slot will be at the bottom which will help the manufacturer to use that place to put some new features. One of the latest specification this phone will be having is laser sensor which will help in gesture recognition. This iPhone product will also have superior looks and superior speakers.

iPhone 8 body

Release Date & Price Of The All New iPhone 8:

It is said that the iPhone 8 release date by the end of 2017 which means somewhere between the end of September or the first of December. It is also rumored that the release date might be delayed as the developers are finding problems in introducing two new features. iPhone 8 64 GB is expected to be at a price point of 55,00 INR ($850) whereas the 256GB will be priced somewhere around 65,000 INR ($1000). Though this price looks somehow high, if you take the features of this phone into account then the price would seem to be reasonable.

Well, this is everything that you should know about the new iPhone 8. The features, release dates, specifications and price might fluctuate as nothing has been officially confirmed by the official. Well, whatever it might be I am quite thrilled to have a look at the iPhone 8 and you should be too. The iPhone 8 features mentioned here might be missing but you can expect some of the best features on this smartphone.

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